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Hungry Dragon ™

Hungry Dragon ™
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Games, Casual, Action





Unleash fiery fury from above in Hungry Dragon, a fun and frantic flying action game where everything and everyone is on the menu!
Control ferocious dragons and fly, burn and eat your way through a medieval world packed with legends, monsters and deliciously unsuspecting prey!

***This game is only compatible with devices running on iOS 9.1 or above***

• Collect ferocious flying fire-breathing Dragons, each unique in their own way
• Unlock crazy Costumes to fly faster, burn bigger, and eat more
• Equip exotic Pets and weird creatures to boost your power
• Level up and train by feasting on townsfolk, monsters and other delicious prey

• Fly through, explore and destroy a world of villages, forests, hills, and Goblin City!
• Smash through obstacles to access hidden areas in the world
• Feed on more for a higher score – Hungry Dragons are never satisfied!

• Go on a grilling spree in a huge free-roaming world in epic 3D
• Activate Fire Rush and release an inferno incinerating all in your path!
• Roast a medieval feast of monsters, soldiers, trolls, witches, and much more

• Evolve and train Legendary Dragons - strange hybrid monsters and dinosaurs
• Unlock epic special powers – the more you train, the crazier the power!
• Become a legend by competing in Legendary Leagues to defeat friends and... read more 

Dino Water World-Dinosaur game

Dino Water World-Dinosaur game
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Free Pixel Games Ltd




Games, Strategy, Entertainment, Role-Playing





Welcome to Dino Water World where you can have different ocean dino species and sharks, build underwater home, and create your own Jurassic underwater World.

- Free to play!
- A wide variety of exciting sea dinosaurs to breed
- Feed the hungry creatures to evolve
- Fight in underwater battle arena. Watch battle between mosasaurus and megalodon shark.
- crossbreeding to create new species
- Manage your water world arranging food, resources and dinosaur evolutions... read more 

Dino Crash 3D — Raptor Wars

Dino Crash 3D — Raptor Wars
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Games, Entertainment, Casual, Action





As a result of scientific experiments prehistoric dinosaurs wind up in the modern megapolis. And furious dinosaur in the city is the kind of disaster! It is scared and wants to destroy everything on the way.

And what is there to do for the angry dinosaur in the city?

Visit all districts of the city;
Break all famous sights;
Search for delicious food;
Fight with annoying humans.

Life of the dinosaur in the city is rather rich. And for more exciting game you can choose various dinosaurs, like velociraptor, allosaurus and even great tyrannosaurus. Leave boring dino world and control a dinosaur in the city.

Dino Crash 3D key Features:

Angry dinosaur in the great megapolis;
Furious fights with human armed forces;
Lots of dinos to choose: velociraptor, allosaurus, tyrannosaurus;
Tasty meat treats on the streets.

Control a furious dinosaur and destroy everything with Dino Crash 3D amazing game!

- Your subscription will be automatically renewed within 1 day before the current subscription ends.
- Auto-renew option can be turned off in your iTunes Account Settings.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Privacy Policy:
Terms Of Use: read more 

Dinosaur Pets | Hungry Dino Jurassic Evolution Age

Dinosaur Pets | Hungry Dino Jurassic Evolution Age
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Games, Entertainment, Simulation, Adventure





We like to introduce you Dino Zor Jurassic world! Fight for the domination of your city against monsters!
The whole dinosaur community in Miami is under threat! Monsters of every kind have arised and are fighting against dinosaurs for the control of the city.
For years, dinosaurs were the rulers of Miami. It was their paradise: the entire city was at their disposal. They could live freely and fear no danger. But those Jurassic years are gone. Now few dinosaurs can tell you the story of better times.

Help the dinosaurs to fight against every monster in the city! In this Dino Zor world, the power and the dominance are measured by the speed, that is, the faster you run a race, the more power you have. In other words, for your survival you will need to run very fast to show off to the monsters that will think twice getting in to a fight with you.
So, pick up your favourite and fearsome dinosaur and let´s the race begin!

- Play this funny game with four different dinosaurs. Each one has different skills, check them all!
- Test your racing skills in this races against all type of monsters
- This is an infinite race to improve your dodge skills in the city of Miami with a dinosaur
- Cool graphics and landscape
- Easy mobile controls in this animal races
- Wide range of monster enemies
- Avoid every animal fight to stay alive as long as possible in this game full of action!
- Appropriate for children and adults who enjoy monster... read more 

SHARK WORLD -water battle game

SHARK WORLD -water battle game
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Free Pixel Games Ltd




Games, Strategy, Role-Playing, Entertainment





Welcome to Shark World where you can have different ocean shark species, build underwater home, and build your underwater shark world. Explore the mysterious world of underwater animals. Collect exciting sea sharks like hammerhead shark, Angel sharks and prehistoric ones like Megalodon. Feed, Raise, Crossbreed and Battle with your sea monsters.

- Free to play!
- Underwater environment.
- Park building sim game.
- A wide range of exciting sharks.
- A wide variety of exciting sea Shark to breed.
- Feed those hungry jaws
- Fight in underwater battle arena. Attack and destroy!
-Make your own team of Sharks and take them to battle!
-Various battle stages where your sharks can compete for prizes.
- The whole sea is open for you! Be the prime hunter of the ocean.
-Evolve your Shark into epic form and explore an exciting fun world!
-Custom elemental habitats for each type of Sharks.
-The Decor area is filled with stylish and attractive decorations.
- A crossbreeding simulator, which brings out surprisingly realistic results!
- Manage your water world as you would in real life- this includes feeding your shark, and arranging food resources.... read more 

Dino Hunting Survival Game 3D - Hungry Dinosaur in African Jungle

Dino Hunting Survival Game 3D - Hungry Dinosaur in African Jungle
Download Dino Hunting Survival Game 3D - Hungry Dinosaur in African Jungle on the Appstore

Sikander Shah




Games, Simulation





Dino hunting 3D game starts with dinosaur survival mission. Switch between provided weapons, hunt deadly jungle wild dinosaurs in Jurassic worlds. Dino Hunting: Survival Game 3D is pure entertainment.
This survival game bring amazing sniper and shotgun Dino hunting missions in breathtaking terrain of Jurassic world. Hunt dinosaur at your best.

Jurassic world with addictive weapons including snipers makes this Dino hunting adventures in Jurassic world a difficult survival game.

If you like adventures, Explore large variety of dinosaurs traveling through the woods for game survival with sniper or any other provided weapon hunting Dino seasons. Explore Jurassic world shooting deadly animals. You can always purchase new weapons.

If you like Dino hunting or dinosaurs, this game is meant for you. We bring you to Find yourself in daylight, afternoon, or midnight at various Jurassic jungles, wild forests. Dino Hunting: Survival Game 3D is high quality hunting game for everyday fun.

Many Dino are available that include dangerous giants looking like grey mountains on legs for Dino hunting 3D and survival experience.
Carnivorous: Tyrannosaurus known as T. Rex, Velociraptor known as Raptor, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus.
Herbivorous: Triceratops, Apatosaurus also known as Brontosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

In a world where survival becomes... read more 

Crocodile Attack 3D

Crocodile Attack 3D
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Sharkweed LLC




Games, Role-Playing, Racing





Just when you thought it was safe to go to the beach for a swim, from the dark water rises a giant renegade Crocodile. You control this beast as he terrorizes the waters, attack boats, eats people, hunts down some humpback whales. If you enjoy playing free play simulator type games, you will enjoy taking control of this huge 3D shark.
Features Include:
--6 Maps
--Crocodile hunting day and night
--Open water Map with boats and whales
--Beach Map with party people
--Excellent sound effects
--High Quality 3D graphics and exciting gameplay.

Try to complete the objectives before time runs out. This shark especially enjoys the taste of humans. Go fishing for people and whales and come back with a full stomach. If you enjoy games like Goat Simulator, Shark Attack, Dinosaur Sim and Horse Simulator - you are going to love this 3D Croc Simulator game. It is created with high quality graphics and smooth controls. It all takes place in a fun 3D environment. It will remind you of the fun you had during summer vacation. Happy hunting and fishing!... read more 


Download JUNGLE DINO SIMULATOR 3D 2020 on the Appstore

Asif Khan




Games, Adventure, Simulation





Dinosaur Hunting Jungle Adventure is an action packed simulation game where you play as an angry and hungry dinosaur striving for survival as the last dinosaur alive in the Jungle. Your aim is to survive for as long as possible with multiple missions and challenges to pass through. So What are you waiting for, Pose as a Giant dinosaur and play like the prehistoric beast.

Key Features of Dino Hinting Jungle Survival:

- 64 Challenging Missions
- Stunning 3D graphics of Jungle Environment
- Multiple Dinosaurs Models to pick from
- Ultimate Fun and Adventure Guaranteed!... read more 

Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D – steer the wild alligator and hunt down farm animals

Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D – steer the wild alligator and hunt down farm animals
Download Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D – steer the wild alligator and hunt down farm animals on the Appstore

ozi technology limited




Games, Entertainment, Simulation, Action





Steer the ferocious wild alligator and hunt down different animals and cattle’s. Crocodile attack simulator is a crocodile wildlife game in which you steer the alligator in the swamp, jungle, sea and on beach. Keep on hunting and eating if you want to survive in the game for long.

In this crocodile steering game you can play in free room mode and mission based mode. Mission based mode consists of 15 extremely tough levels in which you need to obtain the targets before the time ends. If you achieve the targets then you will promoted to further challenging missions.

• Realistic crocodile to steer.
• Huge game play area to explore.
• Free roaming mode, for fun time pass.
• Mission based mode with 15 extreme levels.
• Extremely exciting targets to hunt down.
• Lifelike graphics and high quality sounds.... read more 

Dino City Rampage 3D

Dino City Rampage 3D
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Tap2Play, LLC




Games, Entertainment, Role-Playing, Action





The Jurassic beast strikes the modern city again. Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age!

Play as an infuriated dinosaur warped out of its time period. The city once yours is riddled by strange, tiny, two legged creatures…they scream loudly and run pretty fast! Don’t let those tiny arms deter you from claiming back your home! Wander around the city destructing whatever gets in your way. Chase and crush invaders. Here is a chance to not only watch realistic dinos in this age but also be one of them!

Dino City Rampage 3D features:

•Realistic Animated Dinosaurs
•Awesome 3D Suburban City Environment
•Play As T-Rex, Spinosaurus, or Velociraptor
•Smooth And Easy Controls
•Multiple levels with challenging gameplay
•Install and play to become an ancient beast!

About Tapinator
Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) designs, develops, and publishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 200 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 200 million downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visit read more 

Jurassic Pets . Hungry Dinosaur Animal Racing Game For Kids Free

Jurassic Pets . Hungry Dinosaur Animal Racing Game For Kids Free
Download Jurassic Pets . Hungry Dinosaur Animal Racing Game For Kids Free on the Appstore

Lab Cave Apps S.L




Games, Entertainment, Family, Simulation





The city bridge is full of soldiers and combat tanks... what is happening?

We are on the year 3195. For several years dinosaurs coexist with humans in freedom and peacefully. Despite this, dinosaurs are not convinced about leaving humans ruling. They mistreat and hunt animals and dinosaurs and ruled the world high-handedly. Now dinosaurs are ready to win over the human cities. The war against humans has started.

We are powerful animals, tired of being hunted, and now we want to rule the entire world. Humans are weak and they can not hunt us if we are all together. Are you ready to go to war on our side!?

When you are ready, just start playing this amazing game full of action. Try to take over the city full of combat tanks, weapons and soldiers. You are a strong dinosaur, the hero of this funny game, and they will try to hunt you.

The war is getting more and more violent and as a dinosaur you have to run through the city as far as you can to let people know that dinosaurs are already conquering the world.
For the mission of this animal race games you can choose one of our four fearsome dinosaur leaders and start the race through the city to spread terror amongst humans. Your main goal is to survive the tanks attacks in a continued race towards the freedom of dinosaurs. Humans will be trying to hunt you. Combat tanks will be also waiting for you and the war will never end until a dinosaur achieve the highest score in this addictive... read more 

Dino Water World - 3D Dinosaur

Dino Water World - 3D Dinosaur
Download Dino Water World - 3D Dinosaur on the Appstore

Free Pixel Games Ltd




Games, Adventure, Role-Playing





Welcome to Dino Water World where you can have different ocean dino species and sharks, fight underwater Jurassic creatures , and rule Jurassic underwater World.

- Free to play!
- A wide variety of exciting sea dinosaurs to control
- Feed the hungry creatures to evolve
- Fight in underwater. Watch battle between mosasaurus and megalodon shark.... read more 

Hungry Dino Adventure

Hungry Dino Adventure
Download Hungry Dino Adventure on the Appstore

Sejong Hitech Co.,Ltd.




Games, Adventure, Action





The top-notch 3D graphics! Delicate dinosaur animation! Realistic AI group attack!
LET’S Show off your own brilliant strategy & control on beating vicious enemy off!

Stress Buster with feeling of intense excitement and momentary 3D Scene

How many dinosaurs you caught! How long can you survive!, How strong can you be!,

Grow your DINO fearsome one by solving missions with more powerful dinosaurs!
How to deal with dinosaurs that are getting intelligent! Realistic battle with artificial intelligence dinosaurs!

How much did you grow young dinosaurs! Build achievements and compete game records with your friends!
As the level of your dinosaur increases, size of the body, physical strength, attack power and moving speed are increases.

[ Various Items ]
Young dinosaurs (colleagues), Health supplement (egg nest), invincible mode (mushrooms), etc.

[ Skills for build your own strategies and style]
Roaring, Combo attack, Shockwave and time cooling type. Upgrade of these skills available.

[ Group attack ] : Group attacking with AI

[ More than 32 species of dinosaurs! ]
Ankylosaurus, Apatosaur, Carnotaurus, Edmontonia, Maiasaura, Parasaurolophus, Spinosaur, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Compsognathus, Pteranodon, Ichtyostega, Oviraptor, etc, Various dinosaurs and colorful changes of each dinosaur

[ Various game options for user immersion... read more 

City Zoo Angry Dino Transport Truck Simulator Game

City Zoo Angry Dino Transport Truck Simulator Game
Download City Zoo Angry Dino Transport Truck Simulator Game on the Appstore





Games, Adventure, Entertainment, Simulation





The huge city is engulfed with angry vicious dinosaurs who are on a total riot to crush whole world. Are you the daredevil this city is looking for? Capture dangerous predators and transport them to the zoo for public safety. Show precision driving skills while transporting giant animals from wilderness. Enjoy offroad driving adventure while transporting giant prehistoric beasts to city zoo. Do the toughest truck driver job of animal rescue and deliver escaped dinosaurs from safari jungle back to jurassic zoo. Feed dinosaurs with meat and trap them into big truck trailer. Get parasaurolophus back to their jurassic zoo in animal transporter tycoon. Drive in jurassic park jungle to put prehistoric dinos in trailer truck and take them back to city zoo with wildlife. Caught animals with cargo truck and feel like a real trucker sitting behind big wheels in giant euro transporter. In dragonvale forest, horrifying dinos, lions and dangerous predators are always angry, hungry and looking for prey to devour. Make sure no carnivores or herbivores escape from massive jurassic zoo.

Challenging truck driving & dino transport missions
Vicious dinos to transport: spinosaurus, velociraptor & t-rex
Realistic vehicle physics for grand ruck and big rig trailers
Intuitive controls for driving on perilous paths in offroad environment
Amazing 3D environment including safari wildlife

Give us your... read more 

Dinosaur Run 3D - A Jurassic Dino Race Adventure Free Games

Dinosaur Run 3D - A Jurassic Dino Race Adventure Free Games
Download Dinosaur Run 3D - A Jurassic Dino Race Adventure Free Games on the Appstore

Mako Apps, LLC




Games, Racing, Entertainment, Adventure





Dinosaur Run 3D Features:

• Avoid obstacles like rocks, trolls and other dinosaurs
• Touch input, Accelerometer input, Keyboard input!
• Dinosaurs, troll and other 3D models
• Endless run! Endless Fun!
• The dinosaur runs faster and faster
• Optimized for mobile devices (512 MB RAM tested)
• Run as far as You can to get the best score!
• Supported all iPhone and iPad Models
• 64-bit iOS Supported... read more 

Dinosaur Hunter Trex Attack Survive Dino Fury Chase Killing Games

Dinosaur Hunter Trex Attack Survive Dino Fury Chase Killing Games
Download Dinosaur Hunter Trex Attack Survive Dino Fury Chase Killing Games on the Appstore

Multi Touch Studio




Games, Action, Adventure, Entertainment





Dinosaur Hunter Trex is the place where you can journey to a hidden, untouched Jurassic island and kill the most ferocious animals in history.
Get ready for the best hunting adventure of your life in the Jurassic locations.
Hunt deadly dinosaurs in this action packed dinosaur game DINOSAUR HUNTER TREX.
Be a sharp shooter and hunt the cruelest creature before he hunts you down. You have to be very careful and keep your eye on your prey.
Explore a large open world to search for dinosaurs and take them down.
In the most realistic environments, breath taking graphics and real time sound effects you get to hunt them all alone.
Take on the challenge of hunting DINO as they come in different species.Load up on firepower with destructive weapons.
Make your kills and complete them all for even greater rewards!Complete different tasks to complete every mission.
Every mission is different from each other, So the hunter have to use different hunting techniques.
Are you ready for the prehistoric jurassic shooter challenge?

How to Play:-

- Use the joystick to move around the game
- Tap right button to jump... read more 

Angry Crocodile Attack – shoot down hungry swamp crocs with your sharp shooter skills

Angry Crocodile Attack – shoot down hungry swamp crocs with your sharp shooter skills
Download Angry Crocodile Attack – shoot down hungry swamp crocs with your sharp shooter skills on the Appstore

ozi technology limited




Games, Action, Entertainment, Adventure





Perform your duty as a city sheriff and hunt down deadly crocodiles with your extreme shooting skills. Defense your town from ferocious alligators attack waves in the swamp. Show no mercy and kill each alligator otherwise they will enter the city and eat every living being.

The theme of the game is on a brave sheriff who is performing his duty to secure the town from any threat. Then one day alligators pop out from the lake side and starts marching towards city. Now it’s your duty to help the sheriff to kill these ferocious predators. Enter the swamp and kill these creatures in their pit and become a super sheriff.


• Smooth tap and shoot game play.
• Kill deadly croco gang with unlimited bullets.
• Amazing swap and Lake Graphics to enhance your game-play.
• Real life superb background music to give you real jungle feel.... read more 

The Hungry Dino Left Behind The Most Wanted Man in the Woods Free

The Hungry Dino Left Behind The Most Wanted Man in the Woods Free
Download The Hungry Dino Left Behind The Most Wanted Man in the Woods Free on the Appstore

Louise Gow




Games, Family, Sports





The Hungry Dino Left Behind The Most Wanted Man in the Woods is a game about catching a Dino. That's not quite easy as you need to avoid the obstacles and need to move all around the screen in random directions. Whether you are looking for a game where you want to test your reflexes and score more points while enjoying the beauty of the forest, this game is the answer. Download now!... read more 

City Dino Chase Sim 3D : Free Play Game 2016

City Dino Chase Sim 3D : Free Play Game 2016
Download City Dino Chase Sim 3D : Free Play Game 2016 on the Appstore

Syed Shahzad




Games, Adventure, Entertainment, Action





****Have you ever dream if huge Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) will back to our world ? Then Jurassic beast strikes the modern city again. ****
Amazing Dinosaur game is ready for you!! If you like playing real dinosaur games and have lot of fun in destroying city then Take control of a huge Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and rampage the city.

Explore the huge city environments with your wild beast giant .Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age and they are roaming around the city world . Dinosaur with amazingly realistic physics.Hunt down your prey in a city environment. Dinosaur in City to Hunt and Do Fatal Damage. Dino Create Havoc & Furious Rampage World. smashing the world with lot of noise and eat their prey in the city.Get yourself ready for the thrilling experience.Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age!

Eat everything you find on your way!Smash out everything in your way.Be crazy Dinosaur and hit objects.

Features :
* Stunning 3D graphics
* Awesome gameplay with Many thrilling levels
*City Environments
* Play As T-Rex, Spinosaurus, or Velociraptor
* Strong and powerful animal.
* Realistic sound effects.
* Smooth And Easy Controls... read more 

Shark Attack Simulator-io game

Shark Attack Simulator-io game
Download Shark Attack Simulator-io game on the Appstore

Free Pixel Games Ltd




Games, Action, Simulation





Play as a hungry killer shark and feast on unsuspecting beach-goers! Feast on them or scare them for fun!

Make your Shark stronger and bigger by attacking beach-goers as well as other sharks and deep sea jurassic creatures.

Compete against all the predators and be on top of the food chain!... read more 

Duck Hunting 3D: Fowl Hunting

Duck Hunting 3D: Fowl Hunting
Download Duck Hunting 3D: Fowl Hunting on the Appstore

Techno Keet Pvt. Ltd




Games, Action, Entertainment, Adventure





The hunting season is ON!

The hunting fever is at the high so grab the hunting gun and go for a duck hunt.
Get ready for duck hunting season! Shoot ducks as much you can with hunting guns in a beautiful environment, mix up of beautiful jungle birds and duck sounds. Feel like in realistic duck hunting environment. If you are a good shooter and can accept the challenge, then here is the perfect situation for you.

Duck hunting 3D is a first person shooting game with efficient weapon control and eye-catching 3D graphics and sound effects. Enjoy duck hunting with realistic animations. Duck hunting has two interesting modes. Unlock second mode of duck hunting 3D and become US Champion by winning duck hunting competitions across all American states.

Share your feedback with us and let’s make it a better duck hunting game together. Follow us on Facebook and twitter to keep yourself updated about new version of duck hunting 3D.... read more 

Dino Hunter: Carnivores 2018

Dino Hunter: Carnivores 2018
Download Dino Hunter: Carnivores 2018 on the Appstore





Games, Action, Simulation





The most exciting hunting journey starts now!
The only game which lets you see amazing predatory dinosaurs in action and challenge them for ultimate survival!

Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the hunting expedition of a lifetime in pursuit of the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: Carnivores 2018.

Journey to a hidden, untouched island and hunt the most ferocious animals in history. Encounter docile stegosaurus to the terrifying T. rex.

Load up on firepower with destructive weapons like the rocket launcher and shuriken crossbow. You’ll need a an expert strategy to take down these beasts!


Dino Hunter: Carnivores 2018 is a hunting simulation that is completely true to life and totally breathtaking. You land on a distant planet inhabited by dinosaurs and progress from a shy wildlife observer to a stealthy and ruthless T-Rex hunter. All dinosaurs are in full 3D complete with their terrifying roars!... read more 

Crocodile City Simulator 3D

Crocodile City Simulator 3D
Download Crocodile City Simulator 3D on the Appstore

Noor Ali Butt




Games, Casual, Simulation, Entertainment





The wild predators are in a rampage! This is a 3D crocodile city simulation game where the monster legends are rampaging and destroying the cities. It is a really 3D crocodile simulation game for everyone. Control your crocodile, whether you chose a crocodile which is similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex or killer raptor, to smash and kill as many stuff as possible. This is truly an ultimate simulation game or sim game for crocodile lovers.
It’s a Jurassic attack out here! The wild predators of the Jurassic era wants to turn the world into a crocodile world where the vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex or killer raptors will rule the world. They are the monsters legend from the prehistoric time that have come alive and wreaking havoc on the earth. This is not a cute crocodile simulation game, but a game where you control the crocodile of your choice to destroy the cities. Have fun doing town smash and destroying as many things as possible. Unleash the Jurassic attack on this sim game as much as you like!
3D crocodile City Smash Simulation Game TOP FEATURES:
- Awesome and fun game for everyone!
- Great 3D graphic and game design for gamers of every age.
- 3 choices of realistic 3D crocodiles who look like the wild predators in Jurrasic era.
- 2 play... read more 


Download WARRIOR DRAGON HUNTER: Dino Sn on the Appstore

Vu Trung Hieu




Games, Entertainment, Racing, Action





WARRIOR DRAGON HUNTER: Dino Sniper is a very engaging, adventurous and addictive game, with some amazing graphics and sound effects. In this hunting game, you will have to shoot down the dangerous dragons, to protect the village from getting destroyed.

- Beat the strong enemy dragons with epic responsive powers.
- Timer for completing each level.
- Enjoy the most terrifying levels being the wild fire dragon.
- Unlimited furious levels of battle and revenge in animal hunting games
- Find multiple enemies as you reach the higher levels.... read more 

Shark Wild Bot Sim

Shark Wild Bot Sim
Download Shark Wild Bot Sim on the Appstore

Evgeny Chaikin




Games, Simulation






It’s your chance to become a shark, but not an ordinary one, but the real futuristic robot! Swim through the seas of Shark Wild Bot Simulator game, collect power-ups and energy batteries, fight with evil droid underwater creatures and do everything possible to survive as long as you can! Create your dream robot family and just enjoy it!

Shark Wild Bot Simulator features:
• Nice way to be an animal and a robot at the same time
• Wide expanses of the deep seas and oceans to explore
• Family life missions and profits
• A chance to become a real fighting robo-shark
• Many unlockable stats and skins
• Cool batteries to collect and play more... read more 

Dinosaur Hunting: Wild Dino 3D

Dinosaur Hunting: Wild Dino 3D
Download Dinosaur Hunting: Wild Dino 3D on the Appstore

Muhammad Asif




Games, Entertainment, Action, Adventure





let's play and enjoy the dinosaurs hunters sniper mania game 2020 it is one of the best dinosaur shooting game .
The rule of the Dinosaur game is hunt or to be hunted like t rex game. Easy to play for one time this Dinosaur games in 2020 and enjoy the life of dinosaur games.
So keep your eye on dino and kill them with dino hunting expert .

• High Quality 3D Graphics and Sound Effects
• Amazing Wild Jungle and Desert Environment for Dinosaur Hunter
• Choose Dinosaur of your choice for hunting or shooting
• Easy and Smooth first and third person shooter controller... read more 

Shark Hunting Attack

Shark Hunting Attack
Download Shark Hunting Attack on the Appstore

Tongo Games




Games, Strategy, Simulation, Entertainment





The crazy shark simulator game is here. Become the killer shark of the seas and munch on scared humans. Sharks have evolved themselves so that they can tear apart their victim when they are hungry or angry. The beach is full of innocent people so that the shark can eat them. Attack them when they are unaware so that you guarantee a kill. The game is designed to give you the real experience.

3D Shark Models.
Realistic environment.
Easy Controls.
Unlock New shark Skin.
Realistic water effects Bloody Gore Animations.

How to Play:
Use the joystick to move around the game.
Tap right button to jump.... read more 


Download Dinokeeper on the Appstore

Spoke Inc.




Education, Entertainment





Welcome to the fantasic world of dinosaurs!
You are a Dinokeeper. Drive around a primitive island, collect dino food and feed the friendly dinos. Don't forget to clean up after them!
If you take care, stick a sticker to the observation diary.The Dinos are waiting for you to fill their big mouths!


-Easy operation for kids. Recommended for ages 3 and up.
-Nine fanciful dinosaur figures.
-Explore the primitive island terrain.

A parental gate protects kids from:

-Third-party advertising
-In-app purchasing
-Links to social networks
-Personal data requests

Spoke Inc. will continue to release apps with communication elements that can be enjoyed by small children and their families.... read more 

Wild Deer Hunting Deadly Shoot

Wild Deer Hunting Deadly Shoot
Download Wild Deer Hunting Deadly Shoot on the Appstore

Waseem Safder




Games, Adventure, Action





Welcome to the Wild Deer Hunting Deadly Shoot game that is really wonderful sniper hunting game for our loving audience. The game is filled with action, hunting & shooting. Those who love to be a deadly hunter will love to kill deer & the wild lion. The angry wolf is also among us somewhere in the mountains and if he gets in your way don’t get feared to pull the trigger and shot him dead. It’s wild out there with hunting season of wildlife animals. See the beautiful scenes in this winter season hunting game 2017 and more enough the sound of the weapons, animals, wildlife, forest, mountain & birds. Sniper 3d shooting skills should be enough to hunt your prey all alone. Don’t let the deer run away and be the ultimate hunter. Be a modern sniper shooter of this hunting era using best weaponry to lay down many animals. Plan your hunt as if it is a secret assassin mission because this is what real hunters do. The people who love sniper hunting games will love this first person sniper shooting where the hunting is totally up to you because there is no squad with you. Take your weapon, test your sniper skills and don't let the deer escape. Let’s go hunting in the real jungle wilderness environment. Do you trust your sniper shooting skills? Let’s show how to hunt. This product gives you an awesome experience with real 3D graphics, sound effect and the environment. The deer is very fast and clever so, be the best huntsman of the safari... read more 

Dinosaur Park Coloring Game

Dinosaur Park Coloring Game
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Panuwat Khemchaloem









Learn to coloring drawing and painting with Dinosaur in Park Coloring Book for Kids Games
This app collect many kinds of wild animal for painting and drawing. It’s will make your kids funny and improve their imagine about animal life.This app not design only for kids. Boy and girl can play this app for free, Don’t wating download now and let start coloring !... read more 

T-Rex Breakout

T-Rex Breakout
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Olivia Williams




Games, Entertainment, Simulation, Strategy





Survival is not as simple as it seems. Escape the anger of the T-Rex…

You will found yourself in the world full of wilderness and angry dinos having with huge skulls structures, large bone crushing teeth, with mighty jaws and legs having excessive energy to crush their opponents.

Attempt to escape, but if you are seen and enter your vehicle; expect to be flipped. Dinosaur rampage!... read more 

Dino's Pizza Burbank

Dino's Pizza Burbank
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David Levinson


Food & Drink


Food & Drink, Shopping





Online ordering for:
Dino's Pizza
3520 W. Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
818-841-3311... read more 

Dinosaur Jurassic Coloring

Dinosaur Jurassic Coloring
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Sittisak Chuenchaokit




Games, Family





Dinosaur Sports Coloring Game Coloring Games for Kids And everyone in the family. By training imagination, color skills. To paint the dinosaur sports picture. Is a universal sport that is present in the Olympic Games. And sports around us make the kids get the knowledge. Have fun and enjoy the game. It may also be an inspiration for children's sport. The dinosaurs are mediated as well.... read more 
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