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Light - LED Flashlight

Light - LED Flashlight
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Jason Ting




Utilities, Productivity





Fast, bright, and beautiful. Featuring instant-on startup and an easy-to-use interface.


– Adjustable brightness level
– SOS mode
– Adjustable Strobe mode
– Hold down button for light mode
– Double tap to toggle the screen on/off

Light requires a device with a camera flash. Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

This app is ad supported.

Light has received the Best App Daily Award! read more 

iHandy Torch

iHandy Torch
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iHandy Ltd.




Utilities, Music





The brightest, fastest, and most versatile Flashlight in the world! Instantly turn your iPhone into the brightest possible Flashlight. Enjoy 30+ special light effects.

iHandy Flashlight comes with numerous stunning illumination effects; it is never just the most convenient flashlight:
- Glow sticks
- SOS signals
- Disco light
- Neon signs
- Police light
- Fire Truck light
- Reading light
- Night light

- Quickest and brightest flashlight: shake your iPhone/iPod touch to get instant full white screen
- Cool lighting effects: Strobe, Trippy, Spiral, Emergency, Motion Control and more...
- Multi-color realistic glow sticks
- Fully customizable colored lights w/ beautiful color picker
- Multi-purpose neon signs: show to your friends and get WOW effects
- Adjustable brightness w/ indicator (just slide your finger up and down)
- Beautiful and innovative UI design
- Easy navigation
- Many more excited features, Download and discover!

Enjoy!... read more 


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Apps From Outer Space, LLC




Utilities, Navigation





Flashlight goes way beyond the standard white light that it provides into a world you can illuminate with special effects that you customize. Effects include magnifying lens, candy hearts that you can personalize, fireworks, festive holiday lights, Halloween ghosts and goblins, photos, and more. The potentially life-saving white light this app provides is a must, but the colorful world you can also create with it is even better!

PLEASE NOTE: Continued use of the LED flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

- Use LED light on iPhone 4, including as a strobe light
- Full white screen
- Open to the effect of your choice
- Custom color (defaults to Bondi Blue)
- Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen
- Slide with two fingers to change the speed of effects
- Customize every screen and colors
- Strobe light modes: Strobe, Trippy, Deep Trippy, Abyss Trippy, S.O.S., Smooth, 2-Color, 6-Color, Yin-Yang, Chasers, Holiday Lights, Hearts, Hexy, Stars&Stripes, and Halloween.... read more 

Flashlight for iPhone + iPad

Flashlight for iPhone + iPad
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Lemondo Ltd.




Utilities, Lifestyle





Featured by Apple as BEST APPS on AppStore

** Handiest, brightest and fastest FREE flashlight on AppStore, with different skins and additional unique features: Compass, Altitude tracker Disco mode and different strobe modes
**Over 20 million downloads

What we've found in reviews:
"Let there be light
I work at an airport very early in the morning it is very dark on the ramp and sometimes I need the flashlight to do my inspections on the aircraft I love this app"

"Nice light
Wow better than a Maglight"

"Never on the dark again
I had a similar app on my iPhone 4S & decided to try this one on my new iPhone 5. It is far better than the one I had & well worth 0.99 cents. When I give my old 4S to a family member I’ll share this app as well."

"The Best
Clear, simple and gorgeous. This is the flashlight to beat. Skins, iPhone 5 support and simple mode seal the deal for me. The other flashlight apps are knockoffs."


SuperLED light for All iPhones and iPad (Flashlight supported)
Strobe mode with different frequencies!
Disco Mode!
Colorful Screen lights - for every other iOS device
Light bulbs
Animated lighter & candle


Built in Compass!
Built in SOS signal!
Built in Altitude (Elevation) tracker!
Built in Disco Mode - Sync beats with flashlight!

Very simple to use - Just click the power... read more 

LED Light - Flashlight

LED Light - Flashlight
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- This is what you need! -

LED Light will stimulate your sensitivity with outstanding design and button sound.
Not only fast to install and easy to use, but works perfectly! Download LED Light for FREE today!

#1 in Utilities (iPhone) on Sep 26, 2011 - US

- What users are saying about LED Light

Furman Switch by Daniel Scotti on May 7, 2011 version 1.3.0
Love it for looking like a furman power supply!

Flashlight quality by Ojunior1 on Mar 20, 2011 version 1.2.1
I've been looking for an app for light purposes and this one did not disappoint. Love it!

One of the must have iphone utilities by YiLun on Feb 11, 2011 version 1.2.0
It really comes in handy during the night, used it recently to check my car engine, water, battery in the night before going off to a vacation
Love the icon too. Good work in making this app! I just hope there is a way to save battery with it :)

- LED Light can be used as follows:

- searching keys or locating switch in the dark
- going to bed after turning off the light
- when lights out occur

- camping or hiking in the dark area

- emergency car repair in the night
- etc

* Disclaimer:
Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

If you wish to have a simpler model, try FlashlightⒷ, It is also available for FREE download!

* If you like the app,... read more 

3D Flashlight [LED Flash Support]

3D Flashlight [LED Flash Support]
Download 3D Flashlight [LED Flash Support] on the Appstore

Wizzard Software




Utilities, Navigation





Check out the 3D flashlight! - iPhone 4 users: the flash on the back of your phone becomes a high intensity spotlight.

- Best flashlight for all iOS devices
- Awesome 3D effects
- LED spotlight for iPhone 4 users
- Screen lights up for users without iPhone 4
- Keeps device from sleeping so you don't lose the light

Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.... read more 

FlashLight Ⓑ

FlashLight Ⓑ
Download FlashLight Ⓑ on the Appstore





Utilities, Productivity





★This is what you need!★

-Instant activation of Flashlight
-Easy on and off

Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.... read more 

Torch (LED Flashlight)

Torch (LED Flashlight)
Download Torch (LED Flashlight) on the Appstore

Christopher Brown




Utilities, Lifestyle





Torch is a handy little app that allows you to use your shiny new iPhone 4's camera flash as a very bright flashlight!

This is NOT one of those apps that just turns the screen white. This app has the same effect as opening the camera app, putting it into video mode, and turning on the flash. The main advantages to using this app over the camera app are that it doesn't use nearly as much battery power, and you can use it while you're on the phone.

Don't pay for a flashlight when there's free alternatives that are just as good or better! We created this app specifically so you don't have to waste money by giving it to people looking to make a cheap buck on basic functionality.

This app also uses the new iAd network. Why? Because otherwise this app would just be plain boring and this is the perfect app for us to test out Apple's new iAd network.

There's not a lot of features that we're planning for the future of this app but one thing we would like to do is come up with background support so you can do other things while using your flashlight.

Just to be clear, you MUST be using the new iPhone 4 for this app to be useful to you! The older iPhone models don't have an LED camera flash that can be used as a flashlight.

Required Disclaimer: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.... read more 

1Tap Flashlight — Quick Torch

1Tap Flashlight — Quick Torch
Download 1Tap Flashlight — Quick Torch on the Appstore

yin jingjing




Travel, Utilities





“Tap the icon, the torch comes on. No bells, no whistles, no useless crud. Get this, NOW.” — User review

NOTICE: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.... read more 


Download LED-Light on the Appstore

Tatjana Kolesnik




Utilities, Productivity





Easy to use. Very fast start. Quick brightness.

We made the most convenient and the most simple LED - light for your Ipod or Iphone, equipped with the necessities that must be LED - light.

We tested the LED - light in the darkness, to make the colors are very pleasing to the eye in the dark without a bright flashes.

- Minimal and simple setup
- Optimized battery
- Required SOS button in case of emergency
- Press and hold to light in the preservation or weak battery
- Brightness LED
- Simple and effective control
- Battery indicator is always visible
- No ADs!

We think about your convenience!... read more 


Download Handy on the Appstore

adir azran




Utilities, Entertainment





How many times have you tried to catch a Taxi but failed?
Ask for the Bill at a busy restaurant?
Or even just catch a ride?

Whether you are a businessman or just someone who wanna have fun, Handy is for you!

This digital banner has it all !!!

With 16 new cool tools, signs and hand signals you can easily entertain your friends or use it for your own benefit

√ Animated Taxi sign
√ Mirror
√ Flashlight (Including S.O.S)
√ Ruler
√ Stop sign
√ Hitchhike hand signal
√ Marry me

And much more than you need!... read more 

Dr. Flashlight | Multi-Function Flashlight |

Dr. Flashlight  | Multi-Function Flashlight |
Download Dr. Flashlight  | Multi-Function Flashlight | on the Appstore





Utilities, Travel





The Best Multi-Function Flashlight app ever !
-Real Flashlight Simulation:
Easy to operate; just like using a real flashlight!

-Provide Compass Tool:
It comes very handy in an emergency!

-Customized Appearance:
Variable colors for you to choose.

-Useful Modes:
SOS Mode: Using Morse Code as an emergency tool.
Flash Mode: Flash repeatedly as a warming sign.... read more 
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