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Movie Trivia - Guess The Film

Movie Trivia - Guess The Film
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Do you think you know all the movies?

You will be presented with a screen displaying some scenes - what movie is it that these images are describing?

• Featuring hundreds of movie to guess.
• Guess movies you like,pick any movie age group or genre category.
• Hints! Are you stuck? No problem! Reveal the correct letters,remove the wrong ones,or even skip the whole level!
• Countless movie quizes are waiting for you.

Enjoy hours of fun and excited gameplay in the Movie Trivia Game!

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Popcorn Quiz - Movie Trivia

Popcorn Quiz - Movie Trivia
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Manuel Sanchez




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¿Are you a cinema expert?
PopCorn Time is the game that you were waiting for!

Guess the object that appears in your life films. Beat your friends and share with them your achievements or ask them if you do not know any answer.

- 200 films to guess

“PopCorn Time” is a free game full of fun where you have to guess famous objects that appears in hundred of films

- 200 levels to guess! that are leveled to be a challenge.
- Use the Power Ups to pass the most tricky levels.

The game is simple but enjoyable: When you start playing an object from a film will show and you will have to select the correct answer from 4.

All images were created by Potatoes Chips Studio.. All brand names, product names and logos used in this application are used as a part of the trivia game only and are the property of their respective owners. Neither Potatoes Chips Studio nor its software application and the brands used are associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by said owners.... read more 

Movie Junkie Quiz

Movie Junkie Quiz
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Popcorn Entertainment Limited




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So you think you know movies? Think Again...

Movie Junkie is the ultimate quiz for movie buffs. We've packed 560 movie posters into 14 levels of mind bending movie quiz fun. From the Matrix to Misery, from Casablanca to Captain America, every genre and era of the cinema is covered in Movie Junkie.

Movie Junkie is a free to download movie quiz. 40 movie posters are packed into each of the games 14 levels. At first you will find each movie poster completely covered. Use your reveals wisely to uncover any of the 12 squares that cover the poster. How much of the movie poster do you need to see to guess correctly? The less of the poster you see before you guess the more stars are awarded. Can’t guess the movie from your first 3 reveals? More reveals can be bought with the stars.

Movie Junkie Features:
- 560 film posters
- 14 levels, each containing 40 films
- free to download!
- fun for all all ages

Coming Soon:
- more levels!
- more movies!

Check out the best movie quiz out there! How many can you guess?

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Guess The Scene - Popcorn Culture Movies

Guess The Scene - Popcorn Culture Movies
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John Angemi




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How well do you remember the movies you have watched? Do you think you could look at 1 still image of a scene and know which movie it's from?

Jam packed with hundreds of popular and classic movie themes.

- Hundreds of challenging levels
- Free In App Coins to giveaway
- Ask for help using our Facebook feature
- Use different help features to solve the level
- Listen to your favourite music while playing
and lots more.... read more 

Movie Trivia •

Movie Trivia •
Download Movie Trivia • on the Appstore

Trivia Tribe LLP




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Ready to test your Hollywood movies IQ!?

This game is a lot of fun. You'll be shown random movie backdrops and you need to guess the name of the movie. Sounds easy?

We feature :
10 different movie categories.
Over 1000 levels with varying difficulties.
Create your favorite movies list!
New levels added every week!

Lots of Help Options :
- Reveal a correct letter from the movie name
- Delete all the extra letters from the letter choices
- Skip the movie
- Seek help from friends
- We'll also provide useful hints along the way ;)

Get ready to test your Movie IQ!

All images are copyrighted by The Movie Database and we have all the necessary rights to use them.... read more 

Movie Trivia Madness

Movie Trivia Madness
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Aries Spears Productions, Inc.




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Movie trivia party game created by celebrity comedian Aries Spears!

How well do you know your movie celebrities? How many movies of an actor or actress can you guess in 30, 60 or 90 seconds?

Bring your friends and family together for a party game all about movies!

But it's not all fun and games, there will be a champion! Put your knowledge to the test, outdo your crew and beat the timer in this fast pace movie trivia app filled with fun and hilarious Aries Spears impressions of your favorite actors!

All you need is 1 phone and 2 or more players while you all take turns to be host or the competitor.

Bring your wit, dominate your friends and claim the movie trivia championship! Are you ready to play?

About Aries Spears
With eight years as a principal player on the popular sketch show, "MADtv", he is now starring with iconoclastic Damon Wayans in a brand-new show on Showtime called "The Underground".

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