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Burst Rivals Game For Bayblade

Burst Rivals Game For Bayblade
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Oliver Andersen




Games, Casual, Entertainment, Action





Introducing Bayblade.
A new competitive online game that challenges your mindset and strategic decision skills.
Choose from 5 free awesome Beyblade designs you play as and drop into the arena where you will be fighting against other online players for the number 1 spot.
Knock out the other players from the arena in order to eliminate them and make yourself become stronger for each player you defeat. The faster you are the harder you will hit, each kill will make your bayblade character spin faster, making it harder for your competitors to eliminate you.

Use your skills to bait, push and eliminate all the players from the arena. Watch out for the bombs that spawn in the arena. Use them to your own advantage in order to kick out all your opponents. Play smart and do anything you can in order to secure your own survival. Dominate the arena and be the last player standing above all your opponents.

The last blade standing in the arena will be crowned as the winner. For every victory, you get you will receive a reward in terms of coins which can be used to purchase new premium blades from the blade shop. However, this doesn't include our rare ultra premium blades. These features are currently not available in the 1.0 version of the game but will be introduced very soon in the next updated version.... read more 

Cell Eat Cell

Cell Eat Cell
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Johan Gerhard Ottens




Games, Casual, Action





Welcome to the cytoplastic jungle or what some call the primordial soup!

You're a single hungry cell in a sea of giant virus cells.
Evade the bigger virus cells or they'll eat you alive.
Eat the smaller virus cells and grow bigger in size each time you eat.
It's an endless struggle

Be careful, it's a cell eat cell world out here.

How to play:

- Press and hold anywhere on the screen to move upwards.
- Release to move downwards.
- Eat the smaller cells.
- Avoid the bigger cells.
- Look out for splitters , they tear your in two.

Three game modes:

- Standard: Eat as much as you can
- Gigantus: How fast can you become the largest cell?
- Survival: Stay alive as long as you can.

Collect DNA to customize your own cell.
Become a Giant eye or Pizza !

Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game!... read more 
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