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For several decades, there has been little to no advancement in how safes are made or the features they offer. Until now! Introducing Night Owl’s Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Safe™. With Integrated Cloud Connectivity, you can connect to your Wi-Fi network and receive real-time alerts directly to your Smart Device. If your Safe has been opened or closed, you will be notified. If your Safe is moved, you will be notified. If the keypad is touched, you will be notified. If the Safe battery is low or your Wi-Fi connection is lost, you will be notified. Not only do these alerts help you protect your property from thieves, but they also help protect from the curious minds of children and guests. With pry-resistant steel and single-handed access, this safe is both secure and convenient. If you want a Safe that utilizes Smart technology to keep you in the know, then look no further than Night Owl®. Be Smart. Be Safe.

Key Features

• Real-Time Alerts
• 5 Types of Alerts Keep you in the Know
• Integrated Cloud Coverage
• No Monthly Fees
• 24/7 Technical Phone Support

Wi-Fi Enabled

By connecting the Safe to your Wi-Fi network, you will receive real-time alerts directly to your Smart Device. Night Owl’s free and exclusive app makes it easy to set up and keeps you connected to your Safe.

• Easily establish a Wi-Fi connection
• Benefit from real-time alerts directly to your Smart Device
• Keep it up! Ensure you have a High-Speed Internet connection with a minimum of 3Mbps dedicated upload speed

Real-Time Alerts

Our Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Safe™ will send you real-time alerts directly to your Smart Device when an event occurs. No matter where you travel, you will be notified about the status of your Safe.

• Ensure you are notified of potential threats, no matter where your travels take you
• Receive a real-time alert directly to your Smart Device anytime, anywhere
• Be in the know at all times with our free remote viewing app
Types of Alerts Received

Designed to keep you up to date with any major status change for your Safe, you will receive different types of alerts to your Smart Device. Anytime one of the following conditions is met, you will be alerted:

Keypad is Touched
• Whenever someone or something touches the keypad, you will be notified
• Whether by accident or intended, makes no difference

Safe has been Opened/Closed
• Receive an alert anytime the Safe is opened or closed
• Enjoy peace of mind, all the time

Safe has been Moved
• If the Safe is moved, you will be notified
• Even if it only moves an inch!

Low Battery
• Your Safe will alert you when it is time to change the batteries
• Don’t worry about the batteries dying while you are out of town. Simply change them when they are low to stay protected

Wi-Fi Status
• Anytime the Safe loses its Wi-Fi connection, the app will alert you
• Ensure that you do not miss valuable alerts because you were not aware that your Wi-Fi was temporarily down

Integrated Cloud Connectivity

Night Owl’s Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Safe™ does not include internal memory. Instead, benefit from the convenience of Integrated Cloud Connectivity.

• Cloud compatibility makes accessing your Safe alerts easy
• Don’t worry about losing data
• 24/7 access no matter how far away you are

Be Smart. Be Safe. Night Owl helps to Secure, Protect, and Connect your world.

Release notes

Be Smart. Be Safe. The Night Owl Safe App has been updated and is now compatible with iOS 13. Also, our brilliant and talented engineers (they paid me to write that) fixed some annoying bugs for a performance improvement that will just warm your heart. Make sure to keep your App updated with the latest version to enjoy all it has to offer. Now go secure, protect, and connect your world.

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