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Mosaic - Video & Photo Collage

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Mosaic is a versatile app that creates collages that consist of tiles, arranged according to a layout.

Mosaic contains 48 built-in layouts, but you can make your own in the collage editor.

Mosaic automatically creates icons for your custom layouts.

Photos & Videos: When you add a video to a tile its photo is set from the video, and vice verse. Live Photos behave similar to videos.

Tiles may be empty or contain a video or photo. When you add a video or photo in the main view a new tile is created with the video or photo as its contents. Empty tiles can be added to the collage in the editor, and in the editor you can also add videos or photos to empty tiles, or replace a tile's current video or photo with a new one.

Tiles are defined in terms of a unit size, and the proportions of a tile is specified as factors of that unit size, from 1 to 10. These are called the width and height factors of the tile, and you can change them using sliders in the editor view.

As an alternative to layouts Mosaic has a feature called "Jumble". This mode of Mosaic randomly places the centers of each tile in the view. You can then drag them around within the view.

Layouts consist of collage dimensions, background color or pattern and tile spacing and all the tile data which consists of tile proportions and metadata. Metadata consists of the tiles title, border width and color, opacity (alpha), and corner size.

Title: text that is displayed as label.

Opacity: the translucency of the tile.

Border Width: defines the width of a frame for the tile.

Border Color: a color to draw the frame with, it may be partially transparent.

Corner Radius: the curvature of the corners of the frame.

The Mosaic editor is where you add and remove tiles, and set the proportions and metadata for tiles. At the top of the editor are various buttons that offer the following functionality:

+Photo: Add a video or photo to the selected tile.

-Photo: Remove a video or photo from the selected tile.

-Tile: Remove selected tile and the video or photo it contains.

+Tile: Add a new empty tile. The width an height of the new tile will match the values of the width (W) and height (H) sliders. You can set the slider values by tapping on an existing tile.

Crop: Crop, rotate or flip the selected tile’s photo. The “crop rect” is set to the same proportions as the selected tile, but you can change it by dragging on the corners, or move it by dragging anywhere else in the crop rect.

+Crop: Add a new cropped photo selected from the camera roll.

Aviary: Open the selected tile’s photo in the Aviary image editor. Unless the Photos menu option “Crop Photos For Aviary” is ON, the image provided to Aviary will be cropped to the proportions of the tile. This ensures that frames, text and other edits will not be cut off by the bounds of the tile. But if you selected the Look menu option 'Do Not Scale Photos To Fit', or 'Do Not Clip Photos To Bounds', then cropping for Aviary is not necessary.

Label: Edit and set the title of the tile.

Copy: Copy the video or photo of the selected tile to the clipboard.

Paste: Paste a video or photo from another tile into the selected tile, or a new tile if no tile is selected. The width an height of the new tile will match the values of the width (W) and height (H) sliders. You can set the slider values by tapping on an existing tile.

In addition to these there are the “random” buttons:

Size: Randomly set the proportions of all tiles.

Opacity: Randomly set the opacity, or alpha value, of all tiles..

Border: Randomly set the border width of all tiles.

Border Color: Opens a color picker to set the color the border is drawn in. The color may have its opacity set, so you can see the underlying photo if you choose a value < 1.

Corner Radius: Determines the curvature of the the corners of the tile.

Release notes

NEW: Can delete a tile from the main view using its tile menu - tap on the tile to display the tile menu.

FIX: When you add a new tile in the edit view its border color was not matching the selected tile.

FIX: The color picker brightness control was obscured on some devices. The preview collage during generation was not properly positioned relative to the status bar on some devices.

Previous updates:

NEW: 'Date Labels / No Date Labels' option in the Share menu to include dates in the rendered collage.

NEW: 'Bigger Collage / Smaller Collage' option in the Share menu to possibly produce higher resolution collages (actual size depends on other considerations also).

NEW: 'Item Info' menu item in each tiles contextual menu that reports info inc. size, creation date and location. (Tap tile to display menu)

NEW: Photo collage preview shows the collage pixel dimension (useful for comparing the new Bigger/Smaller collage option)

FIX - Background photos were not properly scaled or cropped to the collage size.

FIX - The ‘Cropped Mosaic Collage’ feature may miss cropped videos if the app moved to the background ex. switched to another app while it was cropping.

FIX - The ‘Cropped Mosaic Collage’ cropped videos would have a creation date of the date cropped rather than the date of the video being cropped.

IMPROVED: Some menu item ephemeral alerts have been replaced by active alerts that require dismissal when selected inc. Zoom Photo To Video, Clip Photos To Bounds, Fit Label Inside Border, Show Layouts In 1 Row, Render Index Labels, Only Swap Photos, Crop Photos For Aviary.

IMPROVED: Photo menu has been simplified using a submenu for less common items, the photo to video zoom option is restored on app launch.

Introduced a new collage type named 'Cropped Mosaic Collage' where a single media item (video, photo) is cropped into the whole current template layout. Each crop is actually applied to a scaled crop rectangle based on the tile thereby producing a special effect via an irregular mosaic. This is available in two ways:

NEW - Photos menu item 'Cropped Mosaic Collage': prompts for media (video, live photo. gif, etc) to be cropped into the current mosaic layout (template). Using the tile as 'crop rectangles' the photo and video for selected media will be cropped and inserted into each tile for blending *afterwards*.

NEW - Tile menu item 'Cropped Mosaic Collage': Similar to the Photos menu item by the same name but uses the tiles existing video rather than prompting you for media, and does not replace all the current template tiles with the cropped media but rather creates the cropped version of the same *now*.

NEW - Tile menu item 'Clear Photo and Video': removes the tiles photo and video so it is marked 'empty', so no need to enter the template editor to do the same.

NEW - Every tile displays its associated video duration, and the date of the media item in the combined format 'mm:ss, dd/mm/yy'. Every tile has a video - even static photos for which a 'zoom' option is available from the Photo menu.

Improved video color preservation, especially skin tones, during certain load and edit operations.

New: Tile videos can be previewed, shared and replaced from the main view (previously only in edit view). Tap on a tile to access the tiles menu.

Issue fix for iOS 13: Generated videos were displaying only 'inline' and not full size in the Messages app. When you tapped on a video to view it full size the Messages player would simply state that it was a video, rather than play it.

Added video and live photo support.

The image picker enables you to also select videos and live photos, as well as regular photos.

You may then generate a plain photo collage, or a video collage, to share.

Tile metadata such as border color, corner radius, tile opacity and labels apply to video collages.

Jumble view and all templates support video. Editing tiles in the edit view has been updated to support video where possible.

Mosaic - Video & Photo Collage screenshot oneMosaic - Video & Photo Collage screenshot twoMosaic - Video & Photo Collage screenshot threeMosaic - Video & Photo Collage screenshot four

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