True Or False - The Gamble

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True Or False - The Gamble

Radu Gosman

Games, Trivia, Entertainment

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There are 2,500 statements in this trivia game which you will have to assess if they are true or false.

Before each statement is presented you have to choose a bet. There is a low bet which increases by 1 point each round and a double bet which is (not surprisingly) double the low bet.

The statements are randomly generated, therefore a low or high bet doesn't guarantee an easy or difficult statement. That's why you have to gamble.

Correctly assess 10 statements on double bet in a row and you'll be presented with a bonus round in which you'll have the opportunity to earn double the points of your last bet. A wrong answer in the bonus round doesn't affect your game progress.

If unsure about the answer, you can choose to skip to the next statement, but this will cost you points. If you chose a low bet, skipping will cost double the bet, but if you chose a double bet, skipping will cost four times the bet. The bigger the prize, the bigger the risk.

A wrong answer means the game is over.

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