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Download the largest “All Language Translator & dictionary” with easy and fast translations, which can be used like a dictionary. “All Language Translator & dictionary” application can translate a sentence among all languages and it can read the sentence in different languages as well. Type and search phrases in any language and this translator app will translate them for you to read. You can translate words, sentences & many phrases etc.

If you want to travel to another country and you don't know the language OR you need to speak with locals then this language translator & dictionary app will help you out in translating some specific language. This translator app provides comprehensive dictionary results and full text translations between dozens of languages. It can also be your dictionary as well, just translate any word in any language and learn different languages by using our “all language translator & dictionary”. All you have to do is select your source and target languages, type your text and click on the translation button. It's as simple as that.

Whether you want to know the meaning of a particular word or want to understand what your word is called in a different language. “All Language & Translator” has an answer to all your language translation needs with a lot of convenience. Just get started with this amazing language translation app. It is to download.

This Translator supports the following languages:
• French translator
• English translator
• Chinese translator
• Spanish translator
• Hindi translator
• Arabic translator
• Portuguese translator
• Bengali translator
• Russian translator
• Japanese translator
• German translator
• Greek translator
• Indonesian translator
• Irish translator
• Italian translator
• Latina translator
• Pashto translator
• Persian translator
• Russian translator
• Tamil translator
• Turkish translator
• Telugu translator
• Urdu translator
• Bengali translator
• Georgian translator
• Chinese Simplified translator
• Chinese Traditional translator
Any many more...

Translate any sentence or phrase into any destination language, and enjoy a full set of useful add-on features such as history tracking, search, bookmark and share features, it allows the user change the input language temporarily. For example, if the default keyboard input is English, you still can input Spanish, French, German, Dutch or Italian or others and translate to English or others. Therefore, it is a translator for all languages. “All Language Translator & dictionary” is your personal translator app you can take anywhere. No more communication problem or language problem with this online language translation app. This Language Translation app is universal and offers translation for almost all different languages.

Instant, easy translation:
Quickly input whatever sentences/phrases/words you'd like to translate and get translated results instantly.
103 languages:
Being able to translate from and to 103 world languages. Now speak and learn more than 100 languages
Ability to search your history for recently-used expressions or translations. You can select words or sentences you've already translated in the past and see its result.
Be social:
Now share translations to your friends, family, or yourself.
Edit Translation:
Edit existing translations to make quick and easy modifications
Save and bookmark different phrases and words, this feature will helps you to focus and remember the characteristic meaning of the words.

“All Language Translator & Dictionary” is the best language translator app so Please install, rate & share our quality language learning app to promote us!

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Islamic dua is a comprehensive islamic duas app that consist of various categories of duas that retain a great importance in a life of a fellow muslim.Islamic dua app focuses on the various duas that have a great impact and importance, the duas are divided into categories for the ease of follow muslims. These islamic supplication are highly useful and can be recited to take benefit and blessings of ALLAH swt.

Islamic dua app consist the combination of translation of arabic in english for proper interpretation and understanding, moreover it is assisted with transliteration which helps in learning the proper pronunciation of supplications or islamic duas. With the combination of translation and transliteration the islamic dua application has an exclusive feature of audio recitation of the supplications.

Duas are divided into various categories which can be recited at different instances:

This category consist dua or supplications that consist a great virtue in reciting at different time in day and at night, such as dua before Sleeping, dua after waking up etc.

This category consist of duas or supplication for entering and leaving the restroom, so that we can secure ourselves from evil spirits.

This category consist of duas related to offering prayer or namaz, entering and leaving mosque and various other duas.

This category consists duas that need to be recited before and after finishing the meals, moreover it consists the etiquettes of eating that reflect the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This category contains duas that need to be recited before dressing and manners, way to dress yourselfs.

This category contains the duas that must be recited while travelling to remain in the protection and blessing of ALLAH swt, moreover it consist of various issue related to travelling and there islamic solutions.

This category contains different family matters and there solution for a healthy and balanced life.

This category has special duas to attain virtue and blessing of ALLAH swt, such as visiting sick, praising other Muslims etc.

This category contains duas that keep us in the protection of ALLAH swt and keep us away from the evil Satan.

This category emphasize on the importance of the Forgiveness and relation with ALLAH swt, and provides various duas to seek forgiveness from ALLAH the almighty.

This category contains duas related to fasting, plus moreover this category explain the solutions to the issues that one faces related to the fasting.

This category contain issues and solution related to pilgrimage and duas that must be offered during offering hajj or umrah.

40 Rabbanas:
This category includes 40 most effective Duas from the Holy Quran starting from Rabbana.

This category contains duas that need to be recited while barking of dog, hearing a rooster crow etc.

This category contains duas for during, after and withholding of rain.

Islamic dua is user friendly application, with maximum usability to ensure benefit to its users. This app contain various duas for different occasions, that are recommended to be recited to gain virtues and blessings of ALLAH swt...

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