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GLIMPS - Network Of Good Vibes


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GLIMPS - Network Of Good Vibes

In this busy life, it's important to take a break of a few moments, sit back, relax and enjoy the good things and good vibes of our life. So we challenged the status quo of the social network in our own gentle way. We want to introduce success and happiness in our life's through this social network, through an exchange of good vibes. Words are too many and too used. Typed words fail to make an impact most of the time, so why not impart a piece of our life, what we call time, it's real and can not be taken back. This online world, where everything is filtered and people are calling it virtual, we felt it was time to breathe some life into it, marry it with real-life experience, introduce some authenticity and some pieces of reality, well we tried.
A social network cannot be all about hitting some buttons, buttons cannot express our feelings, but surely time can, it can mean something, commenting “ you are beautiful” is easy. But imagine if you have to buy each character for a few seconds of your real life. Then you would comment to a few and would choose your words with more sincerity. So we introduced a price of time on things, that people have taken for granted.
We created the world's most silent and wordless form of universal communication. We call it tink. Time in ink. You are thinking about your friend, no needs of words, you can just send her/him a few tinks of your life. She /he would know you were thinking about them. This is such a crucial piece of information. Just to know someone was thinking about me, gives a sense of empowerment.

We are out there to network with the entire world, while the world around us begs for our attention. There are so many good vibes, and piece of good life around us that we miss to notice and admire,
We are trying to bring that good vibes network, where you can admire people around you for what you like in them, known or unknown.

- We know that broken bonds have very much to say and nothing to say at the same time, send tink to people you want to reconnect with just letting them know you were thinking about them.
- Want to say sorry but have no words to express, send tink to people for your apology

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