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Unmind – help your mind thrive

Unmind – help your mind thrive
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Unmind Ltd


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





We all have mental health, all of the time.
Mental health exists on a spectrum, from surviving to thriving. Our scientifically proven tools and techniques have been designed with everyone in mind, no matter where you find yourself on this scale. We recognise that mental health is multifaceted so we’ve developed a constellation of tools proven to improve everything from happiness and sleep, to focus and performance at work.

Our approach combines neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness and the latest in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that anyone can use to bolster their mental health. We are passionate about maintaining a platform that is scientifically robust and do this by partnering up with expert clinicians.

Our tools, training and exercises have been clinically backed to help you unlock a healthier and happier life both in and outside of work. Be it through following one of our new yoga sequences, relaxing to the calming sounds of a tropical storm or listening to a guided practice to help settle your racing mind, Unmind exists to nurture your mental health and wellbeing.

Main features include:
* Educational Series – A multitude of bite-sized programmes developed by industry experts.
* Powerful Tools – world-class exercises for stress, focus, sleep and more.
* Check-In – track your mood over time, spot patterns and get personalised recommendations.
* Assessment – An... read more 

7Mind Meditation

7Mind Meditation
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7Mind GmbH


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





7Mind goes beyond ordinary meditation apps. Make your self-care a top priority, boost your confidence and feel empowered with expert-guided meditations that fit perfectly into your daily routine.

In addition to teaching you how to start meditating regularly, 7Mind helps you reprogram your brain to think more positively. Learn techniques to reduce moments of stress, anxiety and frustration, and increase moments of joy, gratitude and happiness day after day.

Meditating is the best way to practice self-love and transform your mind. Step by step, with positive affirmations, breathing exercises and visualisations, you’ll be able to silence your inner critic, and better connect to the present moment.

Thanks to over 10,000 recent scientific studies, we know that practicing meditation leads to many incredible benefits for our health and well-being. All you need to do is set aside a few minutes for yourself on a regular basis to feel the full benefits of the practice.

Join the growing community of over 1 million serene and loving 7Minders around the globe!

Only a few of us succeed in making meditation a part of daily life. With 7Mind, practicing mindfulness becomes as easy and accessible as possible. All guided meditations are specifically designed to boost confidence and self-worth through breathing exercises, affirmations and visualisations. Repeating... read more 

Rize - mental well-being

Rize - mental well-being
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Moodmap Ltd


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





Rize integrates therapeutic concepts into interactive exercises to help those who need it to understand, track and improve their mental well-being.

We offer a range of beautifully designed exercises, animated tutorials and functionalities for tracking your wellbeing, activity and progress to help you to develop a better understanding of your emotional well-being, mental health and to develop your resilience.

“Amazing! Beautiful and only takes five minutes out of my day. I feel happier and it really helps me to manage my stress!”

Dealing with stress and coping with anxiety may seem a daunting task at first. Stress can arise due to work, a fight with your partner, or you may be simply feeling sad or unsatisfied with yourself.

Rize aims to help you to deal with these issues by offering a set of tools and training to enhance your mental state of being and make you feel happier daily.

We've found it's hard to find effective information on mental well-being that is accessible and engaging. That's why we've created Rize - a one of a kind app that takes you through the process of relieving and dealing with stress and improving your wellbeing.

We want to show you that not one size fits all when we're talking about mental well-being. What works for one person might not work for you. That's why we provide you with a full toolkit that comprises of... read more 

Mind Cleanse: Sleep Hypnosis

Mind Cleanse: Sleep Hypnosis
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BlinkApps, LLC


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Mind Cleanse is the #1 app to help you fall asleep using Hypnosis and Meditation. Join us and find out how you can fall asleep in less than 5 minutes using Mind Cleanse.

Backed by groups of Hypnotherapists, Mind Cleanse is perfect for people of all ages looking to fall asleep with our children and adult bedtime stories.

Bedtime Stories include:
* Life on Mars
* Life as an Oak Tree
* Lost City in the Woods
* Girl on a Country Walk
* And many more...

Subscription pricing and terms:
Mind Cleanse offers an auto-renewing monthly subscription at $9.99/month and an auto-renewing yearly subscription at $59.88/year to provide you with unlimited access to the Mind Cleanse Collection while you maintain an active subscription. Mind Cleanse also offers a Lifetime subscription for $149.99 which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment with unlimited access to the Mind Cleanse Collection forever.

Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your iTunes Account when you confirm the initial subscription purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be identified. You may manage your subscription and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after the... read more 

Sleep Well! Breathing Exercise

Sleep Well! Breathing Exercise
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Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





Sleep Well! is a breathing exercice that helps you fall asleep by slowing down your breathing and clearing your thoughts.

It is designed for people who have trouble falling asleep or falling back to sleep -- which includes a lot of us!

How does it work?

Sleep Well! emits a glowing light that gently pulses; the exercise consists of synchronizing your breathing with the light.

This breathing exercice shifts your attention away from distracting thoughts and prepares you for sleep.

The pace of the light gradually slows down until you are breathing an ideal resting rate for falling asleep.... read more 

Natural Health Magazine

Natural Health Magazine
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Aceville Central Services Ltd


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Magazines & Newspapers





Natural Health is your one-stop-shop for all things holistic! If you want to improve your wellbeing and learn the latest on complementary living from the world's leading health experts, alternative therapists and spiritual gurus, this magazine is for you!

Each issue is packed with:
- Focused advice to enhance your mind, body and soul 
- the latest  therapies, alternative treatments and natural and organic beauty
- DIY healing techniques, whole food recipes and eco living tips
- aromatherapy and Ayurveda techniques, home remedies, mantras and meditations


This is a free app download. Free app downloads do not include a free issue unless otherwise stated. The current issue, back issues and future issues can be purchased within the app.

Subscriptions are also available within the application. When a recurring subscription is purchased the latest issue will become available to download immediately.

Available subscriptions are:

6 months: £14.99 / $19.99 (6 issues)*
12 months: £22.99 / $29.99 (12 issues)*

*This subscription has a free trial period of 30 days. At the end of the 30 days the full price of the subscription will be charged. You may cancel a subscription during its free trial period via the subscription settings on your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being... read more 

WellMama Lite Postnatal Yoga

WellMama Lite Postnatal Yoga
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HappyMums Solutions Ltd


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





Lower back pain, sore neck and shoulders, overwhelming stress and tiredness are common after pregnancy. WellMama provides easy 5 and 15 minute sequences of Yoga poses proven to help mothers in the postpartum phase to relieve pain and discomfort, strengthen their back and core muscles, cope with post-pregnancy stress and revitalise their body and mind.

Choose the area you need support with:
(1) Mind & Spirit (2) Neck & Shoulders (3) Lower Back

WellMama can help relieve stress with easy yoga sequences and exercises to:
• Reduce physical back pain for your postnatal body caused by pregnancy, stress, breastfeeding and carrying your baby
• Stretch your neck and shoulder muscles to remove neck and shoulder pain
• Revitalise and strengthen your back muscles to prevent back pain
• Relax and calm your mind with restorative yoga poses at home
• Regain the balance of mind & body with yoga sequences to release stress after baby
• Energise and boost your mood

WellMama app offers 2 types of sequences for mothers to pick from:
• 5 minute sequences of yoga exercises that don’t require props or equipment.
• 15 minute sequences of yoga poses using props. Common items from around the house can be used to substitute yoga props.

IMPORTANT: consult your physician first before beginning a new nutrition, yoga or fitness regimen, especially if you’ve just had a baby and/or experience postpartum... read more 

Sleep Well NOW: Mindfulness Meditations for Sleep

Sleep Well NOW: Mindfulness Meditations for Sleep
Download Sleep Well NOW: Mindfulness Meditations for Sleep on the Appstore

Aluna Moon Publishing


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Need to end sleepless nights? Sleep Well NOW meditations do exactly that: allow you to drift easily and naturally into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Bestselling self-help audio authors Nicola and Samantha of Aluna Moon have helped over 1 million people sleep easily at night with their deeply relaxing mindfulness and hypnosis sessions. Download now to see why they are so successful in helping people relax and unwind.

Mindfulness helps you connect deeply with the present moment. In the NOW, there are no worries or fears… just peace, acceptance and calm. This not only helps you feel more centred and relaxed during the day but with the help of this recording, can help you fall asleep easily and deeply.

Sleep Well NOW consists of:

-Deep Body Relaxation: FREE wonderfully soothing 15 minute mindfulness track which allows the body to really de-stress.

-Sleep Well NOW: A longer deeply relaxing mindfulness meditation allowing you to really let go, connect to the here and now and drift naturally into a relaxing sleep.

-The Opportunity to purchase other bestselling sleep and anxiety mindfulness and hypnosis meditations.

All guided hypnosis and mindfulness tracks within our range of recordings have been professionally recorded to the highest quality using state of the art digital technology and include gentle background music to accelerate healing.

IMPORTANT: Do not listen to hypnosis recordings... read more 

MindSet: The Good Habit App™

MindSet: The Good Habit App™
Download MindSet: The Good Habit App™ on the Appstore

Oregon Center for Applied Science, Inc.


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





MindSet: The Good Habit App™ has everything you need to create good habits for a good life. Our scientific, habit-boosting techniques make it easy to start small, try different things, and make the ones that work automatic, so they last. As your good habits become second nature, MindSet guides you to the next level, so you're always getting closer to your goal. Whether you're keeping tabs on your weight, steps, miles, minutes, mood, meditation, or sleep, MindSet has you covered. As Aristotle famously proclaimed, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

This app is only available to registered users of MindSet, offered exclusively through health plans and employers. Register using the MindSet web application, then download the app to receive reminders to help stay on track while your habits grow. See your employer for details.... read more 

Well Being Journal

Well Being Journal
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Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Magazines & Newspapers





Well Being Journal is dedicated to publishing cogent, concise, expert information about natural ways to prevent and heal illnesses and reverse aging. We herald the integration of medicine with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of health. We publish well substantiated feature articles and research notes covering those subjects as well as personal stories of healing—and we’ve been doing so for 20 years!

The Journal also publishes research as well as personal and clinical experiences about the nutritional and natural healing and prevention of illnesses, including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular or heart disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s/dementia and much more. Regarded as a treasure trove by subscribers, the Journal, with 52 pages each issue, provides healthy, fascinating reading cover-to-cover.

Be forewarned! By reading the Journal you might just live with greater health and happiness. Perhaps you will enjoy giving the Journal a try. It’s our truly genuine hope that you might just delightfully discover reading the Journal will help you live a healthier, happier, longer life!


This is a free app with purchasable content within.
Further future issues and back issues can be purchased within the app.
Subscriptions are also available within the application. A subscription will start from the next released issue.... read more 

In Hand - A tool to focus where you're at and bring back the balance.

In Hand - A tool to focus where you're at and bring back the balance.
Download In Hand - A tool to focus where you're at and bring back the balance. on the Appstore

Red Ninja Limited


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





Using a traffic light system, In Hand acts as a digital friend to help you in times of stress or low mood.

Taking you through different activities depending on how you're feeling, In Hand aims to focus you on where you're at and bring back the balance.

- In Hand is discreet and easy to use!
- It works on and offline!
- No sign up needed!
- Made by young people for young people!... read more 


Download MindHarp on the Appstore

Lydianstream Ltd


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Music





MindHarp is a new and unique way to relax and find calm through the power of musical sound. Anyone can play and enjoy MindHarp. By tapping buttons on a simple interface, players can explore a wide range of finely crafted and professionally produced musical sound.

For the first time, anyone can experience the feeling and joy of making and creating music.

With MindHarp there is no right or wrong. Whatever you tap turns into beautiful, creative sounds. Experience a taste of this by visiting our website

New to MindHarp are Musitations: Musical journeys to immerse and engage the player, or players.

MindHarp Musitations are an excellent alternative, or addition to, traditional meditation or mindfulness practice. Through guided narratives, you are taken on exciting musical journeys. Relaxing, calming and engaging, they are a more accessible way to re-focus and re-calibrate the mind.

MindHarp Musitations are both ‘passive’ and ‘active’. You can relax, sit back and enjoy the journey. With active Musitations you can participate and play, with the reassurance of an experienced guide to help you discover sounds, techniques and ways to interact with MindHarp.

Going ‘solo’ is where you take yourself on your own musical expedition and explore and discover MindHarp for yourself.

MindHarp can be played in pairs or groups. Friends can come together and create... read more 

WellBeing Magazine

WellBeing Magazine
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Universal Magazines Pty Ltd


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Magazines & Newspapers





WellBeing is Australia’s most respected natural health and lifestyle magazine. With in-depth articles written by experts, each issue offers practical information and inspiration for mind, body and soul. WellBeing covers ways to improve the quality of your life, the lives of those around you and the health of the planet. We exist to inform, entertain and enthuse people who have chosen to take steps towards natural health and natural living.
WellBeing has remained Australia’s most successful natural health magazine for over 20 years and continues to grow as topics such as sustainability, organic produce and natural therapies become more mainstream. WellBeing is an inspiring read for people passionate about natural health and therapies and for those who have just begun to take an interest in the subject. The magazine maintains its credibility by only publishing articles that are comprehensively researched and written by experts in the industry. All articles inspire, educate and enlighten.
With an exciting new look and feel there’s never been a better time to subscribe!


This is a free app download. Free app downloads do not include a free issue unless otherwise stated. The current issue, back issues and future issues can be purchased within the app.

Subscriptions are also available within the application. When a recurring subscription is purchased the latest... read more 

Trinity: Mind & Body & Soul

Trinity: Mind & Body & Soul
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Promotion Group OOO




Lifestyle, Health & Fitness





Mind. Body. Soul.

We all are made of this.

The Trinity application will help you maintain a balance between the three elements, paying attention to every edge of your Self.

Trinity is created by a group of specialists, combining a wide variety of practical and theoretical knowledge about human life. We have selected powerful and accessible practices, confirmed by years of research and own life experience.

The effect of Trinity is to combine active muscle tension and deep bodily relaxation, with mandatory combination with the right breathing.

A few numbers:
- 200 physical exercises
- 30 meditative techniques and meditations
- 10 breathing exercises
- 9 unique games for the brain

You can set up notifications for a specific time and days of the week, and they will be immediately recorded in the Calendar.

Trinity records information about your periods of awareness and physical activity in the appropriate section of the Apple Health application.

This application will help you to form the most simple and healthy way of life. Try to follow our advice and watch how your life opens up new horizons!

Trinity offers 2 auto-renewing subscription options:

$2.49 per month
$18.49 per year

This prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the... read more 

Neo Travel Your Mind

Neo Travel Your Mind
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Biquette Studio Inc.


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





This app takes you on a personal, poetic, and immersive voyage to approach this ancient practice of meditation in a new way, combining harmony for the eyes and ears, as well as surprises and philosophical contemplations.
Neo Travel Your Mind is like a precious jewel hidden in your pocket.

No statistics, social networks, catalogue-style lists or subscriptions here.

Let us carry you away by the inspiring landscapes, original music and the inviting and soothing voice of your meditation guide.
When you touch the magic stone, you'll be immediately transported to a special place on this planet where your meditation guide, Dawn, will be waiting for you.

Dawn invites you to accompany her on this grand journey, one that is both intimate and universal, to mystical and peaceful places on this earth. Through sharing her meditation experience, you are encouraged to discover your own journey and experience it for yourself.
Rewards can be found along the way to encourage you to keep going. Dawn also gifts you a travel journal, filled with splendid watercolor illustrations to remind you of the places you've been and the teachings you've received. She will also reveal to you secret places to meditate on your own, without guidance.

The high-quality 3D soundscapes, the teachings, the philosophical contemplations shared by Dawn, as well as the aesthetic fluidity of this app will satiate you.
This is an experience... read more 

Relax Sounds & Sleep well

Relax Sounds & Sleep well
Download Relax Sounds & Sleep well on the Appstore

zaai developer


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





* Lots of relaxing melodies & nature sounds with high quality & with endless playback
* Play forward & previous with a single click
* Set a timer for playback & timer countdown show on the screen
* Play & pause any time
* Control every melody volume
* Control system volume directly from the app
* User friendly design
* Create your own mixes of different melodies and save them.
* Edit or delete of your mixes
* Set timer for mixes
* Unique relaxing wallpapers
* Beautiful backgrounds

If you like this please app please let everyone know by sharing & leaving a review in the app store.
Thanks.... read more 


Download 24alife on the Appstore

EMG of Rochester, Inc.


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Productivity





Mikropis' 24alife delivers personalized solutions that set healthy lifestyle goals and provide education, activities, and motivation to achieve a healthier and happier life. Users can access an extensive knowledge base of education, physical activity, nutrition and stress management information in collaboration with Mayo Clinic’s expert content embedded in 24alife to provide a comprehensive well-being interactive tool.


Improve your resiliency, enhance your quality of life, and decrease your stress.

What you get:
• Tips and techniques to build a resilient mind
• Short expert educational videos
• Quizzes to unlock the next stage
• Pre-test and post-test to track your improvements



The Mayo Clinic Diet is a long-term weight management program created by a team of weight-loss experts at Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to help you reshape your lifestyle by adopting healthy new habits and breaking unhealthy old ones.

What you get:

• tips and guidance to adopt new healthy habits and to eliminate bad habits

• 300+ healthy recipes

• tools to build Healthy Weight Pyramid


Total Body Workout is a program with high-intensity interval training. Following this program will... read more 

Green Park Well-being+

Green Park Well-being+
Download Green Park Well-being+ on the Appstore

Dont Mind Group Limited


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





The Green Park Well-being + App is a holistic tool for supporting our valued network by helping them track and improve their psychological, physical and emotional well-being and boost their happiness .

We have always been focused on helping people think differently about talent. This app is a continuation of that mission to help you and your loved ones think differently about your own talent and what actions you can take to unleash it!

This App focuses on a ‘whole soul’ approach to well-being including:
- Educational articles from our partners & fresh thinkers
- State-changing mindfulness escapes
- Guided meditations helping you focus on specific areas of self improvement relevant to beginners, stressed out business people and yogis, in equal measure.
- Fitness & yoga routines with guided videos facilitating self-growth and taking control of your health

We hope that you find this app useful as it’s certainly helped us considerably, and we want to share this positive experience with you... read more 

Sunrise -active mind lifestyle

Sunrise -active mind lifestyle
Download Sunrise -active mind lifestyle on the Appstore





Games, Family, Puzzle, Lifestyle





Sunrise is a platform with varied and fun games to stimulate the mind. Complete a daily session of mini-games to keep the mind active.
A more prepared mind makes the person even stronger.

Sun is a parrot that has improved its mental abilities and today it is able to be a coach for those who also seek to reach a similar level. Sun will be by your side every day, giving inspiration and tips for everyday life, and encouraging healthy habits.

Challenge various mental abilities - memory, logical reasoning, etc.
Track your progress and compare with other players.
Fly higher with the Sun’s help! Start exercising your mind!

Sunrise is in its initial version, and we will make more games and information available over time.

Sunrise allows its use without the need to create an in-app user - it will be identified as a Visitor user. But a user's registration - through an email or social network id (Facebook) - will allow you to have a unique experience, track your individual evolution, and retrieve your data and purchase history on this and other mobile devices.
See our detailed privacy policy at

Sunrise is free to play, in this mode is offered a daily training session, with selection of three different mini games each day, with the option to watch video ads to play again.
Sunrise offers a paid subscription-based option for full access... read more 


Download MindRazr on the Appstore



Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Music





Our digital health and wellbeing platform has an extensive catalogue of audio and video exercises to support both body and mind. Exercises are integrated into playlists of music of your choosing to deliver a unique and enjoyable way to improve your health and wellbeing. We have a wide range of exercises included guided audio exercises for sleep, stress, focus, relaxation, managing difficult situations and building better habits (including eating, drinking, exercising and smoking).

The platform has a wide range of guided video workouts to help improve your physical wellbeing and fitness. Workouts are based on interval training and can be performed anywhere and anytime. Workouts range from high to low intensity and include exercise programs for cardio, all over body workouts, functional fitness programs, stretching programs as well as yoga and pilates based interval training programs for those who want a great workout but have limited time.

To access the app you must have an enterprise code from your Organisation. If you are unsure of your code please contact your Organisation administrator or [email protected]

Terms of service: read more 

Pie: Sleep Sounds-White Noise

Pie: Sleep Sounds-White Noise
Download Pie: Sleep Sounds-White Noise on the Appstore

Egebit Elektronik Hizmetleri Ve Insaat Ticaret Limited Sirketi


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Music





** Trusted by more than 10.000 users worldwide **

It’s time to say goodbye to sleepless nights and fussy babies. You can reduce pressure, keep focus and clam, and have a better sleep with Sleepie. Download the app today and sleep like a baby tonight!

Getting enough sleep is directly connected to better health. It can improve your health, lower your stress, and make you more productive at work. So we know it's important to get a good night's rest.

Sleepie provides you with many features that answer to your own needs, from the fight against insomnia to making the morning wake up easier, from improving sleep quality to the management of tinnitus.

1. Sleep and Nap Sounds — Fall asleep easily
● Discover a broad library of carefully well-selected sounds.
● High-quality sounds of nature, bring you to various times and spaces.
● Timer feature to set duration when you go to sleep.

2. Relax Sounds — Feel soothed
● Take a break, anytime and anywhere.
● Relieve stress and anxiety in just a few minutes a day.
● Create a pleasant and zen-like environment.

3. Focus Sounds — Improve concentration
● Set timers for different situations.
● Break free from distractions, unleash your productivity.

4. Baby Noise Sounds — Simulate the environment of the womb
● Block outside noises that may wake your baby.
● Engage your baby’s calming reflex allowing baby to sleep... read more 

You Relax: Health & Well-being

You Relax: Health & Well-being
Download You Relax: Health & Well-being on the Appstore

MR Studio


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Music





What is YouRelax?
The most ancient medical arts or those aimed at well-being including traditional Chinese acupuncture, Ayurveda and Yoga are based on the principle of a continuous, coherent and harmonious energy flow that passes through all our tissues in order to maintain our body in the state of good health. Today physiology teaches us that every cell in our body keeps alive thanks to the continuous flow of energy between the inside and the outside of its cell membrane and that this electric potential varies according to the system, the organ, the meridian acupuncture or chakra system validating these ancient disciplines and making them "scientifically" understandable.

In this App we have collected all the frequencies that the researchers, in decades of studies, have identified for the described function and listening to them, providing the physiologically correct frequency, allows to maintain the correct harmony of the organs and physiological systems but also to obtain them rebalancing and re-harmonization.

The frequencies, to maximize their effectiveness, are made in pure sinusoidal form and, respecting a timing derived from the golden proportion of Fibonacci, each can be combined with a preferred ambient sound effect file or can be listened to without any combination, the effectiveness is not changed .

Subjecting our organism to these frequencies, which refer it to the... read more 

Trifecta Mind Body Soul

Trifecta Mind Body Soul
Download Trifecta Mind Body Soul on the Appstore

Magzter Inc.


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Magazines & Newspapers





Trifecta Magazine inspires well-being and mindful living through community connection while focusing on three aspects of health; Mind Body and Soul.... read more 

Rescue My Puppy Game - a boy escape game

Rescue My Puppy Game - a boy escape game
Download Rescue My Puppy Game - a boy escape game on the Appstore

Xiling Gong




Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Adventure





'Wow! This Game Is Just Amazing! Excitement All The Way!'
'This Free Game Exceeded My Expectations! Download Now!'
'Downright Fun! My Kid Can't Stop Playing It!'
'I Love It When I Reach The Bottom And Catch The Bag Of Gold!'

Welcome to Rescue My Puppy Game - a cool escape game!

Do you think you have the skills with Rescue My Puppy Game - a cool escape game?

Rescue My Puppy Game is another point and click room escape game Developed by BAMVD.Com. Welcome back, escapers! Story of this game , Rescue My Puppy is a nice point and click escape game in which a boy was watching favorite movie , but his puppy wanted to play with him. At a moment he got annoyed and shout at the puppy. The puppy ran away scared and hide somewhere. When the movie was end, the boy regret what he did and started looking for the puppy. But he couldn't find it
anywhere. The puppy got so scared that now won't come out from where it hide. You
need to find the puppy . Search around the house and look in every corner where the
puppy could hide. Are you ready?

Game features:

• Genuine story!
• Innovative puzzles!
• Stunning graphics!
• Realistic atmosphere!
• Tricky and challenging puzzles!
• Gorgeous graphics !
• No signup's required, just download and install!

[email protected]



Enjoy this fun adventure escape... read more 

Relaxation Coach

Relaxation Coach
Download Relaxation Coach on the Appstore

Sound Supreme Oy


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





UPDATE: You can now try Relaxation Coach app for free! You can listen to two exercises as many times as you want. Hopefully you find the app useful and will then want to purchase all the exercises (one-time fee). If you have already purchased the app, all exercises are, of course, available for you.

Are you stressed, tired or feeling anxious? Do you want to recover and relax after a hard day?

Here's the solution – the Relaxation Coach app. You can directly influence your mind through your body by using body & mind relaxation exercises and techniques. Try it and feel the benefits.

Body-mind relaxation techniques can be used in combination with Mindfulness or meditation. These exercises concentrate on relaxing our mind through our body. In the app you have 4 different types of relaxation techniques: passive progressive relaxation, active progressive relaxation, autogenic relaxation and imaginary usage.

• The passive progressive relaxation technique is a technique where you passively scan and relax your body and concentrate on breathing to relax both your body & mind. You can also choose affirmations to influence your self-esteem and time-management through your unconscious mind.
• In the Active progressive relaxation technique you mentally focus on different parts of your body and repeat. See and feel the power of thinking. You can also choose affirmations to influence your self-esteem... read more 

Energy Tracker

Energy Tracker
Download Energy Tracker on the Appstore

Przemyslaw Ambrozy


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Energy Tracker lets you track how are you feeling through the day. You can be notified with a reminder (so you don't even have to open the app). Or just force touch the app icon and choose how are you. Then see your enegry level on a readable chart!... read more 

Well Space

Well Space
Download Well Space on the Appstore

Good Karma Enterprises, LLC




Education, Health & Fitness





Well Space - A wellness app created by educators for educators. Well Space is an online wellness community where educators come to get ongoing support and learn daily habits and routines that lead to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Teachers join Well Space to relieve stress, develop self-care practices and to get social and emotional support in their journey to wellness.

Enjoy streaming video courses in yoga, meditation, stress management, dance fitness and more. Discover the benefits of meditation by browsing our meditation station and finding a meditation that works for you. The daily stress reliever gives you quick and easy tips to keep your stress levels low and your happiness levels high. The Teachers Lounge is the place to connect with other teachers who are on their wellness journey.

You can join our monthly wellness challenges, get advice from our team of wellness professionals and connect with other teachers around the world.

App features:

Online courses – an expanding library of mini-courses taught by wellness professionals in meditation, yoga, qigong, aromatherapy and more.

Meditation Station – a growing catalogue of meditations to help you with everything from sleep and stress management to developing a powerful morning routine and self-care.

Daily stress reliever – daily stress relief tips designed by teachers for teachers. Strategies that really work in a school... read more 

The Resilient Mind

The Resilient Mind
Download The Resilient Mind on the Appstore

MyOutcomes for Mental Well Being Inc.


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The Resilient Mind mobile app is built with a focus to help users
develop resilience and to overcome their stressors. Our goal is to
provide users with tools and support to develop resilience and to lead a
better life.... read more 

Relax Meditation : Sleep ASMR

Relax Meditation : Sleep ASMR
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Health & Fitness





SHARE Software is proud to introduce its new app specialized in relax and meditation.
Join the hundred experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety with our guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music
Quiet your mind, improve your awareness, your mood and overall health by learning how to experience every moment to its fullest and find the happiness that's been waiting for you. Make us part of your everyday life, and experience incredible positive changes.

*App will help you:

+ Sleep Better
+ Improve your productivity
+ Find smiles everywhere you go
+ Increase your focus and awareness at work and study
+ Know yourself at a deeper level
+ Improve your Relationships


- New content everyday!
- With only 10 minutes a day, learn and practice meditation with a program carefully designed for everyone.
- Mix and match over 50 free sounds and create your own custom melody to accompany your meditation practices.
- Brainwave frequencies: Enhance your experience and achieve faster results.
- Bedtime Reminder: Remind yourself when it’s time to sleep.
- No subscription.
- No advertisement.
Send us your feedback and tell us about the topics you wish to see in future updates. Our mindfulness community is important to us.
Read more about our terms and conditions here:
Terms of service:... read more 

Guided Meditation & Relaxation

Guided Meditation & Relaxation
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Revival Technology LLC


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The simplest meditation app for busy people. Breathe easy and relax with guided meditation chosen for your life and situation. It’s the simple way to let go of stress and get a better night’s rest. It is the perfect mindfulness app for beginners

Even short meditation reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, breathe easier, and more. Work through daily struggles with guided meditation sessions for any situation.


Weekly Premium without Ads offers a subscription for premium functionally and removing ads. $1.49 weekly. Price may vary by location.

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Breathe by OV

Breathe by OV
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Our Vitality Pty Ltd


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





What’s your goal?
Do you already have a vision of the person you’d like to become? Whether it’s to build healthier habits, increase your energy and focus, lose weight, or improve your overall health - your goals are unique to you, and Breathe offers a way to help you get there.

Weekly Wellness Programs
Each week we design a program using live classes, healthy prompts, and a weekly challenge to help members optimise vitality, clarity, and freedom.

Breathe Live classes
- Typically a maximum of 15 minutes, designed to be convenient but impactful.
- Catering to every preference, age, and ability
- Professional, qualified instructors
- Yoga, meditation, breath work, mobility and balance, high intensity interval

Challenge Portal
Each week is a different challenge designed to test you. Push yourself and give it your best effort, and let us know how you go.

Take the time to record your intentions and reflect on what is important to you... read more 

Mind Time: Breathe Fully

Mind Time: Breathe Fully
Download Mind Time: Breathe Fully on the Appstore

Krystel Parenteau


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Proven techniques for your well-being. Whether at work or at home, Mindtime allows you to accumulate moments in a positive way so you can enjoy every moment to the fullest. No matter what your job, your lifestyle or even your stress level is, we have something for you.

To access all features and content you can subscribe on a monthly basis with an auto-renewing subscription right inside the app.* Pricing can vary by region and will be confirmed before purchase in the app. In-app subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of their cycle.

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Meditation : Relaxation Music

Meditation : Relaxation Music
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Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Meditation is the leading app for relax and sleep. Join the millions experiencing lower stress, less anxiety, and more restful sleep with our relaxing music. They are all designed to help you stress less, focus more, and feel better.

Can’t sleep at night? Meditation is designed to be the most efficient Sleep-Aid App to make you fall a sleep quickly and wake up refreshed. Relax, take a deep breath and join us on a restful journey to sleep!

Enjoy a large variety of Nature Sounds, Guided Meditations, Brainwaves and Breathing Techniques that you can mix and combine to create your very own Bedtime Experience. We collaborate with Sleep Experts to make sure that our content and techniques will help you overcome Night-Time Anxiety and lower your Everyday Stress.

You can set Alarm and Timer to remember your bedtime and other things.


• Improved focus throughout the day
• Reduce stress and anxiety to stay calm and relaxed
• Get a better night’s sleep to reduce stress and anxiety
• Calm down and relax at the end of a long day to get to sleep easier
• Also Save your favorite Mixer which you play daily
• Adjust all sound which you like
• Large sound library (guitar fire, burning, beach, surface…)... read more 


Download MyBalancedSelf on the Appstore

Kari Ohlsen




Productivity, Lifestyle





Balance your Self by creating goals that enrich your mind, body and spirit. Track and update goal progress with a simple tap. Add reminders and update your progress when notified on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.... read more 

Welly by Motion3

Welly by Motion3
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Motion3 online training en coaching b.v.


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Welly is the digital workplace wellness solution.
It is our goal to prevent burnouts and create a burnout free world.
We increase mental and physical wellbeing levels by training and coaching you using your mobile. In less than 14 minutes a day we make sure you are happy and healthy.
Welly is more than an app. Welly is a dynamic learning platform that combines big data and algorithm with human interaction. Welly makes personal growth accessible and focuses on sustainable behavioral change.
Above all Welly is about fun. By offering a diverse program and elements of gamification we make training fun.
Welly always focuses on body-mind-food to enable you to reduce stress and prevent burnouts.... read more 

wellyou - in hard times

wellyou - in hard times
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Workout for Happiness UG


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle






Only reliable and trustworthy guidelines as provided by official health authorities will be presented to stop the spread of false information and with this, help you feel less overwhelmed. Our deep-dive topics have been written by our psychologists and nutritionists to help you thrive physically, mentally, and socially while in self-isolation. These topics offer information and possible solutions to difficulties we all may experience during these times of crisis.


A collection of daily and weekly tasks support people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits at home by paying particular attention to hygiene, exercise, and nutrition.


Our daily snippets, 3 times day, keep you motivated and uplifted with positive news, daily recommendations (i.e. books, films, podcasts, etc.) and something inspiring to make you take action or reflect on.


By setting your daily intention in the morning, being surprised by a new question every afternoon, and thinking about what went well every evening.


Keep active, curious, and positive by accomplishing fun tasks, challenges, and your personal to-dos all of which boost your physical, mental, and social well-being. A balance ring with 3 colors visually shows in... read more 

M.Y Studio

M.Y Studio
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Well Mind Limited


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Download the M.Y Studio App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s location and contact information. You can also click through to our social pages! Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your device! Download this App today!... read more 

Be Mentally Healthy

Be Mentally Healthy
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Think Smart Mobile Software Ltd


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





Are you struggling with depression or anxiety?
Do you often feel low and ‘hopeless’?

This simple app could help you on your journey to feeling mentally healthy.
Everyday, for the next three months, it has a daily tip or task, which should inspire you to get your life back on track. These suggestions are centred around positivity and well-being, but taking a 'small steps' approach so that they are achievable.

By having a go at a task each day, the aim is that you take more time to appreciate life, which will help on the road to recovery.
Keep a record of your achievements by updating its journal as a reminder.

See the trailer at

For an even better experience, this is the full product - there are No Ads or In-App-Purchases in this app.... read more 

Yoga Journey Magazine

Yoga Journey Magazine
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Paul Greenbaum


Magazines & Newspapers


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Yoga Journey Magazine is for People Seeking a Better Life Through Yoga Today. Yoga is a household word, with over 32 million Americans using yoga as part of their healthcare.

Yoga Journey, your guide to a life well-lived, is a quarterly publication that highlights the full spectrum of yoga – the most comprehensive science of health ever created. Featuring articles from experts in the fields of yoga, meditation, detoxification, nutrition, natural healing, Ayurvedic medicine, spirituality, and biohacking, Yoga Journey guides readers in their quest for a fuller, healthier life.

Regular Features cover Asana (Yoga postures for health), Pranayama (Yoga breathing), Karma, Yoga Karma, Mental Attitude Detox, Longevity, Stress Reduction, Diet/Nutrition, Exercise, Biohacking, Helping (giving and receiving), Gratitude, Humor and Laughing Therapy, Meditation, Keeping Death On your Shoulder (Death is an ally to living fully,) Facing Fear, Inner Peace, Awakening Impediments to Awakening Freedom from Pain and suffering, Yoga Therapy Book Reviews and Personal Stories from Yoga Practitioners.

Yoga Journey Subscription available:
A single issue for $6.99 (non-subscription)
Quarterly subscription for $5.99
Yearly subscription for $19.99

Automatically renewed until canceled. Payment for all purchases will be charged to your iTunes account at the confirmation of your... read more 

The Strong Movement

The Strong Movement
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Ailis Garcia


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Hey Strong Girl!

The Strong Movement is a women's lifestyle community that inspires women to build strong bodies and strong minds.

Now with The Strong Movement App you can:

- Access free Strong Girl Workouts to follow along to in the comfort of your own dorm room, apartment, sorority house - anywhere! Grab your girlfriends and break a sweat with these free quick and effective bodyweight workouts!

- Watch highlight videos from the Strong Girl College Tour!

- Learn more about the Strong Girl College Tour and book a Strong Girl Workshop + Workout on your campus!

- Access the NEW StrongU Curriculum designed and created to help college women enhance their well-being, build resilience and be their best!

- Access the NEW StrongU Workout Studio with 8-Weeks of workouts that you can follow along to at home! These workouts are designed to help you build a strong body and enhance your overall health and well-being!

- Access the NEW StrongU Online Community to connect with women across the country for inspiration, motivation and support!


If you're a member of Chapman Strong Girls there is a custom section in this app just for you!

We are so excited to see you in the app!... read more 
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