Game like a kitty -Mouse Tapping Game 2

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Game like a kitty -Mouse Tapping Game 2

OPTIAX, k.k.

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This is a game for kids. but its like a "of the cats, by the cats, for the cats! 2".
The game that kids play acting like a cats.
Place the game in front of your kids(acting like a cat), have her/him tap and catch mice running across the screen. It’s a nice, fun and quite absorbing pastime game for all kids who acting like a cat. So cozy up with your kids and let the fun begin!
Use the twitter button, it allows you to easily post a tweet with your kids high score.

”Game like a kitty1" is also available!!

-How to play:
1. Tap “START”.
2. Tap mice running across the screen to add up points.
3. Time limit is 35 sec! Beat high score and compete with other cats(kids acting like a cat) from all over the world!
If you make your real kitty to play this game, his/her pows potentially damaging your iPad display.

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