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Rose Wedding Cake Cooking Game

Rose Wedding Cake Cooking Game
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The Rose Wedding Cake is a fun and adorable wedding cake cooking game that gives you a chance to create your own dream wedding cake that would look beautiful on the table in front of your guests. With so many different designs and colours to choose from you can really make your wedding cake stand out.

This game features 7 icon boxes at the top left hand size of the screen which represent the cake colour, side cake decoration, trimming decoration, plate decoration, flowers, top decoration, and additional decorations.

With this bride cake game you simply click on each separate icon at the top of the screen and then click on each of the decorations or colours below then watch as your cake takes place. With the last icon you simply click and hold the mouse on the decoration you like and simply drag the decoration across and place it where you need it to be on the cake to create the perfect finishing touches. If you wish to restart from scratch, all you have to do is press the “reset” button at the bottom left hand side of the screen and your cake will go back to its original form.

When you finish your cake decoration, you simply press the “show” button at the bottom left hand side of the screen and watch as your cake transforms in front of you in all its glory. If you want to replay the game over again, all you have to do is press the “replay” button and you will go back to the start of the game.

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Rainbow Unicorn Glowing Cotton Candy! Fair Food

Rainbow Unicorn Glowing Cotton Candy! Fair Food
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Enter into the world of imagination and fantasy land with Glowing Cotton candy but this with rainbow unicorn theme. Open your own fantasy Sweet cotton candy shop, Grab your spun sugar & Give your cotton candy a rainbow Unicorn makeover with DIY Fairy floss machine & create one of the amazing and out of the world creations with glowing neon magic cotton candy. Enjoy the unique cotton candy shapes including unicorn cotton candy, giant cotton candy flower, Rainbow Cotton Candy & Galaxy cotton candies. Have fun with this colorful & glowing cyclone of happiness in rainbow & galaxy colors. Whats better than fluffy sugary & mouth melting cotton candy around the sweet snack lover carnival.

Menu in My Sweet Cotton Candy Shop:
Glowing Colorful Cotton Candy
Glowing Neon Galaxy Cotton Candy
Milky way Cotton Candies
Glowing rainbow Unicorn Cotton Candy & Fairy Floss.
Pony Cotton Candies

Game play & features:
Super fun carnival fair food maker game.
Run your own dessert shop & create out of the world sweet creations.
Infinite ways to create a unique & customized sweet cotton candy.
Eye catching colors & shapes.
Biggest cotton candy stick collection along with glowing neon cotton candy stick to create out of the world glow experience.

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Power Flowers

Power Flowers
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The success of this range has led to an app that’s just as easy to use. The Power Flower™ app is a library of colors. One that inspires you and helps to pick your favorite shades. There’s more too: it even checks and double-checks the permitted color concentration of your recipe. It’s a simple and safe recipe check that helps you with all your doubts about rules or restrictions.

What are Power Flowers™?

Power Flowers™ are a revolutionary method to color any possible fat-based recipe, such as chocolate, cocoa butter, ice cream, mousses, marzipan, glazes, etc. Liquid food dyes belong to the past. From now on, you can create every color imaginable simply by combining several Power Flowers™ (the three primary colors blue, yellow and red with white). With the Color Master or this Power Flowers™ app as your guide, you can create any color of the rainbow for any fat-based product of your choice.

Check your recipe

With this app, you can carry out a color check for your recipes and find out whether they comply with the legal restrictions in their segment (bakery & pastry, confectionery, ice cream & desserts).

Browse and create colors

With the Color Master in the app, you can browse a vast range of Power Flowers™ color combinations. Save your favorites to start using them in your kitchen. Soon you’ll be able to create your own color recipes as well!

Get inspired

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Honey Bee Farm Factory

Honey Bee Farm Factory
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Little princess and prince love honey on delicious food. Honey is the best dessert maker food and is used in many sweet dishes in each house. Lots of dessert in the world are said to be incomplete without honey. Even it is used in the frozen desserts like ice cream and food lovers love to eat it. So honey is not only a delicious food maker dessert but also a very healthy food for children. So little kids get ready to build your own honey bee farm dream house. Work in the honey bee factory as a hero factory worker and make delicious dessert for food lovers.
The interactive story of honey bee factory starts from the flower garden farm where a clan of honey bees comes and collects nectar from the fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits. The vegetable juices with fruits collected by the honey bees are called nectar and raw honey. So little kids! Make a wonderful farm and collect bee hive from the flower garden. But be careful of drone they may sting you. Make sure the absence of drone in the bee hives to avoid any trouble. Collect all beehives in the bucket from the honey farm and take it to your sweet kitchen of honey bee factory. It’s a crazy fun adventure to get sweet home of bee. Honey factory is ready to make the delicious dessert maker honey be a chef master show your cooking skills in the kitchen.
Let’s start cooking yummy food maker dessert like a chef master in the honey bee factory’s kitchen. Cut the bee hive first and squeeze it with a... read more 

Garden Flyer

Garden Flyer
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The aim of the game is to collect the most stars through planting and nourishing your flowers. Time management is crucial to properly managing your crops and the spiders are always ready to attack

To Play:
Tap around the screen to guide your copter
Collect Seedlings
Collect Stars

Keep track of your time and enjoy this fast paced farm game... read more 
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