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Jazz Transposer

Mark Townsend

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Melody Transposer, as the name suggests, transposes musical scores, notes and chords, instantly into any key. The Melody Transposer xml library is also perfect to gather and store all your songs, tunes and exercises in one place. If you don’t need to be able to transpose your melodies, just use the free version of Melody Transposer as your library.

Melody Transposer’s full functionality is targeted at performing musicians and is perfectly positioned for the unplanned on stage key change, often associated with guest singers! While plenty of Apps will quickly provide the appropriate chord sequence, only Melody Transposer will instantly display the melody AND the chords in the new key.

Melody Transposer comes complete with a library of popular songs and tunes which have been gathered from the internet and Melody Transposer is able to import XML files and store them directly into your song list. Indeed Melody Transposer will store, read and display any MusicXML files including your own compositions.

To use Melody Transposer’s full functionality, purchase the key and click on “Songs”, select a title, choose the instrument you are playing, C, Bb, Eb etc and the key which your band is playing it in. The score will display in your key and now you can play it comfortably with your band!

You can build, edit and copy set lists which will remember your selected keys.

If your transposition takes the melody out of range for your instrument, just touch the “octave” button and bring it back into your comfort zone.

You can also zoom in and out on the displayed scores which will automatically reformat the bar (measure) structures ensuring that all the music is always displayed.

You can choose how the App handles multiple pages by selecting “Score View” to either page turn (side to side) or scroll (up and down).

[additional info about the author]

I am an experienced gigging sax player myself, and I created this App with my Technology Wizard friend Mark Townsend after years of frustration at playing with guest singers who seem to go out of their way to choose keys which do not appear in any book.

With a little warning of course any song can be written into Sibelius or other notation software and then quickly transposed, printed or scanned etc, but that doesn’t work on stage!

Since launching the first version of Melody Transposer, I have received a huge amount of feedback, mainly positive, with great suggestions for how it can be enhanced in the future.

This latest version is FREE OF CHARGE for the basic App which includes the XML library which so many users declared to be so useful in its own right. I only ask you to pay for the transposition functionality which took Mark and I so long to get right.

Please do let me know about anything you might find annoying and indeed how I might improve the app further – you can email me directly at [email protected]

Enjoy Melody Transposer

Release notes

Latest Release:

- Now completely Free Of Charge as an XML song library.
- Bug Fixes
- User Interface tweaks
- Clearer import instructions
- Minor fixes to song list sort order and grouping.
- Improvements to Import facility to accommodate incorrectly formatted MusicXML files.

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