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iSolve - Crossword, Word Puzzle and Sudoku cheat

iSolve is a no frills standalone app to assist you in completing crosswords, solve anagrams, solve Sudoku or just looking at words. The dictionary contains 396,975 words of up to 25 letters. The app is very simple to use. By default when you start the app you start from the screen for assisting you to solve crossword puzzles. Touch the text area in the searchbar at the top of the screen and the keyboard will appear. Enter the word pattern that you wish to solve using the space key for any missing characters. The searchbar will display a ? character each time you tap the space key.

As an example if you are looking for a six letter word starting with a 'w' and ending with an 'e' you would enter w????e. (Remember you use the spacebar to enter the ?) There is no need to tap the search key as the app finds all possible words as you enter the letters in the searchbar. For the example given you will get 86 results. This count is displayed just below the searchbar. Once you have the list of words displayed you may either tap the cancel button or tap any of the results displayed to hide the keyboard. This will allow you to scroll down through the list of results.

To solve anagrams tap the button at the bottom of the screen. Now you are in anagram mode, and as before you may tap the searchbar to display the keyboard and then use the keyboard to enter the letters in the anagram. The results are displayed as before.

To solve Sudoku puzzles just enter the puzzle and click the solve button. You'll have the solution in seconds.


No need to connect to the internet unless using word meaning lookup
Operates in landscape or portrait mode
Fast, dynamic look-up, no need to tap the search key
Intuitive interface
Does both word look ups for crosswords and word puzzles
Solves anagrams
Contains words up to 25 letters
Dictionary contains 396,975 words
Solves Sudoku puzzles in seconds.

Release notes

New Build for iOS 13.0

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