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You need a place to store secrets: texts, files, scans, pictures, or videos you do not want to get mixed up with your usual stuff. Think of that photo you took that you sometimes really need, but do not want to show up when someone scrolls through your photos.

> Mom and dad ask you to fix something for them and you need their password to log on somewhere for them: how easy would it be, if you had it stored and ready to use. sekewly is your tool for that!

> Maybe you want to double check your social security number, your tax ID number, or some rewards program ID — and it would be great to have a scan or have it stored on your device.

> If your credit card or debit card uses PIN numbers: how handy would it be to have them stored (even just as a photo) in one place, not mixing with other non-sensitive notes. Think also about your SIM Card PIN, your locker-combo, your hotel room number (if your are very forgetful), your car radio code, and much much more!

> Passport and personal ID card scans for emergency identification stored securely.

> Contracts or other things you are asked to sign „quickly“ (e.g., a bonus card at your grocery store) and want to have a copy of as a secure scan.

> Think about all the passwords for subscriptions you might want to share with others. Think about your router password, WiFi password to share with guests, etc.

> Essentially, store all you non-computer generated passwords, so that you can look them up, copy them, & paste them - you are always in full control!

> Have everything that needs extra protection and privacy in one place, easy to find and structure; no need to mix up normal notes or your photo library with your sensitive data.

> Uniform user interface across iOS, iPadOS®, and macOS®.
> Fast syncing across all your iCloud connected devices (iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®).
> Real-time, live updates across your devices, seamless integration via your iCloud storage.
> Amazingly strong and fast encryption with latest 256-bit and 512-bit cryptographic algorithms — even on your iPhone and iPad.
> Besides plain text for passwords or notes — sekewly supports pictures, videos, PDFs, and many other types of files.
> Take pictures or scan documents directly in the app and directly encrypt them without ever anyone else seeing your secrets.
> Preview encrypted photos and videos within sekewly — even read, flip through and zoom PDFs and many other file types.
> If you ever need to export a photo or video, no problem you can always share anything you store in a secret, once you need to.
> Decide on what needs extra protection with additional, individual passwords. Hints are available on each individual secret password.
> Easily manage which secrets are shared across your devices and which remain local.
> For the paranoid secret keepers: sekewly has a blur switch on each of your secrets allowing you to blur your secret contents when opened up to hide sensible data; giving you time to check if a secret is the one you are looking for — just to unblur it, when you are sure no one else is looking.
> Organize your secrets in groups using cards — choose icons and colors as you please and sort with name, priority, date, color, icon, or fix your own order.
> Light and dark mode support integrated.
> Supports using FaceID® and TouchID® to unlock.
> Several hundred icons to choose from, in a continuously expanding library.

Your first 7 secrets are completely free. All features are usable, so that you can get a feel, if sekewly is something you might need. If you find yourself in need of full access, you can subscribe for minimal charge. Even get a steep discount, if you go for an annual subscription.

Feel free to send us suggestions, feature requests, or anything that is on your mind to [email protected]

Kindly read our privacy policy and terms of service that apply when using sekewly.

Release notes

minor bug fixes

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