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Parity Signer

Parity Signer
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Create Kusama and Ethereum accounts, sign transactions and transfer funds from and to these accounts without any sort of connectivity enabled on the device. Wifi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth must be shut down and even removed physically to ensure that the mobile phone containing these accounts will not be exposed to any online threat. Visit our wiki to learn how to use Parity Signer at

Any data transfer from or to the app happens using QR code. By doing so, the most sensitive piece of information, the private keys, will never leave the phone. The Parity Signer Mobile app can be used to store any Kusama or Ethereum account, this includes KSM, ETH, ETC as well as Ether from various testnets (Kovan, Ropsten...).

Parity Signer is built to be used offline. The mobile device used to run the App will hold important information that needs to be kept securely stored. It is therefore advised to:

- Use a dedicated mobile device (not your everyday phone).
- Make a factory reset.
- Enable full-disk encryption on the device, with a reasonable password (might not be on by default).
- Do not use any kind of biometrics such as fingerprint or face recognition for device decryption/unlocking, as those may be less secure than regular passwords.
- Once the App has been installed, enable airplane mode and make sure to switch off Wifi, Bluetooth or any connection ability of the... read more 

Parity Wallet & Money Transfer

Parity Wallet & Money Transfer
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Manage your money your way.

Think of Parity like an ‘e-wallet’. You deposit money into your account, and you are in complete control of it.

You can send, request and receive money, all across the world - without intermediaries. Transactions are instant, global – and completely free!

Just think what you could do with complete payment freedom and full control of your own money.

It’s your money - and your time - after all. So instead of worrying (and waiting for banks to approve a transaction or for money to come into your account), you can get on with the things that matter: spending time with the people that matter.

Simply deposit money into your account, and you’re ready. You can send, receive, or request money from friends, family or clients, or even spend with your new Parity credit card (coming soon).

No matter where you’re sending money, it happens instantly. Our service is available 24/7, so it’s there whenever (and wherever) you need it.

Every transaction through Parity is free. We don’t believe you should have to pay to send money to friends, family, or businesses across the world. There are no fees.

Our Parity e-wallet is one of the most secure ways to store and transfer money. Your funds are kept in Aaa-rated FDIC insured deposits and US treasuries, in... read more 

Parity Network

Parity Network
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Parity Network Ltd









Send and Receive PRX payments on the Parity Network. A Parity account is needed to use this app.

Parity is a local currency based in Birmingham, UK.... read more 


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GoParity is an impact investment platform, using crowdlending (or debt crowdfunding ), to empower people and companies to invest in impactful projects.
GoParity offers you a whole new experience on how to use and make #moneyforgood. Create a free account and start investing with as little as 20€.

- Invest – Take control of your money, use it to make happen impactful projects that you believe in and make a decent profit.
- Loans - Get your social or environmental project funded by sharing the opportunity with a community of investors that want to join you and make impact in the world and in their wallet.
- Auto-Investment – Set your own investment criteria, never miss out on an investment by investing automatically and boost your returns.
- Marketplace - Use our marketplace to offer your position to other members of our investor community before the end of the loan to get your early repayment of the standing debt on any investment.
- Savings-Plans (coming soon)– Whether your saving for a rainy day or settle a concrete goal to achieve, we invite you to create your monthly savings discipline and have them impact the world and your wallet.
- Transfers between users (coming soon)- Send and receive money, to and from other GoParity user without any hidden costs or commissions, free of charge..... read more 

Parity puzzle game

Parity puzzle game
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Games, Puzzle, Board





"Did you like 2048? Then this game is definitely worth checking out!"

Parity is a numbers puzzle game

The goal is to get all tiles in the 3x3 board to the same number

Move the cursor to a neighbouring tile to increase it's number by 1 and try to solve the puzzle

Sounds easy, right?


"I highly recommend picking up Parity if you're into puzzle games"

"Simple, addictive and endless hours of fun"

"This game is getting pretty challenging at higher levels with new surprising puzzle types... (spoiler alert)"


+ Easy to play
+ Unlimited number of levels
+ New puzzle types appear at higher levels
+ Compete with other on the Game Center highscore list


Download Parity now, it's free!... read more 


Download iPar2 on the Appstore

Albert Wong









par2 file verification and repair

- Verify and repair files on your iOS device using par2 parity files
- Use iTunes file sharing to copy data and parity files to and from device
- Or use "Open in..." from other apps to copy files
- Music player - listen to music library while files are being verified/repaired... read more 

Random All

Random All
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Manh Nguyen









Random Number
Random Color
Random Parity
Random Alphabet... read more 

DesiDime - Shopping Community

DesiDime - Shopping Community
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Shopping, Lifestyle





Desidime is India's largest online shopping community with members finding and sharing the latest online deals, coupons and offers with each other. Here, you will find the latest offers and shopping coupons many online stores including Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, Myntra, Paytm, Cleartrip, Pepperfry, Lenskart etc.

DesiDime Deals & Coupons App is your one stop destination to get latest coupons,discounts, deals,& offers from over 1000+ Online Shopping Websites in India! With a powerful online community of over a million shoppers posting, reviewing & rating the offers from various e-commerce stores, we bring you the latest, active & often hidden deals and coupons.

*** What Can You Do With Our App ***

BROWSE TOP & POPULAR DEALS – With the ready-made list of popular & top deals you have a one-click access to deals from over 1000+ ecommerce websites.

JOIN THE SHOPPING COMMUNITY ON FORUMS - Join our active online shopping community on forums to discuss everything from hot deals, daily deals, freebies & contests, reviews of product & online shopping websites and more on our app.

MANAGE YOUR PROFILE & NOTIFICATION - You can view or edit your profile information on Desidime app. We send you Notifications whenever a New Front Page Deal (FPD) or Mega sale is live. You can also manage these notifications from this section.

As India's largest online shopping community Desidime has advantages... read more 


Download CompanionWave on the Appstore

Parity Computers Ltd




Entertainment, Medical





CompanionWave offers a personalised patient centric experience, all in one downloadable app. It offers the patient the ability to communicate, enjoy entertainment, access personalised information and participate in their own care processes. For hospitals that means their comprehensive, centrally managed CompanionWave portal can be accessed by patients on a wide range of display options, including tablets, large screen formats and even a patient’s own device.

The functionalities within the app include communication (SIP-based video and audio communication, push based messaging), entertainment (TV, Radio, Relaxation, Audiobooks, etc.) personalised information (hospital-specific, treatment related, general interest and patient medical files via Electronic Medical Record etc.) and patient centric digital processes (meal ordering, surveys, accounting & payment etc).
Patients authenticate themselves via a securely generated username & password provided during admission and/or by email, and can then be given personalised information related to their demographics, language, treatment and status made possible through the CompanionWave connection with the Hospital Information System.
This app can easily be personalised for individual hospitals in regard to design, content, choice of application and user interface.
For more information please contact:
Website:... read more 

Good Price

Good Price
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Utilities, Lifestyle






Easy to use comparator, enter the amount and quantity, how much unit price you will know.
Compare prices to get interesting!... read more 

Commodity Beat

Commodity Beat
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Tickerplant Limited









Commodity Beat, a next generation mobile app , specially designed to allow tracking of market movement of Commodities/ Precious metals  in a user friendly format. User can get tick-by-tick data, ultra-low latency feed from domestic as well as international market.
The app provide  extensive coverage  on bullion market with  NEWS and Analysis as well as research calls by third parties experts which enriches the package and give a definite edge to you.


• Real Time Rates
• User Friendly Application
• Fast, accurate and trusted data Delivery
• Intraday Chart
• Ticker NEWS and Articles
• Economic Data
• Parity/Disparity Calculator
• Research call/notification by Third party
• Pre-Open Market View
• Ad Free

Live Data Coverage

• MCX ( GOLD & Silver)
• Domestic Equity & Commodity Index( NIFTY/SENSEX/MCXCOMDEX)
• International Precious metal Spot  and fixing price
• Forex Spot ( USDINR/EURUSD)
• Domestic Spot market  rate by  banks ( BARS/COINS)
• Real Time RSBL( RIDHI SIDHI Bullion) Rates.... read more 


Download Paragauges on the Appstore

Christopher Evans




Finance, Utilities





Paragauges is a convenience app for those who subscribe to Paratrade System's Fuel Gauges. With daily updates combined with a notification on updates, subscribers will never be far from the latest gauge values for the likes of the stock market (S&P 500), Bonds, the Yen, the Euro, and the collective "Risk Parity."

If unfamiliar with the gauges, you can try the app for 30 days and delve into their application by exploring the app's help and by visiting, which can be reached via the app.

Paratrade's Gauges are market indicators that range between 0-100. At zero they are distinctly bearish. At 100 they are maximum bullish. Each one has its own characteristics and internal components. The keys to each one are the inter-market variables that go into each. The bond market, for example, behaves differently than the equity market -- frequently they go in opposite directions, but that relationship can be used only slightly since over long time frames it's not true. These are not sentiment indicators but a version of Vix (volatility) may come into play.... read more 
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