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SongBird Pro.

Jigar Thakkar

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Imagine an app that can recognizes birds from just their song! Song Bird does just that turning your iPhone or iPad into an automatic bird song identifier ably to identify many of the most common vocalizing land birds in the world.

Why isn’t Songbird working?

Birds have accents. Generally, when you hear Adele singing “Hello” over a speaker in a Target in Minnesota and then a few months later hear Adele sing "Hello" over a speaker in a Walmart in Florida, it's the same song. However, a cardinal in Minnesota is going to sound different than a cardinal in Florida. We are working daily on expanding our classification data to incorporate birds in various regions.

Also when a song is playing, there’s usually only one song going on at a time. How many times is there just one species of bird singing at a time?

Other issues that will cause Songbird to not ID a bird ( we do not give you false positives so we rather tell you to try again then to give you a list of results that our system isn't sure of ).

If you are too far from the bird it will not work.

If you use a recording of a bird with all sorts of quality issues from youtube it will not work.

If there are multiple birds singing it currently will probably not work but we are working on this.

If you are a little too late to a song it will probably not work, or you might have to keep trying to capture other parts of it's song again.

If the background is far too noisy it will probably not work.

We currently also only identify the top 100 common birds our goal is to make the recognition and database more comprehensive, right now and extend it to 1,000 bird species with the hope of doing 10,000 within the next 6 months.

Release notes

Minor bug fix

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