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Hippo Space Hero

Hippo Space Hero
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Games, Casual, Simulation, Entertainment





We open a stylish nail salon! Learn a variety of manicure types and all the tools of a professional stylist. Use sparkles, stickers, different nail polishes and a variety of other modern materials for unique manicure. Make henna tattoo and choose accessorises. Create your own nail design, develop imagination and creativity.... read more 

Space Ship Racing Simulator – Fast Drive shuttle

Space Ship Racing Simulator – Fast Drive shuttle
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Azmat Naseem




Games, Racing, Entertainment, Simulation





Spaceship gravity 3D simulator is an exciting and thrilling racing simulation game. Ever wanted to be an astronaut or steer your own space fighters in the galaxy? Here’s your chance to fly your spacecraft in pure moonlight and low gravity. Rust to beat the other speedy spaceships, aircrafts, rockets and missiles. Don’t indulge in a space war or battle. And don’t bump your ride into the space traffic.... read more 

Escape - Glider Paper Plane

Escape - Glider Paper Plane
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Playense Ltd




Games, Puzzle, Casual





Playense brings you a new arcade game. Simple with beautiful space environment and easy to play. Just simply tap to boost your aircraft to escape from moving obstacles.

Patience is the key here.

Warning : Don't bluk/crash with obstacles! It's highly addictive! So be careful!! Okay?... read more 

Gravity Jet Zero Chance - Lost Space Shuttle Explorer

Gravity Jet Zero Chance - Lost Space Shuttle Explorer
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Games, Family, Adventure





Being in space sounds fun, but no one ever said it would be easy!

Download now!
Fun, exciting, and easy to play
Great graphics and sound

Simple and addicting, enjoy hours of fun.... read more 

Gravity well : source shoot

Gravity well : source shoot
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weilin song




Games, Action, Adventure





The advent of unknown civilizations, the rise of heroic pilots.

Drive the sub era aircraft to meet new space adventures.

This is a popular open source game engine development,

Adopt new competitive ideas,

Break through the traditional shooting routine of shooting,

Let you experience the unusual thrill of battle.

You will experience different gravitational effects in this work,

Through various terrain areas.

Resist the frenzied shooting of the enemy,

Also faced with dense space meteorites and crazy gravitational disturbances,

Are you taking a violent shooting strategy? Or is it a safe detour?

None of this is the most challenging.

The most challenging thing is the powerful boss.

In this work, you will fight against the ever powerful boss.

Super laser shooting of various kinds of floating guns,

Missiles of all types of warships hit with precision,

At the critical moment, you can only think about one thing, survive, and destroy the enemy.

Finally, enjoy your game: -D... read more 

GFR Flight

GFR Flight
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Stratos Perception, LLC




Utilities, Sports





GFR Flight is designed for data acquisition of acceleration and rotation fields during space flight. With a TRL of 8, GFR Flight is custom designed to support payloads requiring a minimal power "foot print".

This app provides:
- Maximal battery life, while
- Recording acceleration and rotation fields at 50 Hz, and
- Writing collected data to the hard drive at 0.667 Hz.

GFR is an easy an ideal tool for collecting detailed data during flight operations where onboard electric power is not available to the device.

This app records:

- 3-axis acceleration fields
- Rotational displacements (pitch, roll, yaw)

This app also provides:
- Plotting
- Playback
- Data Exporting

Delete any of your log histories, with a swipe and a click, or retain then indefinitely.

Use this app to assist your performance analysis of aerospace vehicle payloads.

This app does not collect personal information from you and does not communicate with the cloud. All of your data is logged exclusively on your device, where you may retain it indefinitely or delete the files of your choosing.

GFR Flight features:

- Maximal battery usage (e.g. an iPod Touch can record for 9+ hours on battery power)

- Unlimited recording time when plugged into electric power.

- Unlimited data collection size. Collected data is automatically stored in indexed files of up to about 5 MB per file. Data storage is only limited by the max storage... read more 

Gravity Range

Gravity Range
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Oscar Tsang




Games, Action, Racing, Entertainment





It is a simple interesting game. Simulate a spaceship fly in space. Affect by gravity, the spaceship will fly around the gravity point.

It is a kill time game, when you take over all gravity point, you will enter next level.... read more 

Jetpack Kurt

Jetpack Kurt
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Kurt Dekker




Games, Simulation, Entertainment, Casual





Uncle Kurt has a shiny new jetpack... wanna go fly with me?

Also includes Space Flight mode: a full tumbling 3D flight simulator with two-thumb controls! Can you master 3D flight on your mobile device?

Fly in either third-person view, or first-person camera view.

Full 3D flight controls using only two thumbs.

Progress through from easy-to-control starter jetpacks to more advanced high performance jetpacks and spacecraft.

Finesse your landings on higher levels to avoid damaging your spacecraft.

Combat mode challenges your flight skills with air-to-ground attack tasks!... read more 
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