Intelligent scanner-OCR camera

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Intelligent scanner-OCR camera

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Smart phone scanner, document management tools. Generate high definition PDF and PNG. You can also send mail, connect to printers, send faxes, send micro-messages, store them in the cloud, and view them with multiple devices! Very powerful office utility!

Functional highlights
[Scanner on Mobile Phone]
Mobile phone takes documents and generates high-definition PNG pictures or PDF files.

[Picture-to-text artifact]
Intelligent OCR character recognition, mobile phone to take paper documents, search the words on it can find it!
Text recognition in pictures can also be exported as editable, duplicated, saved or shared.
It can recognize 16 languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

[Efficient Intelligent Translation]
Support multi-language translation, automatic language recognition, you can manually choose the language you want to translate.

[Wireless Printing, Global Fax]
It supports wireless printing and can send faxes to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

[Document sharing, efficient collaboration]
Office's good assistant can invite friends and colleagues as collaborators to view and comment on any document scanned by hand. It can also be shared with friends through e-mail, links, or social accounts such as Weibo and Wechat.

* business people: travel outside, scanning contracts, documents, fax facsimile, mail sharing, very powerful office software.
* Student: Scanning Xueba's notes, class whiteboard and PPT, my mother no longer worries about my passing the exam.
* Designer: Scanning and preserving design manuscripts to capture the bold imagination of inspiration at any time
* Traveler: Passport, driver's license and other documents, as well as travel plans, map scanning and mobile phone storage, can walk freely without the Internet.

---- Recommendations for the Use of----
To ensure that you can get a clear scan, please take a picture:
* Enough light, avoid shaking as much as possible
* Fill the screen with pictures as much as possible






Office 好助手,随手扫描的任何文档,都可邀请朋友、同事为协作人,共同查看、评论文档。还可通过邮件、链接、或微博、微信等社交帐户分享给朋友。

* 商务人士:出差在外,扫描合同、文件,实时发传真、邮件共享,非常给力的办公软件
* 学生:随手扫描学霸笔记、课堂白板、PPT,妈妈再也不担心我考试挂科了
* 设计师:扫描保存设计手稿,随时捕捉灵感初现时的大胆想象
* 旅行者:护照、驾照等证件,以及旅行计划、地图扫描存手机,没有网络也能随心行走

* 光线充足,尽量避免抖动
* 尽量使图片占满拍摄屏幕

Release notes

#Scan result text box supports text editing again
#Share plug-in function add plain text type translation

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