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Larva Action Fighter

Larva Action Fighter
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Games, Adventure, Action, Entertainment





An exciting adventure with the Korea representative anime "Larva"

Side Scrolling Action Game "Larva Action Fighter"

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An adventure that takes our heroes to the heart of the Devil Soldiers land!
Play as all your favorite Larva characters! Let your imagination run wild!

◆ Amazing Event ◆
- Take on the daily challenge to collect candies!
- Experience the bounty of candies from completing missions.

◆ Choose from the extensive list of 16 characters and power them up ◆
- Collect all the characters and power them up to take on big challenges.
- Collect all 16 characters and power them up to discover their special skills.
- Strategize with your characters and skills to take on the Devil Army!

◆ I'm the Top Bug in these Lands! Battle other users in PvP! ◆
- Move up in the ranks by going head to head with users worldwide!
- Battle 3:3 and see where you stand in ranking.
- Every new week brings new challenges! Take them on to become the ultimate champion!
- Play in Manual mode when you're free and Auto mode when you're not
- Choose Manual mode to take full control over your battles or let your characters take on the reigns in Auto mode.

◆ How-to-Play/Tip ◆
- Use the joystick on the bottom left corner to move the characters to foes.
- Use the Attack and Skill buttons on the bottom right corner to attack your foes.
- Tap on the Auto button on the... read more 

Larva Super Phoenix adventures

Larva Super Phoenix adventures
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Essaid Kourchi




Games, Action, Adventure





Super Lavra phoenix adventures is a free game that teach you several lessons in addition to you
Offer a moment of entertainment.
 This incredibly easy and yet challenging game will catch the world's attention because of its simple game
 But incredibly difficult game goals.

You must score points by making your bird pass between obstacles.

 Play again and again, it affects your time management skills very well. It requires a lot of know-how for the time
 The flaps of the bird just so that it is able to alter its altitude in accordance with the openings in the pipe as
 Obstacles that come at different heights. It is also necessary to have reflexes really sharp because the obstacles to come
 More quickly and with less and less distance between them as the game progresses. In fact, it was only after the first ten
 Obstacles are crossed that the game really begins to accelerate.

Try to collect as many points as possible to discover super worlds with this super Lavra bird.

Characteristics :

Classic Gameplay
Still beautiful simple graphics
And easy intuitive controls
Many levels
Adapted to all aspects of
beautiful music
Background classification

If you really like Jungle Jump Lavra adventure games, this game is a perfect choice for you and your kids.

Do not hesitate to get this super games Lavra

So download it now and have fun,

Play with your friends, Lavra prefers to pretend in... read more 


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Thinh Pham




Games, Adventure, Entertainment, Strategy





A simple and super funny game with amazing graphics.
The only mission: Try to avoid the birds and survive as long as possible.
Tap and hold on the left screen to move to the left.
Tap and hold on the right screen to move to the right.
Collect axes as many as possible and use them to kill the birds.
Share your result on Facebook and challenge your friends.
Enjoy!... read more 

Flappy Larvae : larva flying

Flappy Larvae : larva flying
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Hung Do Xuan




Games, Action, Adventure





One game control by Tap!
Very simple, very hard, very hot!

Fly as the geeky Larvae and flap through the sewer in this fun little game. Be the best and fly the longest distance, avoiding obstacles.

Compete with your friends and see who can flap the highest score.

- Easy one-button control
- Catchy and cute art

How far can you fly? Try all your best to become the winner with highest score.

Play Flappy Larvae: Larva Flying and share it with friend now!... read more 

Gurk III - the 8-bit RPG

Gurk III - the 8-bit RPG
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Larva Labs Ltd.




Games, Role-Playing, Adventure





Old-school RPG fans, rejoice! Gurk III is here and it is a lovingly-crafted game in the style of the great 8-bit RPGs of the 1980s. The crisply-pixelated icons, the painstakingly-emulated analog synth music, the hack'n'slash ethos, it's all here!

The gameplay and interface are simple, but the world is large and the tactics run deep. Roll stats for three heroes chosen from nine character classes, then explore a world with vast wildernesses, 50+ dungeon levels, 125+ creatures and 200+ unique items, all accompanied by a soundtrack of 20 original songs, scored in 8-bit synth emulators. Why, this ain't your parents' RPG, it's your grandparents'!


(Note: In case you are looking, the earlier Gurks I & II are not available for iOS)... read more 

Police Robot Ropehero

Police Robot Ropehero
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Shahzaib Afzal




Games, Action, Adventure





Welcome to the top Army Crime Simulator 2020 new where robot transforms into Us police robot take place with 3d real mission of Grand city rescue in us army games and robot police games.
Exclusively features amazing rope hero games in open world games where Police car real robot transforms to fight against Grand city gangsters and If you want to experience the latest police robot transform car then you are just one click away from the finest robot shooting games
Welcome to the top Army Crime Simulator 2020 new game, police car games and robot car game featuring police robot which transform into futuristic robot car with destructive fire power of shooting in battle against gangsters entered Super city. Play with multiple transformation of Us army Ropehero into Ultimate real robot car transformation in Us army games free with 3d real mission to entertain you. Army Flying Hero Crime Simulator in Miami Crime City Game starts with the crime city wars of grand city robbers taking place from auto theft games and Vegas crime city gangster games. Us police robot car game carry futuristic robot car through which you can reach criminals early to shoot them and save the grand city.
Police car real Robot Transform – Robot car game with futuristic supercar driving
Drive the Police real robot car and perform police cop robot duty for rescuing citizen from gangsters. Get into Police transform robot war vehicle and save the red... read more 

Flip The Ball To Target

Flip The Ball To Target
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Muhammad Maqbool




Games, Adventure, Casual, Entertainment





Train yourself with hit balls target 2018 game and become the best target achiever among your friends. Here is the new target achieving game where you can hit with balls in specific holes to win the in this futuristic target environment. You can be the one who can train yourself in this hit balls target 2018 games and definitely you will enjoy yourself because of its interesting and entertaining levels. Just boost your mind to solve this puzzle type of target game. It is very easy and interesting because it is not like and target of archery and even not a target game to chase its juts hit type of game where you will get gems to hit the target points.

You will enjoy this futuristic environment where pinball is moving around to get into the holes. You will get fun like action puzzle game with multiple futuristic environment. Enjoy this 3D amazing environment with amazing sound effects.

How to Play!
• Aim and shoot the balls to hit all type of targets
• Hit the targets to proceed to the next room
• Destroy bumpers and destroy all kind of objects
• Get multiple powerful balls
• Challenge yourself Win high score 

Download Fun For Free!... read more 

Spore 3D Premium

Spore 3D Premium
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Vladimir Jirov




Games, Adventure, Entertainment, Role-Playing





Under the scorching sun a new civilization found its origin. Spore Monsters survived on this deadly empty ground and evolved.
Organics is too weak for this sizzling and exterminating area. The solution was found in symbiosis with the technologies of extinct humanity. Technological transformation of monsters’ claws, limbs and bodies happened. These transformations of monster species allowed to adapt to the unfriendly environment. But this rapid evolution badly affected the minds of creatures, causing rampage, madness and rage. Now these creatures are even more insatiable, fierce and hungry.

Found in the deep ocean abysses, spore monsters were genetically modified by scientists in cell labs and now they survived their creators. They are much stronger, angrier and more flexible monsters then there were. But they continue evolving turning into high tech monsters.

Take part in a fierce clash for the territory, becoming one of the terrible monsters. Destroy your enemies, absorb their genetic code (DNA) and evolve in order to dominate monsters who dare to challenge you. Become a monstercrafter and decide by yourself how your new monster will look like. Feed and grow your own fighting monster. Don’t make monsters starve!

Enjoy unlimited evolution and transformation but take care!
Many more furious creatures set their heart on this territory. Giant sand worms who are ready to absorb and... read more 
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