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What Knot To Do

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We Believe in Leaving No Knot Untied

Columbia Sportswear Company is proud to present the first in a series of free iPhone Apps designed to help you get the most from your adventures in The Greater Outdoors.

What Knot to Do (in the Greater Outdoors) is your pocket guide to 70 must know knots in six categories. With this App you’ll always have just the right knot at the ready, with clear step-by-step tying instructions to meet any and every outdoor need.

What Knot to Do includes illustrated examples of each knot, as well as a full glossary of terms to help make you an expert knotter in no time.

The knot collection can be viewed by category, in a single alphabetical list, or saved to a group of your own favorites for quick access.

Learn to tie the perfect knot, whether for fishing, sailing, backpacking, hunting, building a shelter, lashing up a raft, tying down a load or tying up your llama.


• 92 knots in 6 categories
• Glossary of terms with over 70 entries
• Illustrated terminology examples
• Introduction to knots, cordage and knot tying
• Easy to follow step-by–step tying instructions
• Clear, detailed illustrations of every step
• Each knot referenced to The Ashley Book of Knots (the bible of knotting)
• Fast, easy knot selection
• Navigate knot steps by touch, swipe or flick
• Save any knot to your Favorites list


Bends (16)
• Albright Special
• Ashley’s Bend
• Blood Knot
• Carrick Bend
• Double Figure of Eight Bend
• Double Uni Knot (NEW!)
• Fisherman’s Bend
• Flemish Bend
• Grapevine Knot
• Harness Bend
• Heaving Line Bend
• Hunter’s Bend
• Nail Knot (NEW!)
• Ring Bend
• Seagaur Knot (NEW!)
• Shake Hands Bend
• Sheet Bend
• Simple Simon Bend
• Surgeon's Knot (NEW!)
• Zeppelin Bend (UPDATED!)
• Zeppelin Bend - Tied In-hand (NEW!)

Bindings and Lashings (11)
• Boa Knot
• Constrictor Knot
• Diagonal Lashing
• Double Figure of Eight Hitch
• Miller’s Knot
• Pole Lashing
• Reef Knot
• Sheer Lashing
• Square Lashing
• Strangle Knot
• Transom Knot

Hitches (23)
• Anchor Bend
• Bachmann Knot
• Boom Hitch
• Buntline Hitch
• Cleat Hitch (NEW!)
• Clove Hitch
• Cow Hitch
• Davy Knot (NEW!)
• Figure of Eight Hitch
• Gaff Topsail Halyard Bend
• Heddon Knot
• Highwayman’s Knot
• Improved Clinch Knot (NEW!)
• Klemheist Knot
• Lighterman’s Hitch
• Marlinspike Hitch
• Mooring Hitch
• Munter Hitch
• Offshore Swivel Knot (NEW!)
• Ossel Hitch
• Palomar Knot
• Pedigree Cow Hitch
• Pile Hitch
• Riffle Hitch (NEW!)
• Rigger’s Hitch
• Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
• San Diego Jam Knot (NEW!)
• Snell Knot (NEW!)
• Timber Hitch
• Trucker’s Hitch
• Turle Knot (NEW!)
• Uni Knot (NEW!)
• Uni Snell Knot (NEW!)

Loop Knots (11)
• Alpine Butterfly Loop
• Bimini Twist (NEW!)
• Blood Loop Dropper Knot
• Bowline
• Bowline on the Bight
• Double Bowline
• Double Figure of Eight Loop
• Figure of Eight Loop
• Homer Rhodes Loop (NEW!)
• Mast Jury Rig Knot
• Midshipman’s Hitch
• Non-Slip Mono Loop (NEW!)
• Perfection Loop
• Steve Huff Double Figure of Eight Loop (NEW!)
Surgeon's Loop (NEW!)
• Threaded Figure of Eight Loop

Special Knots (4)
• Sailor’s Lanyard Knot
• Man-o-war Sheepshank
• Prusik Knot
• Sheepshank

Stopper Knots (5)
• Figure of Eight Knot
• Heaving Line Knot
• Overhand Knot
• Stevedore Knot
• Oysterman’s Stopper Knot

Release notes

Bug fix for iPad, missing image for the Arbor Knot

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