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Japanese Dictionary Mazii

Ghi Nguyen

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Japanese Dictionary Mazii - じしょ日本語
Japanese translate and dictionary with camera and voice translate, handwriting!!
Mazii is a jisho nihongo.
Mazii Japanese dictionary includes dictionary: (Currently supporting 5 languages)
- Japanese - English dictionary, English - Japanese dictionary
- Japanese - Chinese dictionary, Chinese - Japanese dictionary
- Japanese - Indonesian dictionary, Indonesian - Japanese dictionary
- Japanese - Vietnamese dictionary, Vietnamese - Japanese dictionary

With full of lookup features in Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji, English and Japanese handwriting.

Basic features:
- Look up vocabulary in Japanese, English, romanji, hiragana
- Online pronunciation, transliteration with kanji, romaji and hiragana
- Translate Japanese, translate quickly, separate Japanese sentences, translate Japanese into English, translate English into Japanese
- Look up Japanese grammar
- Look up kanji, full of information about kanji including meaning, how to read onyomi, how to read kunyomi and example kanji
- Learn to write kanji, show how to write a Kanji
- Synthesis of JLPT N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, kanji, vocabulary and grammar
- Practice reading newspapers: with selected articles every day, using the same fast translation feature to help you read Japanese newspapers more easily.
- Notebook marks and organizes your vocabulary effectively
- Practice flashcard, vocabulary practice, kanji by flashcard method to make remembering simpler.

- More than 170,000 Japanese - English dictionary words
- More than 140,000 vocabulary words English - Japanese
- More than 12000 kanjii full of information about kanji including meaning, how to read onyomi, how to read kunyomi and example kanji
- More than 500 grammatical structures are explained clearly and with specific examples.
- Community of 1 million Mazii users contribute data to Mazii

- Learn Japanese for beginners
- Learn Japanese communication
- Learn basic Japanese
- Learn Japanese online

Mazii offers 3 premium versions:
- Basic version: $ 0.99 / 1 month
- Standard version: $ 6.99 / 1 Year
- Premium version: $ 9.99 / 1 Year

* The subscription version by period will automatically renew on the last day of the previous period, unless you cancel your subscription within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
* You can cancel at any time in your iTunes account settings.
* See more terms of use, at: https://mazii.net/terms.html

Mazii sincerely apologizes to all of you because when using the product there will be advertisements. This is the main source of income for Mazii to survive and develop. If you love Mazii and don't want to see ads anymore, you can upgrade to the premium version. Mazii would like to sincerely thank.

Release notes

Add furigana to Japanese.

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This app let you reading, listening and watching daily news provided by NHK NEWS WEB EASY, CNN, MBC... in a very simple Japanese.

News provided by NHK NEWS WEB EASY, CNN, MBC ... always updated so you do not miss anything.

A huge database of 31076 articles, 173386 vocabulary, 6355 kanji, 169736 examples and over 2000 grammar will help you master Japanese.

Main features:

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- Listen audio: adjust audio speed, change reading voice.

- Watch video: practice listening and learning Japanese culture.

- Translate article: you can practice the translation of the article yourself or refer to the translations of other users.

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- Offline mode: you can read news event no have network. So you will reduce cost of 3G/4G connection.

- Night mode: keep your eyes safe.

Best app for practice reading, listening, speaking skill.
It will suite with JLPT N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1 level.

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簡単な日本語 - 簡単な生活

このアプリはNHK NEWS WEB EASY、CNN、MBCが提供する日常的なニュースを読んで聞くことができます。

NHKニュース提供のニュースWEB EASY、CNN、MBC ...常に更新されるので、お見逃しなく。



- フルアドオンでニュースを読む:フリガナを隠し、記事の重要な単語をハイライトし、JLPTレベルでボキャブラリを強調し、記事の文法構造を分析し、フォントサイズを変更します。

- オーディオを聞く:オーディオ速度を調整し、読み上げ音声を変更します。

- ビデオを見る:日本の文化を聞いて練習します。

- 記事を翻訳する:記事の翻訳を自分で行うか、他のユーザーの翻訳を参照することができます。

- リスニングとリプレイ:練習と発音の練習。

- 単語のレビュー:記事の単語のリストを参照し、フラッシュカードで練習します。

- 辞書:記事内の任意の語彙を参照してください。

- 難しいニュース:高度な記事で自分自身に挑戦してください。

- JLPT:本格的な試験のような構造で、フルレベルの標準試験を受けてください。

- ミュージックビデオ:音楽で日本語を学ぶ。

- オフラインモード:ネットワークなしのニュースイベントを読むことができます。したがって、3G / 4G接続のコストを削減できます。

- ナイトモード:目を安全に保つ。

JLPT N5、N4、N3、N2、N1レベルのスイートです。


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