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Intervals Metronome

Jeremy Malli

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Intervals Metronome was built for a few reasons:

The first, and most important, is that most metronomes only play a pulse, which is a very poor representation of time. Intervals Metronome uses sounds from various instruments to represent the pulse. This is certainly something that can be done in most sequencers and drum machines, however I wanted something that was simple and quick to use.

The second unique feature about Intervals Metronome is that is doesn't use a timer based loop to create the pulses. Instead, the actual sound waveform is used as the timer and adjusted based on the tempo. This provides an accurate representation of time down to 1/44,100 of a second.

One other feature that is not present in most metronomes is the ability to change the underlying beat to something other than a multiple of 2 (ie. 2,4,8,16). Intervals Metronome allows you to set the underlying beat to any value up to 16. So feel free to try out time signatures such as 2/3, 5/5, 4/7, etc. You can also overlay a standard quarter note pulse on top of the signature as a reference point.

If you have any issues/suggestions/comments please let me know.

Release notes

Updated the sounds as they were not perfectly quantized which was causing the Subdivision 2 accent to be slightly off.

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