Pinball Hoops

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Pinball Hoops

adam rogan

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Pinball Hoops..
Time to shoot some Hoops Pinball style.
Become the Pinball Hoops Master, by timing shots, and ricochets to sink hoops.
Collect Coins to:
-Unlock new Balls.
-Continue your score.
-Endless game play with random hoop positions, and moving hoops.
-Simple tap controls.
-Game Centre Leaderboard.

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Santa's Hat
Santa's Hat

GBP : Free

Ho Ho Ho its nearly Christmas. Santa forgot his Hat, Help Santa's Hat get home.
Its that time of year. Christmas, and Santa ran off and forgot his hat.
Its up to you to get Sant's hat home.
Jump the gap between platforms, try to land in the centre. The icy platforms are slippery and you might slide off.
Watch out for the rising snow, if you take to long you will be buried in snow.
Tap to jump and for long jumps, hold to jump higher and longer.
You will need to perfect your timing for how long to hold.
So you can jump the gap between platforms.
Collect candy canes, and use to unlock new characters.
Compete on the leaderboard and against your friends.
Have a great christmas and holidays.

"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Jump Stack
Jump Stack

GBP : Free

Jump and stack the blocks as high as you can.
How to play:
Tap to jump.
Time your jumps well, to jump onto the moving platforms.
Tip- Jump before they hit you.
Time your jumps well to make a well balanced block tower.
Take to long and you will be shredded by the helicopter.
If you jump and miss a platform, you will be stuck, don't worry though the helicopter will get you.
Challenge your friends on the leader board....
Roll Up!!!
Roll Up!!!

GBP : Free

Roll Up!!!
Tap/Hold, left or right of your screen to get Rolling.
Work your way up the bendy maze of obstacles.

Collect gems as go to unlock new Rollers.
Avoid spikes and obstacles to make your way to new heights.
Challenging game to master but easy enough to play, with the right timing you will be reaching amazing heights.

Challenge your friends in Game Centre to see who is the best roller.
Share your scores with friends and the world.

-Endless random levels to challenge you.
-Simple tap to play.
-Unlock new characters to roll with....
BMX Dash
BMX Dash

GBP : Free

BMX Dash.
One touch game play, easy to play but hard to master.
Touch screen to go, let go to keep level.
Complete three tracks with insanely hard jumps to master.
Which will then unlock endless random tracks for higher scores!!, And more crazy jumps and tricks.

- One tap/touch game play
- Crazy tricks
- Endless game play
- Game Centre, Compete on the leaderboard for the top position.

Have fun rate and review.
Let us know what you think.
More updates and tricks coming soon.

Music by Fabian
Funky Park
BMX-Wheelie King
BMX-Wheelie King

GBP : Free

Every body loves doing wheelies on their bikes.
Competing with their friends to see who can go the furthest.
Well now you can, on your mobile.
One tap game play.
Tap/Hold the screen to do a wheelie and release to lower.
Don't let your front wheel touch the ground!!!!
Control your bike while holding and releasing and holding to keep balance.
Watch out for those tricky speed humps.
Compete with your friends and the world on Game Centre,
See if you can top the leaderboard to become the Wheelie King
How far can you Wheelie?

-One tap game play
-addictive and challenging Game play
-Game Centre leaderboard.
-Share your scores, and brag to your friends...
Spooky Mansion
Spooky Mansion

GBP : Free

Help the little, Frankenstein Brothers explore the Spooky Mansion.
Four game modes, Collect Keys to unlock Door's and explore all the Room's.
Collect gold to score points, avoid dangerous objects and look out for the mystery Doors. Where you come out is anybody's Guess.
Each brother has his own Game Play.
Good Luck.

-One Tap game play.
-Three Unique Characters.
-Four different Game Plays.
-Unlock Doors.
-Spooky sound Effects and Music.
-Leader Board....
Pinball Hoops
Pinball Hoops

GBP : Free

Pinball Hoops..
Time to shoot some Hoops Pinball style.
Become the Pinball Hoops Master, by timing shots, and ricochets to sink hoops.
Collect Coins to:
-Unlock new Balls.
-Continue your score.
-Endless game play with random hoop positions, and moving hoops.
-Simple tap controls.
-Game Centre Leaderboard....
MX Minis
MX Minis

GBP : Free

MX Mini Motocross
Race your MX Mini against the clock.
Or just see how long you can stay on.

Stadium- complete levels to Unlock next track.

CountryAir- complete all levels to unlock the Country Endless Track.

Country Endless- See how far you go through this challenging and puzzling track.

Wheelies- See how far you can wheelie, keep that front wheel in the air, oh and try not to flip.

Bikes- Race against the clock to earn a new bike to race.

Stickers- iMessage Stickers to send to friends.
Animated stickers with tricks.
-Leaderboard- to challenge your friends and see who can go the furthest distance.

-Simple controls

Share and challenge with your friends.
Spin Round
Spin Round

GBP : Free

Spin Round.
Test your skills and see how far round you can go.
Complete levels, or play the arcade mode.
Collect gems to Unlock new Characters.

•50 levels
•Arcade Mode
•3 Game modes
•characters to unlock
•challenge friends or the world on the leader board....

GBP : Free

Endless Alien Invaders.
Blast your way through an endless invasion of space aliens.
Collect power ups to help you survive.
Collect coins to unlock ship upgrades.
How long will you last against the Alien Invaders?

•Game Centre- To challenge your friends and the universe.
•One hand joystick control....
Motocross Mini Outrun
Motocross Mini Outrun

GBP : Free

Motocross Mini Outrun!!!
Out run the cops, collect cash and unlock new Cool Mini Motocross Bikes.
All bikes have different power and handling control.
•Two game modes-
Outrun the cops and collect cash- Quickest way to unlock bikes.
•Challenge mode-
Outrun the cops on the Highway, Country or the City, Reach Checkpoints, or find the map to get to a new location.

•simple tap controls- tap left, tap right.
•Cool mini Motocross bikes to Unlock.
•Challenging, challenge mode to get through....
Driving Skillz
Driving Skillz

GBP : Free

Driving Skillz.
How are your driving skills?
Stay on the road and avoid obstacles.

Driving test with 10 Levels to test your Skillz.
Crash and you go back to the first test...

Endless drive through the country roads, collect coins to unlock cool new cars.

Rally track- test your driving skillz on the dirt track,
How far will you drive?...

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