Little Totem Raider

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Version 2.20

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Little Totem Raider

Nemoris SpA

Games, Family, Casual, Entertainment

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Short Round the cat is the bravest and fearless cat in the all world. With your help you must resolve the 21 temples to find the mysterious GOLDEN TOTEM that can grant any wish.

With your intelligence and Short Round's cat-ability you'll resolve any challenge and find this treasure lost in time.

Inspired in the 3D platformers from the legendary Nintendo 64, our game will take you to resolve the temples moving boxes, activating switches, jumping between moving platforms and using your top ability with the controls to get to the end of each temple.

Release notes

- No internet required
- No ads
- Bugs solved

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Waves of monsters with growing hair has come to Monstercity and is your duty to attend them all before their hair gets out of control and they attack you!

MonsterCity is city of monsters and we have arrived to establish our hairdressing salon. Competition is tough and the only way to demonstrate that we are the best is challenging other salons to a duel, if you win you will keep the prize and fame.

This won’t be easy, MONSTERS will arrive in huge waves to have their hair done, and every style will be tougher than the previous. There it will be your responsibility helping stylists of the saloon to be prepared; each haircut will give them more experience, letting them to become powerful and faster. Improve your abilities to obtain more clients and gold coins; then, use those coins to upgrade your salon, make it the jazziest of all MonsterCity, presume in front of your friends and show them all your achievements.
There’s a long way to go so, let’s get started!


JESEE: Young and talented. He is ready to show that he's the best.
ROSE: An experimented stylist who has just arrived from Paris.
RON: The team leader of barbers, with wit and experience.


MEDUSA: Ready to become you a stone.
WEREWOLF: Very wild, we have to stop its transformation as soon as we can.
MUMMY: With its bands out of control.
NOSFERATU: With a rebel afro hair style that won’t leave us in peace.


LEVEL UP!: Barbers will improve step by step while experience grows. The more you play, more experience you get.
BUY ITEMS: Upgrade your hairdressers raising its levels, increase percentage of gold coins or strength of your haircuts. You can also add an extra life or duplicate the speed in the next level paying some extra coins.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR BARBERSHOP: Buy windows, new patterns for your walls, seats, floors, even lamps to obtain the perfect style so you can get more clients and also, to show your friends what you are capable of.
CHALLENGE: Confront all hairdressings salons of all city, win challenges serving more clients faster than them to experience prizes, gold coins or even get more capacity to attract more clients.

You are the only one capable to do this, and you have talent to become number one!...

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