Optical Illusion Prank - Scare your friends!

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Optical Illusion Prank - Scare your friends!

Digital Bananas, LLC

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Play a scary prank on your friends by distracting them with cool optical illusions and when they least expect it a terrifying face will burst on the screen!

The illusions that set up the trick are not fake, which makes it easier to fool the victim. Some of the illusions are psychedelic and have freaky effects so the victim never sees the practical joke coming.

The prank works on a timer. The user will choose from several illusions that claims to have a trippy effect on their mind. When the user selects an illusion the timer will start and within a few seconds a spooky monster will burst onto the screen with a scream of horror. There are several creepy faces you can choose from to fright the user, you can also set the timer.

Forget other hoax apps with lame tricks and jokes, this app is the best way to put the fear of God into the unsuspecting victim. It's a funny and fun way to terrorize your friends with a little humor.

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Some of the fun tricks you can play on your friends: create scary scenarios with creepy bugs, rodents, and freaky reptiles, fake a cracked screen, have ghosts in your house, pimp your ride, insert memes, and many more jokes you can insert into photos!

Simply choose your photo from your photos library or get it from the camera and add the prank to your picture and it will overlap the photo. Using the editor you can make custom edits to this overlay prank graphic to blend it into your image.

There are 68 different pranks!...

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