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The Marcus Buckingham Company LLC




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Discover your comparative advantage and improve team engagement with StandOut, powered by ADP. Based on over 25 years of research, our real-time, relevant data and personalized coaching energize and optimize your real world of work.

Note: To use this application users must either be employees of a company already using StandOut or possess a unique 8 digit keycode to create a StandOut account.


StandOut Assessment
Identify your top 2 StandOut roles, capturing your unique advantage.

Capture the ritual of the world’s best leaders through light-touch conversations that align priorities and energize work.

Personalized Coaching
Accessible anytime, anywhere, coaching insights are tailored to your individual Standout Roles.

Member Snapshots
Discover more about the team members you work without throughout your organization with personalized snapshots of their unique strengths.... read more 


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Paul van Dijk




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This app is an aid for the Remco Claassen's book 'Me' and 'We' books.

You will receive help and advice to discover your own passions & motivations, formulate a personal mission statement, and create specific guidelines and goals. Step by step you will find a path to an energetic life plan.

This app is very suitable to all those that are passionate, want to recover from a burn-out, want to prevent a burn-out, job-hoppers, and people that are looking for a suitable job.

Remco's books are an aid to understanding the principles in this app, but even without the books you may benefit from using this app. Each step is explained and enhanced with explanations. Formulating a personal mission statement is done very fast, and you don't have to do it all at once because the app will 'remember' your data.

Good luck, and don't get FOMPED!... read more 


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Running out of time at the office? The NEMO Digital Leadership Academy app gives you the flexibility to bring your learning experience anywhere.

If you want to refresh or enhance your leadership skills, listen to a podcast while on your way to work. Watch a transformational video supported by sleek animations, or read through an inspiring article related to organizational change, leadership or personal development. This web-based learning environment was developed as part of Global Mindset’s blended learning solution. We specialize in global delivery, combining in-person workshops with virtual events, coaching and our interactive NEMO platform.

We are a team of organizational psychologists, leadership experts, communication consultants, actors, teachers and artists. We have global backgrounds and live and work around the world.

Our goal?

To help leaders and teams globally to successfully implement and integrate learning into their daily lives; that they grow from it and as a result transform their mindset, their behavior and ultimately their impact on others and the organization as a whole.

What we offer?

A library of digital courses around leadership and organizational development
Videos, podcasts, gamification, assignments, articles
Customized learning solutions
Access to a team of specialists depending on your need... read more 
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