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Sunny16 exposure calculator

Sunny16 exposure calculator
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Sunny16 is a fun, easy to use exposure calculator that implements the Sunny 16 exposure rule and then some. This app is ideal for anyone with a film or digital camera with an M (manual) mode who wants a quick tool to help set up the perfect exposure or anyone who wants to understand the relationships between the elements that create a properly exposed image.

Sunny 16 is a basic photographic exposure rule that works like this: If it’s sunny set your aperture to f/16 and your shutter speed to the reciprocal of your film speed. Huh? Exactly! That's why we created Sunny16. To put it another way, if your film speed (ISO) is 200 set your shutter speed to 1/200 and your aperture to f/16. But what if you want to shoot at f/8? What if it's not quite sunny? What about heavy overcast? What if you want to shoot at 1/1000? Sunny16 answers all of those questions with just a tap.

Sunny16 features:
• Equivalent Exposures: see the full range of equivalent exposures (also known as reciprocal exposures) for any film speed under natural lighting conditions.
• Exposure Compensation: easily compensate +/- up to 5 stops for backlight or other common lighting conditions.
• Implicit Priority Modes: if you set the shutter speed and then change the ISO, the lighting condition, or the exposure compensation, the shutter speed will remain the same and the f/stop will change (shutter priority). And vice versa for aperture priority.
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