Rope Stickman: Swinging Hero

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Version 2.5.0

Content Rating 12+

Rope Stickman: Swinging Hero

Daria Zhdanova

Games, Action

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Ever dreamed to become someone really special, who can save the whole city from different bad people, accidents and something else? It’s your chance right here and right now! Download our new Rope Stickman Swinging Hero game and become the hero that city deserves – Super Stickman! Explore this urban place filled with different criminals, prisoners and ordinary people, who want nothing but your help!

Beware of cops and SWAT – sometimes they may take you for someone with criminal past and kill! Don’t forget to mind your health indicator and watch mini map: someone can suddenly deal you a maximal damage! Feel like a real Super Stickman hero and explore this large inhospitable city! Bandits, prisoners and pushers flooded the city streets, so you’re the only one to save this place!

Earn points for successfully completed missions and power your stickman hero up to become more dexterous, faster and just stronger! Buy new interesting weapons, increase your super rope and unlock new colorful skins for your hero! Play this awesome Rope Stickman Swinging Hero game and you won’t be disappointed!

Perform different tricks and stunts with the help of your super stickman rope: jump, draw your opponents, climb to different buildings and just enjoy your stickman hero abilities! Fight against enforcer of Russian Mafia, Yakuza mobsters, Chinese triad ganger, crime syndicate mercenaries and other thugs, bandits, rogues, and brigands – prevent crimes on sight!

Rope Stickman Swinging Hero features:
• Interesting comics stickman hero style action game
• Various types of dangerous and cunning enemies
• Different interesting weapons and tools
• Colorful surroundings made in 3D

Enjoy the atmosphere of the stickman hero’s life, fight interesting enemies and become the true city defender with Rope Stickman Swinging Hero! Be a Super Stickman hero – local urban costumed vigilante (just like from comic books) - fighting against rising tide of criminal scum!

Release notes

- Fixed bugs
- Added performance improvements
- Improved character and car control

Rope Stickman: Swinging Hero screenshot oneRope Stickman: Swinging Hero screenshot twoRope Stickman: Swinging Hero screenshot threeRope Stickman: Swinging Hero screenshot four

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Earn points for each beaten enemy, improve your fighting skills, and unlock new levels of your progression! Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes, kicks, punches and even new fighting styles getting points for each winning!

Rugby Football - Fighting Hero features:

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Different fighters from famous teams
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