IPL Cheerleader Beauty Salon

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IPL Cheerleader Beauty Salon

Hirakumar Patel

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Love Cricket? Love to be cheerleader? Here is the best cheerleader dressup and dance game for you! Practise to be the best cheerleader to keep team motivated to win.

This game represents unique way to celebrate and cheer your twenty 20 team of IPL 2018! Its a Cheerleader Beauty Salon for the famous indian cricket twenty 20 league. Cheer your way by dressing up uniform clothes from your favourite team!


Select your favourite team
Do stylist makeup
Dressup with sexy outfits
Select your own dance steps & Dance on the floor to cheer your team

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Gopi Doll Royal Wedding Salon
Gopi Doll Royal Wedding Salon

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Gopi Doll Wedding Salon is an epic wedding story of a famous Gopi Doll! Help her to get ready for her wedding with plenty of options and fun!

This girl game is beautifully designed and divided in options!
- Pre-wedding Makeover
- Pre-wedding Day
- Wedding Day

Enjoy each and every moments and occasions of a traditional Indian girl marriage!

- Royal Makeup options for Gopi Doll for her wedding
- Give Gopi Doll a adorable makeup with eye shadow, eye lashes, eye color, cheek glow, eye brow and many other options.
- Beautiful Dresses, Chaniya Choli, tops & bottoms for a new bride!
- Incredible accessories set to match with beautiful dresses including earring, necklace, waistband, bangles, crown, nose ring

Enjoy the Gopi Doll Girl Game Wedding Salon and have fun!
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Rani Padmavati Royal Wedding
Rani Padmavati Royal Wedding

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With the grand success of Rani Padmavati : Royal Queen Makeover, We are happy to announce our new version i.e. Rani Padmavati : Royal Wedding Game.

Note: This game has been made solely for an entertainment purpose. The intent of this game is not to harm any of the society’s feeling or respect.

New Version brings some new features.
- Charming Makeup for Queen Padmavati
- Marvellous Dresses along with Royal tradition
- Precious ornaments for Indian Queen
- Stunning Dress up for King Ratan ji.
- Beautiful Doli Decoration for the indian bride Rani Padmavati
- Story of Indian Queen Padmavati

History of Queen Rani Padmini:

The history tale of India back in 13th-14th Century!

Singhal Kingdom(Sri Lanka), a Hindu Rajput Family, Rani Champavati & Raja Gandharv Sen gave birth to a very beautiful girl named Padmini later called as Rani Padmavati. She was an exceptionally beautiful princess of the Singhal kingdom.

Raja Gandharv was very possessive for her daughter, he resented the parrot's closeness to his daughter, and ordered the bird to be killed. The parrot flew away to save its life, but was trapped by a bird catcher, who later sold it to a Brahmin.
The Brahmin bought it to Chittor, where the local king Ratan Sen purchased it, impressed by its ability to talk. The parrot greatly praised Padmavati's beauty in front of Ratan Sen, who became determined to marry Padmavati. Guided by the parrot and accompanied by his 16,000 followers, Ratan Sen reached Singhal after crossing the seven seas. There, he commenced austerities in a temple to seek Padmavati. Meanwhile, Padmavati came to the temple, informed by the parrot, but quickly returned to her palace without meeting Ratan Sen.

Meanwhile, Ratan Sen realized that he had missed a chance to meet Padmavati, After an adventurous quest, he won her hand in marriage and brought her to Chittor. Later on she was declared as the Rani of Mewar.

Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi also heard about her beauty, and laid siege to Chittor to obtain her. Many events occurred during the period of the Siege, till the Fort was finally taken. Meanwhile, Ratan Sen was killed in a duel with Devpal, the king of Kumbhalner who was also enamoured with Padmavati's beauty. Before Alauddin Khalji could capture Chittor, Padmavati and her companions committed Jauhar (self-immolation) to protect their honour. After her sacrifice, the Rajput men died fighting on the battlefield.

By the 20th century, some elite Rajput women of Rajasthan characterised Padmini as a history who exemplifies Rajput womanhood. Although there is no historical evidence that Padmini existed, she has become a symbol of valour and sacrifice in Rajput history. Hindu activists have characterised her as a chaste Hindu woman, and her suicide as a heroic act of resistance against the invader Khalji.

Over the years, she came to be seen as a historical figure, and appeared in several novels, plays, television serials and movies.

Let us together add to her beauty, dressing her to the attire of a perfect Rajputani Queen!...
Dots & Boxes Christmas Game
Dots & Boxes Christmas Game

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Dots & Boxes Christmas Game is the famous game which we used to play in our school days. Now the same game can be played in mobile too. Easy to play Dots n Boxes Christmas Game because rules are the same :-) Its brain sharpening game to play with computer as well as your friends and family.

Dots & Boxes Christmas Game Features:
- Play vs Computers
- Play locally with multiple players up to 4 players
- Choose your favourite color to draw a line and home
- Fill as many squares and be the winner!
- Easy to play. Just tap between the lines.

We will be glad to receive your response. Contact us for any queries or suggestions at: [email protected]
Kids Maze : Christmas Puzzle
Kids Maze : Christmas Puzzle

GBP : Free

Presenting a learning app for kids “Kids Maze : Christmas Puzzle”. Find the way from mazes and have fun!
This game is having plenty of different mazes with christmas theme for kids with various funny options like pets, animals, vegetables, cute monsters and many more.
Christmas Maze Games are also known as Labyrinth Games! Find a route through the maze from the start to finish.

Kids Maze : Christmas Puzzle Key Features:
- Kids friendly mazes!
- Easy to play
- 50+ educational mazes for kids
- Many options & characters which will be helpful to kids to learn and understand relationships

How to Play:
- Select your favourite category from kids christmas maze games
- Touch & Trace the object highlighting on the path.
- Help Santa to find the way!

We will be glad to receive your response. Contact us for any queries or suggestions at: [email protected]
The Secret Mermaid Love Story
The Secret Mermaid Love Story

GBP : Free

Heard about a mermaid love story? We are here with the most romantic & tragic mermaid love story game series. Deep in the Pacific ocean lives our mermaid princess Vincy. Fascinated by the human world, and in search of her lover boy Chris, she makes a birthday wish to become a human and stay there with her dream boy!

Starting with the 18th birthday celebration & a birthday wish, help our mermaid Vincy look the most beautiful birthday princess.

Help her with the most wonderful human world experience.

Excited to know what happens when she sees Chris after becoming human? It is going to be super fun.

It is always more fun with hairstyle, makeover, makeups & dressups . Help our mermaid Vincy and Chris looks most amazing for their meet.

Apart from the meet, have fun at the pool Party!

But do you think it would be easy for the mermaid to live amongst the humans? Play this most fantastic love story game and enjoy! Stay tuned for the next part of the game....
IPL Cheerleader Beauty Salon
IPL Cheerleader Beauty Salon

GBP : Free

Love Cricket? Love to be cheerleader? Here is the best cheerleader dressup and dance game for you! Practise to be the best cheerleader to keep team motivated to win.

This game represents unique way to celebrate and cheer your twenty 20 team of IPL 2018! Its a Cheerleader Beauty Salon for the famous indian cricket twenty 20 league. Cheer your way by dressing up uniform clothes from your favourite team!


Select your favourite team
Do stylist makeup
Dressup with sexy outfits
Select your own dance steps & Dance on the floor to cheer your team...
Prince & Princess Love Story
Prince & Princess Love Story

GBP : Free

Prince & Princess Love story is a beautiful romance wedding story game with royal makeover, princess leg spa, hairspa & makeup, dressup, ballet dance, ring ceremony, royal wedding, kissing game and much more fun!

A long time ago, there was a young Prince who wanted right princess to marry. The Prince wanted his wife to be beautiful and her eyes shine with courage.

Help princess to look best among all to impress prince with royal designer dress and jewellery.

If you really like our game do rate us and if we lack please give us your valuable suggestions....
Flappy Parrot Rescue
Flappy Parrot Rescue

GBP : Free

Parrot is stuck and need to be set free! Just like the original Flappy Bird but with increasing difficulty levels, challenges as well as fully customizable birds, sky, and pipes. You can just relax and kill some time on normal mode or you can take your tapping skills to the next level by advancing through level.

you fly between the pipes without hitting them to achieve the highest score.


- Tap on screen to jump.
- The longer you go the higher you score.
- Avoid collision with pipes.
- Endless game-play.

Download this for free! Enjoy this best new one tap game. Have a nice day!

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Two Rockets - Space Race
Two Rockets - Space Race

GBP : Free

How Long can you survive in insanely addictive race with your Rockets?

With two Rocket space racing the power and speed never closes which makes it a genuine addictive and focused game. Associate your record to make it much additionally difficult by posting your high scores so your friends can attempt to beat your score!

There’s race between two Rockets both Rockets are handle at the same time.The game is about controlling the 2 Rockets which is racing at the same time and have task to collecting both side dots and at the same time avoid the square blocks.

Control the two Rockets in two way at the same time To test your left and right brains in space racing. Its much harder than you think.

two rockets space racing game is that simple, but hard in the same time, and very useful for your brain, it's not like any game, it will affect your feeling face to challenges.

- fun for children, girls, boys and adults
- A Sky and Space surfing game.
- improves Brain skills
- very simple, hard to play!
- Kills time and relieves stress
- Great for playing at work, at home, at the office and at school.
- Endless game play
- Nice eye catching graphics
- Great user experience and interface
- Tap the screen, multi task. Enjoy.
- Beat new records and surprise your friends with your Score!
- Enjoy whole new space theme game.
- Mind soothing sound Tracks.

Do you really think that your fingers can control two rockets at the same time with the two rockets space racing game? you have to be calm enough to concentrate in controlling the two rockets, this challenge will make you much more effective at work as well !

Download this for free! Enjoy this best new racing game with rockets simulator. Have a nice day!...
2K48 Solitaire
2K48 Solitaire

GBP : Free

New Merge Solitaire 2018 is a super fun card game which consists of awesome features.The only aim is to maximize your score by merging the cards from smallest to biggest value and reach till highest card as long as you can!

In 2K48 Solitaire Merge cards of the same number the more cards you merge the higher you score. Game ends when all columns are filled up and there is no empty space available for card.

- Beautiful graphics
- 2K48 Solitaire Draw 1 card
- 2K48 Solitaire Draw 3 cards
- Auto complete option to finish a solved game
- Crisp, beautiful, and easy to read cards
- Single tap to place a card or drag and drop
- Fun & challenging achievements
- Unlimited Undo
- Can be merge with any card
- Undo your previous move
- Remove unnecessary card
- Efficient, fast, and sensible card games interface
- Daily Challenge
- Intelligent hints and auto hints
- Can set Timed mode and Unlimited mode
- Sound that can be disable/enable
- No network required, Play Offline
- Can be add wild card for difficulty

Put your math skills to test and score, in this awesome card game.This card games for adults is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

Like most games of this type, there is more emphasis on the luck of the draw than actual skill and the game can get rather repetitive. However, Free Spider Solitaire is so addictive that most types of gamers will find it a good way to pass the time between meetings or on the commute to work and the in app purchases are far from necessary.

Enjoy Free new addictive Twenty48 card puzzle game.Have a nice day!

Your Suggestions are considered as part of our regular development process....
Quick Maths Arithmetic Workout
Quick Maths Arithmetic Workout

GBP : Free

The game is designed to help people of all skill levels improve their arithmetic abilities and mental math skills.The App is suitable for you if you like brain training, math game or puzzle game.If you want to improve you math skills, especially the addition , subtraction , multiplication skills.

Enjoy this new number puzzle game for kids and adults.Your daily maths workout.Quickly spot, swipe, and sum up numbers in this brain-twisting tile puzzle game!

There are 4 different game modes to choose from:

-Addition Mode
-Subtraction Mode
-Multiplication Mode
-Genius Mode

- Swipe your finger across numbered tiles that add up according to their sign to match the series of target.
- Target you correctly used will be destroyed and new ones will spawn in their place.
- Solve the required number of target sums needed as fast as you can.
- Notice the timer that runs out for each of them.
- You have to complete the number before time runs out!.
- As your score increases the difficult increases.

- Choose from 4 different modes
- Observation skills
- Mathematical knowledge...

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