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Have you experienced the emotional effects of cancer - fear, uncertainty, pain, fatigue or a ‘new normal’ post-treatment void? Natia offers evidence based mind-body support, whenever & wherever, for you or your family. Natia is kind, compassionate and simple to use and can be practiced alone, in a group, in clinical settings, or at home.

Studies have provided evidence of the benefits of mind-body practices on the health and quality of life of those with cancer. Natia offers a choice of mind-body practices including yoga, meditation & music.

User feedback:

‘This app is long overdue as a holistic approach to disease that can work in concert with traditional medical treatments.’

‘Beautiful graphics, helpful information, organized content. I felt more peaceful the moment it loaded.’

Natia is undertaking a feasibility study with the NHS and working collaboratively with major cancer charities.

‘NatiaCares is a brilliant App and the first we have seen that really matches up with the way that we support people with cancer at Maggie’s.’ Laura Lee, CEO Maggie’s Centres.

Natia’s interventions are in addition to, not a replacement of, conventional cancer care. Natia offers various practices to suit your mood, available time and physical needs.

Extensive press coverage includes:

The Daily Express
The Daily Mail
Digital health
Life Science Newsfeed
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Release Pain with Andrew Johnson

Release Pain with Andrew Johnson
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Release Pain with Andrew Johnson

+ Learn new coping skills
+ Regain control over your discomfort
+ Reduce physical pain
+ Feel better about yourself

This recording is designed to help guide you down into a deep state of physical and emotional relaxation and comfort in order to deal with pain and discomfort.

App Information:

Pain is often experienced as much in the mind as in the body. It is entirely possible to replace feelings of pain with those of comfort and ease. Listening to Release Pain with Andrew Johnson will help you control, release, soften and in some cases even eliminate your pain.

Please be aware: This recording is not a substitute for seeing a physician. It is important that you seek professional medical advice about any pain you are experiencing.... read more 

Loving Meditations

Loving Meditations
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Mind Health, LLC


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Power your self-care with more ease and calm!
Are you living with cancer, a stressed-out survivor, or an overwhelmed caregiver? Loving Meditations provides potent, practical mind-body wellness tools to elevate daily quality-of-life for all those touched by cancer, anytime, anywhere.

Make self-care and stress management an easy, regular practice with the Loving Meditations app.
— Experience more serene sleep.
— Energize with simple breathing exercises.
— Create calm in any moment.

Easy to Use:
• Put in earbuds and press PLAY.
• Instantly begin your mindful practice with ease.
• Start your day with inspirational memes, remain calm throughout your day, and drift into restful sleep at night.

In 2018, the Loving Meditations App was part of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) systematic review called Mindfulness-Based Symptom and Stress Management Apps for Adults With Chronic Lung Disease: Systematic Search in App Stores. Loving Meditations App met the study criteria for having both an evidence-based stress management structure and an evidence-based stress management strategy. Examples of these include psycho-education, self-monitoring, or assessment features. “For example, Loving Meditations —Bring Calm to Cancer included 5 evidence-based stress management strategies that we assessed—meditation or mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing, cognitive... read more 
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