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Bracket Maker for the iPad

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This is a great portable program to help you create brackets for tournaments, friendly competition, small leagues, ping pong, bowling, volleyball, parties, beer pong, curling round robins, scout derby races, tennis tournaments and more. It's easy to use and it does the hard part of figuring out who goes where!

1) Easy to advance the winners. Just touch the player to advance.
2) Pair the players using seedings or by random assignments or by manual assignment
3) Create tournaments for 4 to 32 players depending on tournament type:
__* For single elimination brackets, the limit is 32 players.
__* For double elimination brackets, the limit is 32 players.
__* For Triple elimination brackets, the limit is 8 players.
__* For Round Robin tournaments, the limit is 16 players (multiple pools available).
__* For Consolation tournaments, you must use 8 or 16 players.
__* For Compass tournaments, you must use 8 players.
4) You can enter scores.
5) Load previously saved tournaments
6) Email or print your bracket display. Including send results in a CSV format for elimination brackets.
7) Add players from your contact list.
8) Edit/erase mistakes (even after the tournament starts).
9) On single and double elim. tournaments, you enter game date and location.
10) You can setup doubles or partner play tournaments
11) Save bracket images to your photo album
12) Play unlimited number of round robin games. Also supports Ties!

Having this program on your iPad makes it perfect for on-site and real time updating of the brackets. No wi-fi or internet needed. Print or email the results to participants when the competition is over.

You can also setup a consolation tournament where each team/player plays exactly 3 games when 8 players or 4 games when 16 players.

The Round Robin style is limited to 16 players but is a great way to keep track of wins and losses and ties. The iPad does it for you! You can even have up to four pools in one tournament. The iPad automatically matches each team to ensure everyone plays around.

The program automatically adjusts the brackets for the number of players. Instead of showing "byes", it will automatically advance a player appropriately when the tournament is first setup. So, you can have 4 to 32 players. The program automatically adjust the brackets so you don't have to.

Plus, you can load player names from your contact list to save typing. You can start a new tournament with as little as 4 players. Then select Copy to start your tournament.

In the players list, you can re-arrange the order or delete an entry using the edit button. You can also edit a bracket after it is created.

The program supports multiple ways to setup bracket assignments.
a) Copy using seedings: it will put the names on the bracket based on seeding. (For example, Player ranked #1 plays player ranked #16)
b) Copy using random draws, it will randomize the pairings using your list of players/teams.
c) Copy using manual selection, it will put the selected player/team on the bracket in your selection order.
d) Copy using top 4 seedings will place top 4 seeds on separate bracket sections (so they meet in the later rounds) while randomizing the other player placements. This is often used for Tennis tournaments.
d) copy using partners will allow you set up doubles matches. Either random pairing or controlled pairing.
e) copy names in list order. Great feature if you want to completely control the assignments.

Features are constantly added. I want this to be the best tournament bracket program in the app store. Email support or visit facebook if you want to see a particular feature added or you have an issue. I can't respond to review comments.

Now with color. Choose team/player colors. IT EVEN HAS A HELP DOCUMENT for beginners.

See this program in action before buying it. Find it on youtube or watch the app preview.

There are also more tutorial videos on the support website.

Release notes

*** new feature ***
Now besides sending an image of the brackets, you can now send CSV results via email.

Plus Bug Fixes.

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