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Unicorn Slime - Trendy Fun

Chengdu Xiang Yang Technology Co., Ltd.

Games, Role-Playing, Family, Entertainment

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Have you ever made “Fluffy Slime”? Do you love to have crazy slime fun? Now, it’s the chance to try the most trendy slime - unicorn slime. With the new “Unicorn Slime Maker” you can make unicorn slime on your own. Come on now, Let’s get started right now.

How to play:
- Add Borax and water into the bowl and mix them even.
- Prepare another bowl to add school glue, water and the other ingredients together.
- Choose the food coloring you like to make your slime to be. Red, orange, green, blue, purple,yellow etc, as you like.
- Mix all the ingredients together, you will get your slime.
- Try another food coloring to make other slime color.
- Mix all the slime color together. And you will have the most trendy unicorn slime.
- Have fun with your slime, Wow, endless fun.

Release notes

Bug fixed.

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