Wild Animals Clan Simulator 3D

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Wild Animals Clan Simulator 3D

Elena Goncharova

Games, Role-Playing, Simulation

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Meet new clan simulator game! Run to caves or climb to mountains - try to find animals like you for create family clan. Big open world of adventure. Build you clan of animals and dominate over dangerous enemies!
In this classic simulator game you must survive, find food.
Mini map help you to find animals for your clan. You must collect all animals to win. But beware other wild predators!

Wild Animals Clan Simulator game features:
- Build your own Animal Clan!
- Big Open World!
- Different kind of animals!
- Realistic graphics!
- Dangerous enemies!

Check out new 3d animals simulator game! Survive with our clan!

Wild Animals Clan Simulator 3D screenshot oneWild Animals Clan Simulator 3D screenshot twoWild Animals Clan Simulator 3D screenshot threeWild Animals Clan Simulator 3D screenshot four

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