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Picture Puzzle - Photo Jigsaw

Abdul Mateen

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solve picture puzzle with Halloween tile photos. Jigsaw based fun game.

This picture puzzle game has tiles of Halloween photos. Puzzle of pictures has photos of witches, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts and other halloween theme photos. This tile puzzles are for everyone. Picture jigsaw provide hours of entertainment for you. You can enjoy it solo or with friends, cousins or even your whole family. There is mystery of pictures of Witches, Vampires, Pumpkins, Monster Plants, Werewolves, Mummies, Zombies etc in this Halloween game. Play this game and make your Halloween event great in your life and you’ll more enjoy it more if you wear a Halloween costume on this event. Also You'll never need to buy Halloween picture puzzle because this picture puzzle game many of them free for you.

How to solve puzzle:
Touch the pieces of pictures, shuffle or swap them to make a complete picture just same like jigsaw puzzle.

Have a good time and play without worrying about costumes

Halloween Puzzle Mania Features:
1. picture puzzle game with photo tiles => types: regular jigsaw, shuffle, swap, rotate.
2. Game divided in to 15 level Mystery, (Number of pieces depends on the level).
3. The levels should complete in time. (different time for kids and teenagers)
4. A must play game if you love Halloween.
5. Receive a adorable gift after the completion of 15 levels mania.

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Release notes

user experience improved

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Beautiful Buttons
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Now you can make the Best Cake.
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Best Cake Maker allows you to bake the cake of your own choice and share it with your best buddies. We are not so good in making cakes, so we need you. Choose the model and cream to put on this wonderful cake. You can choose between different creams, vanilla, strawberry, cherry or pineapple.

Whether it's a birthday, or a wedding, you can make yourself an ice cream cake for every occasion with Best Cake Maker. Share your birthday and wedding ice cream cakes with your friends and family.

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Mermaid fell in love with a prince, she needs a human life, so do some magic!
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To do so, mix different magical potions & apply on mermaid's fishtail. Magically this will turn the long fishtail into human's legs. Clean & wipe the waste from her legs. You job is not over because mermaid girl need some treatment to enhance her beauty. Do treatment on face skin with plastic surgery tools, do treatment of wounds as a surgeon and let her heal. Check blood pressure & do blood test to make sure she is ok & a perfect human.

When she becomes a human, do some girl activities with her, apply spa and makeup on her. Apply blush on her cheeks, lens in her eye and try fashionable hair style to let her look more beautiful. Make sure she get the perfect beauty treatment. After that try variety of outfits on her and dress her at your best so prince will love her much more. You can use different crowns, shoes, dresses, neckless..etc.

> Use magical potion on mermaid!
> Turn mermaid into beautiful human girl using plastic surgery!
> Do all makeover activities with mermaid!
> Free to play mermaid's game with make up & dress up!...
Tailor Shop - Design Cloth
Tailor Shop - Design Cloth

GBP : Free

Design clothes, cut fabric, put accessories on clothes at girls' Tailor shop!

As one of the most popular clothes-making games, Girls Boutique & Tailor Shop now is here and FREE to download! Tailor Shop is best boutique game for girls. Select cloth color then cut piece of cloth. After that press the cloth and sew using sewing machine. Make your outfits as you want.

This our 2nd boutique shop know as Tailor Shop for girls. Choose color, cut fabrics, design clothes, put beautiful accessories and buttons on suit. Welcome the client , understand his/her requirements and then design special clothes for him/her. Cut the fabric and sew the clothes pieces using sewing machine. Decorate it by applying colorful add-ons.

Play the game and experience the fun of managing your own tailor shop.

- Pick from unstitched shirts and trousers
- Cutting Scene: Cut your shirts Or trousers with the scissors and try out different styles in your tailor boutique
- Iron Scene: Iron the cloth to remove unwanted wrinkles
- Cross stitch and sew your designer clothes with the latest sewing machine at the kids little tailor shop.
- Design your outfit. Select from various decorations for your shirts or trousers. Outfits Includes: Laces, buttons, stickers and different patterns for your makeover in this girls dress up game.

* Clean your tailor shop
* Design pants and shirts for customers
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Stitch patches for girls clothes, handbags & shoes. Also do Makeup & makeover.

Patch It Tailor is a fashion designer game, which let you design the patch of cloth, design shoes and design girls handbag. All you can do it by yourself. Additionally dress up your adoring customers by patching the fashion style on them.

This fashion game brings your DIY dream true. Use the modern sewing kits and sew you designed cloth as amazing as you want. Show cloth stitching tailor skills. There are some pre-made patches, which you can use into your custom make patch to enhance the look and feel of your outfit. Do stunning makeover to your apparel.

> DIY Shoes : Design the sole, shape and heel of shoes and make according to your will.
> DIY Girls Hand Bag : Make modern girls handbag and make according to latest fashion of girls bags.
> Design Patches : Do some needle work as costumier and design top fashion patches.
> Makeup Customers Girls : Use lipstick and blush to show makeup skill to your customers.
> Makeover Customers Girls : Select the best suited outfits from wardrobe for your customers.
> Design and Sew Clothes : Stitch your newly designed cloth to keep your yourself updated.
> Free fashion game for girls

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Doll Tailor Boutique Toy Shop
Doll Tailor Boutique Toy Shop

GBP : Free

little girl's tailor shop need doll designers & fashion experts at boutique

Little girl open a toy shop and sell the stuffed toys like teddy bear and dolls. Doll Tailor Boutique is the best place for designing, making, stuffed toys and also decorating them according to dreams. Little girl is looking for best doll designers and fashion experts for her doll tailor boutique. Helper her and make her tailor shop popular in town for doll maker and stuffed toys making. Making uniform clothes, fashion dresses, party dresses and wedding dresses is simple but designing and making stuffed toys is challenging because sometime it require crazy tailor with inner fashion sense to decor the stuffed toys. Play doll tailor game and have real boutique simulator experience of stuffed toys stitching, stuffing and sewing.

First help the doll shopkeeper to dress-up well and look like modern shopkeeper. Dress her up as a shop manager with different fashion dress, designer shoes, headbands and also with tailor items. After that help her in fixing the broken toys. Patch and sew the toys those needs to be fixed. Also make new stuffed toys for shop. Pick up the cloth stuff, mark it according to the toy shape and cut the marked shape. Put the thread in the sewing machine's needle and start stitching the toy's cloth. Stitching toys is challenging due to of its size. Stuffed the cotton into stitched toys and place it on the self of the shop. All the toys making process in so much fun make in more cool by wrapping doll toys in boxes using gift paper and ribbon and stick notes on the box. Sell the toys to customer and collect the money at cash counter.

- Best toys maker and doll boutique
- Toys Maker shop with cash register
- Tailor shop manager experience
- Best toys tailor boutique game for free
- Doll tailor simulator game...

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