Hit The Button: Oh Balls

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Version 1.0.3

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Hit The Button: Oh Balls

Fluid Pixel Limited

Games, Simulation, Casual, Utilities

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You have 5 seconds to hit the button. BUT WAIT!! Press it as close to 5 seconds for the highest score. Don't wait too long, but there's no point in pressing it quickly...

Do you have the patience, determination, timing and skill to 'Beat the Button'? Only the best succeed.

Everyone else fails.

Are you a winner?

Oh Balls.

Original Sound and Music produced by 30 Ducks at EC1 Studio.

Release notes

We know it's hard, and we know sometimes it's not your fault that you didn't hit the button. Maybe your dog ate your iPad, maybe you dropped your iPhone down the loo. What ever your excuse, you now have a lifeline. Use it wisely.

Wait, what, you've used your lifeline already?? Well, to get another one, simply share your score on Facebook or Twitter and we'll reward you with another one. But you only get one Lifeline per go. Sorry.

Total Taps.
So you just can't do it? Counting to 5 is proving too much? Well maybe give up topping the High Score Leaderboard and just tap away. There's a brand new leaderboard for Total Hits. Are you fast enough to make the cut?

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