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For thousands of parents around the world, Birdhouse for Autism is among the most valuable resources in their arsenal, keeping them organized and in control for their children.

Keep everything about ongoing care in one simple timeline. Organize behavior notes, nutrition, medical and doctor information, therapies, schedules, interventions, and more. Discover patterns and figure out how to improve care. Have this information at your fingertips anytime you need it, and share this information with anyone who needs to see it. Regain some control and sanity and watch how your care and outcomes improve and everyone's life becomes better.


Top rated Birdhouse apps have been featured on, HuffingtonPost, Smart Apps for Special Needs, Generation Rescue, Autism Speaks, The Friendship Circle, and more!

Rated Top 10 Special Needs apps by Friendship Circle and Top 5 Organizational Apps for Special Needs Parents by Smart Apps for Special Needs.


"This app is a dream for any parent with a child on the Autism spectrum or really any child with special needs." -Smart Apps for Special Needs


-Keep a daily behavioral journal
-Activate reminders to stay in control of your day
-Track new diets (gluten free, casein free, GAPS, etc)
-Share info with your spouse, caregiver, a grandparent, teacher(s) and/or therapist(s)
-Create and share summaries with overviews of important background and health information
-Manage alternative diets and eating habits
-Track your child's sleep cycles
-Identify what causes meltdowns
-Organize medications and supplements
-Record notes from therapy sessions
-Account for poop & dietary infractions
-Stay in control of your child's progress

… and so much more!


Managing developmental delays, learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, or something similar​?

Take back control with Birdhouse. We’ve designed a helpful, easy-to-use website and mobile app designed for parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers who support individuals with special needs.

Easily keep track of meds, therapies, behaviors, sleeping habits, poop, meltdowns, eating & diets, or anything that you want to keep a record of, so you can figure out what's working and what needs to be changed, and have access to anything whenever you need it.

People have used this for all of the following things, and more, to great success;
ADD/ADHD, SPD (sensory processing disorder), FAS, PANDAS, Anxiety, Williams Syndrome, Rhett Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Fragile X, Bipolar, PDD-NOS, Epilepsy, etc

Other apps by Birdhouse include:
– Birdhouse for Epilepsy
– Birdhouse for Special Needs
– Birdhouse for Teachers


Visit us at for a full rundown of features, and testimonials from parents, teachers, and specialists who've used Birdhouse.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions-- there's an actual human being who monitors this email address every single day!

From our nest to yours,

The Birdhouse Team

Release notes

3.0 is a big one!

- A whole new design
- Faster logging and easier to record all kinds of notes
- Sharing with your team- spouse, teacher, doctor, anyone, with controls for who can see and edit what
- A new quick-intro summary, explaining essential medical & background info, which can be shared with anyone
- Reminders and Notifications to make scheduling and note taking easier

Want something you don't see?
Let us know and we will set you up!

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The Developer Birdhouse LLC also wrote the apps listed below, click the icon to visit the pages.

Birdhouse – for Special Education Teachers
Birdhouse – for Special Education Teachers

GBP : Free

Helping you take more control of your classroom organization

The classroom can be a very busy place. The Birdhouse student documentation app was designed to help you stay organized, be more efficient, and free you up to have time to focus on what matters- being a remarkable teacher for your students! With our easy-to-use mobile and web-based app, you can record, retrieve, and share streamlined digital notes, anywhere, at anytime!

The top-rated Birdhouse for Autism, Special Needs, and Epilepsy apps have helped tens of thousands of families, healthcare providers, and others serving the special needs community.
Now we have an app made just for Special Ed teachers.

Communication between parents and team members at school can be very frustrating.
The Birdhouse app has tools to help you share info more easily and more clearly, reducing confusion, improving action, and providing better records - all with less effort, and less papers and binders.
We want to help you do more working together and less fighting with each other.

"I love that I can upload my Birdhouse data into excel to create clean and professional documentation to share at IEP meetings" -Alexis M

"My school district does Medicaid billing monthly. I log all my students’ therapy sessions in school (PT, SW, OT, SLP). I also keep track of all conversations with the therapists using Birdhouse. At the end of each month, I can go to each student’s Birdhouse and use the information to log my Medicaid in the system." -Lisa L

"Each school day is long and busy. There is so much going on and things to remember. I have my Birdhouse set up to send me a daily email for each student at 3:00 PM. It asks me if there is anything I would like to record for the day. All I have to do is reply to the email and it will post right to my Birdhouse for that specific student. I don’t post for every student every day, but it allows me to put in notes before I forget them." -Lisa L

"Having fewer binders and less paperwork is certainly a plus!" -Tessa T


-Take consistent, measurable, password-protected notes on the go
-Organize IEP documentation
-Chart and review progress towards your students’ goals
-Create custom daily reminders and alerts to save time and stay productive
-Organize student schedules for therapy sessions, medications, data collection, and more
-Document daily attendance, services received, and other info for easy reporting
-Create and share student summaries with overviews of important information
-Invite collaborators, such as: parents, team members, and therapists
-Review and compare notes
-Document positive and negative behaviors
-Discover and share patterns, triggers, beneficial interventions, and effective rewards
-Determine what is and what isn’t working for your students
-Maintain communication records between stakeholders
-Understand what’s really going on in your classroom and with your students

… and more!

File uploading features, including options to input photo, video, and audio coming soon!

Birdhouse is the only student documentation app designed to meet the unique needs of special education teachers.

To learn more, visit:

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