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Create the habit,
#GetFit, and
get healthy!

#GetFit #GetFit is a game to help you make small changes in your everyday life that can improve your health and reduce the likelihood of certain cancers by sharing your healthy choices daily via social media.

Did you know that
a habit is just a behavior repeated on a regular basis
until our minds get used to the new behavior?

#GetFit challenges you to adopt a new healthy habit during the next six weeks. That's three weeks to create a new habit, and three more weeks to see if you can maintain it. Choose one of the three #GetFit challenges, and join us in this six week adventure. Together, we will get healthier which can help reduce the likelihood of developing certain cancers.... read more 

8fit Workout & Meal Planner

8fit Workout & Meal Planner
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8fit helps you become healthier and happier by putting fitness and nutrition experts in your pocket. Get customized workout and meal plans to help you reach your wellness goals.

*Rated 5 stars by thousands of users*
The 8fit app is now available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.

How to get started with 8fit:
1. Determine your wellness goal (lose weight, get fitter, gain muscle mass)
2. Measure your fitness level and record your dietary preferences
3. Receive your custom workouts and meal plans instantly
4. Follow the daily recommendations to achieve your goal

Skip the gym and realize your true potential. 8fit workouts take 15-20 minutes and can be done at home without special equipment. In addition to custom workout plans, 8fit provides delicious, wholesome nutrition plans based on your dietary needs and preferences. Here are other ways 8fit helps you reach your goal:

• Nutrition tips and guides
• Weekly meal planner filled with healthy recipes
• Fat-burning exercises
• Muscle-building HIIT workouts
• Interactive videos
• Research-backed programs

Most fitness apps provide a plan or tracker for your goals, but don't help you get there. At 8fit, we help you succeed by:
• Explaining proper exercise form and progression
• Providing ingredient alternatives in every recipe
• Enabling extensive meal plan customization
• Providing a... read more 

One You Couch to 5K

One You Couch to 5K
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Public Health England


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For the latest official information about what you can and can't do at this time, visit

It’s an easy to follow programme known the world over, and perfect for those new to running and need some extra support and motivation along the way.

The app features a choice of 5 great trainers to support and motivate you at every step of the way, telling you when to run and when to walk, from broadcaster and former Olympian Michael Johnson, comedians Sarah Millican and Sanjeev Kohli, BBC presenter Jo Whiley, and our very own Laura, who have now helped over 2 million people like you start their own running journeys.

One You Couch to 5K features:
• A flexible programme that can be completed in as little as 9 weeks, or longer if you want to go at your own pace
• Easy to follow countdown timer so you can see and well as hear how long you’ve got left of each run
• Works alongside your preferred music player, automatically 'dipping' the volumes so you can hear the instructions and motivations from your chosen trainer
• Signals a half-time bell when you get half way, so you know when to head home!
• Lets you track your progress and awards achievements as you move through the runs
• Lets you rate how you feel before and after each session to help acknowledge the immediate benefits for doing some physical activity
• Connects you with likeminded people through the... read more 

GetFit Health - Wellness

GetFit Health - Wellness
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PranWorks Co., Ltd.


Health & Fitness


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The application is from our GetFit Platform. We want to introduce a unique and differentiated standard of customer engagement program with integrated wellness components. It is a part of the engagement program and enhances user interaction with simplifying, easy to use the mobile application to tracking their health activities. You can register with your social media account, do the missions and challenge with other members to receive the coins to getting the exclusive rewards and sharing the result with your friends. Our application can connect with supported third-party wellness application for receiving the health data such as step from Apple Health.... read more 

Fit Body – Personal Fitness Trainer App – Daily Workout Video Training Program for Fitness Shape and Calorie Burn

Fit Body – Personal Fitness Trainer App – Daily Workout Video Training Program for Fitness Shape and Calorie Burn
Download Fit Body – Personal Fitness Trainer App – Daily Workout Video Training Program for Fitness Shape and Calorie Burn on the Appstore

WL Online Marketing LLC


Health & Fitness


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Awesome fitness app that will get you Fit Body in less than two weeks! Sounds too easy? With our app, it really is! But be careful, our workouts are so fun and enjoyable that it can lead to the healthiest exercising addiction ever!

•Informative overview of exercising
•Three effective HD video workouts for different fitness levels, so it will never get boring or too easy*
•Full descriptions for each exercise to get the maximum benefit out of workouts
•Endless fun of sports, as you can work out while listening your own music from iTunes!

*The first level is free, the second and third levels are in-app purchases.

More than 60 000 people are already hooked and training with us. Here are some of their reviews:
’’ This app is amazing and you feel and see it working after the first time!’’
’’ Saw results in the first day!!!’’
’’ Love this app!! Best one! And you can hear your own music while you work out’’

Download our app today and begin with your FUN, SIMPLE and ADDICTIVE workouts.

Try also our other apps to bring more variety to your training schedule:
Brazilian Butt
Amazing Abs
Best Bust
Strong Runner
200 Exercises... read more 

Fit Tea - Get Fit with Fit Tea

Fit Tea - Get Fit with Fit Tea
Download Fit Tea - Get Fit with Fit Tea on the Appstore

Fit Products LLC


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





If you’re trying to lose weight, stay healthy, work on your fitness, or eat better foods, your iPhone can be a helpful tool – but only if you have the right apps.

No matter if you’re running a marathon or running the vacuum cleaner, Fit Tea will track your fitness progress. The app tracks over 12 different activities and rewards your efforts with Achievement badges.... read more 

Idle Workout !

Idle Workout !
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Games, Role-Playing, Casual, Entertainment





Are you ready to lose weight and get Fit from Fat ! ?
Are you ready to Start Body Building ?
We present to you a one of a kind game where you have to become fit from fat by doing various cardio exercises .
Exercises :
1. Treadmill
2. Skipping
3. Staircase Climbing
4. Cross training
5. Cycling

Muscle Exercises:

1. Dumble Lifting for Biceps
2. Bench Press for Chest
and many more !

Get ready to immerse yourself into a Realistic Workout session !... read more 

Low Carb Recipes Cookbook – Get Fit with Healthy Recipes by 7 Diet Meals

Low Carb Recipes Cookbook – Get Fit with Healthy Recipes by 7 Diet Meals
Download Low Carb Recipes Cookbook – Get Fit with Healthy Recipes by 7 Diet Meals on the Appstore

Lukas Hrebik


Food & Drink


Food & Drink, Health & Fitness





Are you still looking for easy way how to get fit body? Download our FREE paleo/low carb cookbook and find out HOW you can easily LOSE FAT by eating DELICIOUS and EASY TO COOK meals. All the recipes are EXACTLY what I EAT to KEEP my body LEAN.

These recipes helped me and my clients to lose fat, gain muscles and get healthy body. All recipes will help you reach these goals because they have few things in common:
- All recipes are low carb diet friendly
- Almost all recipes follow paleo diet rules (I only use cheese sometimes)
- They are all delicious and incredibly easy to cook
- Me and my clients eat like that all the time and it WORKS

This handy low carb recipes app is here for you anytime you are looking for healthy cooking inspiration. I bet you won’t regret downloading it!
And one last thing APP is UPDATED REGULARLY which means more and more recipes are being added all the time and recipes will be always for FREE.... read more 

5k - Lose weight, burn calories and get fit & healthy in 8 weeks!

5k - Lose weight, burn calories and get fit & healthy in 8 weeks!
Download 5k - Lose weight, burn calories and get fit & healthy in 8 weeks! on the Appstore

Aake Gregertsen


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Sports





5 STAR APP! - Go from couch potato to a 5k runner in just 8 weeks with voice coaching, progress tracking and achievements.

The 5k program is the easiest and most successful program for getting started with running. It will take you from not running to being able to run a 5k in just 8 weeks.


Voice coaching gives you easy and clear instructions
Both male and female voices
You start slow and gradually build up the intensity.
Interval training with run and walk cycles


Each workout has an inspirational quote
Earn achievements as you complete each exercise
Share your achievements with your friends through social media


Compatible with all music players
Listen to your own music while running
Instructions blend with your music


Compatible with other running apps and trackers

Fast, responsive & ad free

Tiny download size
Simple and clean user interface
No ads


The free version includes the first five workouts. The rest are available to unlock with an in app purchase... read more 


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Unicity International Inc.


Health & Fitness


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It's never too late to create a healthy lifestyle.

GetFit21 connects you with a coach and community committed to helping you create healthy habits and stick with them.

-Don't worry about counting calories. Just snap a photo of your meal with the GetFit21 app and await your coach's comments.

-Exercise for everyone. You can record any type of exercise you enjoy or you can try one of our HIIT Strength and Conditioning workouts in the app.

-Materials, lessons, and answers at your fingertips. One-click access to our Nutrition Guide, recipes, and other GetFit21 answers.

-Input the code you received from your coach in order to join a group!... read more 


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Get Fit Holdings, LLC


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Download the Get Fit Academy app today to plan and schedule all of your classes! From this mobile app, you can view our class schedule, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s location and contact information. Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your device! Download FREE today!... read more 

Food Darzee

Food Darzee
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3CAD Hospitality LLP


Health & Fitness


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Food Darzee is a health food nutrition company providing a holistic nutrition service. Our vision is to create an entire universe of products and services whereby every customer need is catered to, be it through expert nutritional guidance or customized meals.

Fooddarzee is a subscription-based meal service where each meal is customized to help you achieve your health goal
Each personal nutritionist assigned acts like your mentor, follows up on a regular basis maps your progress and tweaks, and tailors your diet and helps you achieve your health goal.... read more 

Swedish Fit London

Swedish Fit London
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Swedish Fit Limited


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Download the Swedish Fit London App today to plan and schedule your classes! Join us to have fun and get fit exploring our different activties. From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s location and contact information. Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your phone! See you soon!... read more 

Men Workout - Six Pack at Home

Men Workout - Six Pack at Home
Download Men Workout - Six Pack at Home on the Appstore



Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





This is an app that is built to provide you with lots of exercises and quality videos and detailed instructions for you to enjoy your home workouts and get fit.
Home workouts for men is designed to train your core abs and contains workouts to train specific muscle groups.
You can train:
*Arms, this muscle group includes burpees , push up , buzz saw planks , triceps dip diamond push ups and etc.
*Chest this group includes reverse crunches, burpee , cobra , triceps on floor and etc.
*Legs this group includes wall sit, calf raises , squat , fire hydrant , side lunges , squat , bridge and etc.
*Six Pack and abs workout this group includes cross arm crunches , plank , scissors , bicycle crunches ,mountain climber and etc.
*Butt this group includes plank with leg lifts , pile squats , squat and etc.
All the home workouts that are mentioned above have quality video instructions.
You can also check which muscle groups you trained.
Key features of home workouts and exercises app for men are following
* No equipment required
* Easy to use interface
* High quality workout videos
Using men fitness app to train Six Pack Abs you can achieve your fitness goals and build a desired body. All the exercises have quality text and necessary graphics.
We have prepared challenges for you each of which consists of 30 day workout challenge which can help you achieve your fitness goals.... read more 

HowUdish: Food, Friends, Dates

HowUdish: Food, Friends, Dates
Download HowUdish: Food, Friends, Dates on the Appstore

Felix Culpa Publishing, LLC




Lifestyle, Food & Drink





Get CASH BACK when you date or meet friends who are food lovers at nearby restaurants!

How It Works
> Build Your Profile - Tell HowUdish about yourself, your favorite foods, and your lifestyle.
> Get Swiping! - Swipe through potential friends, dates, or both. Learn more about their eating habits and find your perfect match.
> Swipe Dishes For Better Matches - Swipe right on dishes you like, left on ones you don’t. HowUdish uses this data to match you with more compatible dates and friends.

Get a Free Meal
Premium subscribers can dine for free on their first date/meetup with a match made through the app. Simply take a picture of the receipt, submit it through the app, and receive up to $50 cash back paid for by HowUdish.

Find Better Relationships
For many, a passion for food is a way of life. Create stronger relationships with friends or romantic partners by bonding over similar tastes and food preferences.

Avoid First-date Awkwardness
Disagreements over food choices can be a relationship deal breaker. Start your date off on the right foot, meet people who eat like you.

Eat Better
Share the meals you like and get great restaurant recommendations near you. Interact with the community to learn or share great tips on lifestyle and diet.

> Match and chat with like-minded food lovers
> Share recipes, dishes and restaurant reviews along with healthy eating tips
> Meet new people who love the... read more 

In-Fitness: Healthy Lifestyle

In-Fitness: Healthy Lifestyle
Download In-Fitness: Healthy Lifestyle on the Appstore



Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





In-Fitness is a multifunctional app with all the spheres of a healthy lifestyle. With In-Fitness, you can easily do fitness anywhere and anytime. It will also allow you to monitor the NUTRITION.

Even if you have a personal trainer or you do fitness by your own, In-Fitness will be a great to to achieve your goals: WEIGHT LOSS, muscle building, normalizing your muscle tone, healthy diet etc.

Try the Free In-Fitness app, WITHOUT any ADS. Earn FIT-POINTS for your activities and redeem points for FREE USES of ANY FUNCTIONS of your choice. With a systematic fitness performing and with In-Fitness, you will discover new facets of yourself and the app!


- Simple and clear menu
- The tutorial how to use the app
- The selection of the color scheme of the app design

- A LARGE base of exercises for all muscle groups (abs, legs, back, biceps, chest, etc.).)
- Detailed exercise instructions with animations
- Recommendations for performing exercises

- Lots of workouts focused on different goals
- The ability to create and save your personal workouts
- Set your own interval workouts
Convenient calendar for tracking training days

- An extensive database of products and dishes
- Cooking videos
- Ready-made power solutions
- PLANNING the daily diet
Accounting and STATISTICS of consumed calories

TABATA is a high-intensity... read more 

Wanna Train

Wanna Train
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Wanna Train PTE LTD


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





Wanna Train is the social wellness community with a range of wellness activities to connect individuals, instructors, personal trainers and businesses! Wanna Train brings people together for an active, engaged and healthy lifestyle.

- Find nearby friends to train with
- Find, book and pay instructors
- Find gyms and studios nearby
- Special offers and discounts at gyms and studios near you
- Stay connected with training buddies, 1-on-1 or through group chat
- Create a profile, connect with other wellness enthusiasts and stay motivated!
- Stay inspired by sharing your progress and following friends on the wellness feed


Wanna Train wellness app helps you manage and grow your business.

- Connects you with prospective clients nearby.
- Find clients, book sessions and get paid!
- Manage and grow your personal brand, client base and social followers.... read more 

Get Fit Great Falls

Get Fit Great Falls
Download Get Fit Great Falls on the Appstore

Speaking Socially Media, LLC


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Get Fit Great Falls promotes the benefits of healthy lifestyles to the citizens of Great Falls and Cascade County through a unified community effort that encourages cultural and system change. It’s never too late to start an active lifestyle! No matter what your age, starting a more active lifestyle now can make you healthier and improve your quality of life.... read more 

Nutriplan - Calorie Counter

Nutriplan - Calorie Counter
Download Nutriplan - Calorie Counter on the Appstore

Wowmaking LLC


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Food & Drink





One app to meet your healthy eating goals. If you are into counting macros, calories, whether you focus on protein, carbs, fat, Nutriplan will help you create a perfect diet plan based on your physique, body goals and food preferences.

*Calorie counter: track calories consumed during the day.
*Macro calculator: count carbs, fats and proteins for balanced nutrition.
*Food diary: keep a food journal to analyze daily macros and calorie intake.
*Diet planner: create a personalized diet plan based on your health goals and diet style.
*Healthy recipes: quick and easy, macros & calories included!

Track calories and macros, make healthy choices, resist cravings, emotional eating and reach health & body goals faster with Nutriplan!

Define your daily calorie limit and track calories in products, dishes and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks). Our database is large enough to ensure you won’t have to search for calorie data yourself.

Protein + fat + carb counter. Whether you focus on a balanced diet or follow a specific diet plan (keto diet, dukan diet and everything between low carb, low fat and high protein diets), Nutriplan will track and display your macros in a simple easy-to-read way.

Food journaling has proved to be highly effective for weight loss and muscle building. With Nutriplan, you get 3 in 1: a food diary, a meal planner... read more 

Fitness Garage

Fitness Garage
Download Fitness Garage on the Appstore

Maged Eladawy


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Fitness garage is a Professional entity. It creates personalized fitness programs based on individual needs, fueled by expert local coaches. Our meal plans are created by a certified nutritionist and feature locally available foods specific to our region and culture. It’s all in Arabic.

We also creates workout plans that challenge and entertain you – make you sweat and feel good about yourselves after you’ve completed a workout. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, its custom plans are designed to help you meet your personal goals and adapt as you get stronger and healthier along the way. Throughout the experience, you’ll be guided by positive messages of support and encouragement.... read more 

Fitter Coach

Fitter Coach
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Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





Fitter offers personalized at home workout programs for various goals – weight loss, muscle gain, getting fit, and more. Choose the perfect plan for you and join Fitter challenges to compete with other users!

Challenging workouts

Up for a challenge? Choose a workout and compete with thousands of Fitter users. The faster you complete the workout, the higher you’ll be on the leaderboard!

Personalized workout plans

Explore workout plans to find the perfect routine for your goal. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or build muscle – all you need is a 4-week plan of highly effective exercises.

Weight tracker

Track your weight loss progress and celebrate achievements!

Step tracker

Every step counts! Set daily walking goals and see how many calories you burned throughout the day.

Water tracker

Proper hydration is essential for weight loss, overall health, and energy levels. To form this incredibly beneficial habit, start setting goals and track your daily water intake.

Privacy policy:
General conditions: read more 

My Institute GS

My Institute GS
Download My Institute GS on the Appstore



Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Download the Institute for Healthy Living app to connect with the premier medically based fitness facility located in Longview, TX. As an IHL member, this app will allow you to manage your account, track your visits, view class schedules and more. You can also view & update your personal information, edit billing information and view purchase history.... read more 

Stand Alarm

Stand Alarm
Download Stand Alarm on the Appstore

Tim Mabbott


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle





Stand Alarm will gently remind you to get out of your chair regularly during the day.

Sitting all day is bad for your health. Studies show:

* Heart disease and cancer risk go up
* Life expectancy goes down

Health experts recommend that you get up and move periodically.

Not quite ready to stand up when an alarm goes off? No problem, Stand Alarm will remind you later based on your schedule preferences.

Alarms are scheduled as notifications, so the app does not need to be open to remind you to stand.... read more 

Paleo Diet Recipes Made Easy

Paleo Diet Recipes Made Easy
Download Paleo Diet Recipes Made Easy on the Appstore


Food & Drink


Food & Drink, Health & Fitness





Over 100 simple recipes from the stone age – brought to life for the 21st century with this definitive guide to the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet is the latest and greatest eating innovation. Free yourself forever from faddy food replacements and low calorie alternatives, and simply observe one golden rule: stick to the foods the human body has evolved to eat.

Follow the example of your caveman ancestors and fuel your body with a diet of meat (organic and grass-fed where possible), fish, vegetables, fruit and roots.

This app is your simple and accessible guide to eating simple, delicious food within the Paleo guidelines, with a huge range of ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

• simple, delicious food
• over 100 recipes
• breakfast, lunch and dinner
• snacks and sweet treats
• meat, fish and vegetarian options all within the Paleo guidelines

Joy Skipper is a qualified nutritional therapist specialising in Sports Nutrition. She has a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Therapy from The Centre of Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management, following her graduation from the world-renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2009. She writes extensively on healthy food for a number of magazines, including Waitrose Kitchen, Delicious Magazine, Weight Watchers Magazine and BBC Good Food and has authored several books.... read more 

Love Muscle Nutrition

Love Muscle Nutrition
Download Love Muscle Nutrition on the Appstore

Own Logo Supply Company




Shopping, Health & Fitness





Think of Love Muscle as the new cool kid in the world of supplement manufacturing that has all the latest technology and vision! We are obsessive about three very important things; quality, taste & value for money! We firmly believe that you get out what you put in, we don’t see the point in you busting your gut in the gym if you aren’t going to give your body the highest quality nutrients it needs to recover, grow and adapt. Before creating Love Muscle Nutrition we spent over 25 years dealing with different companies looking at raw materials, ingredient combinations, absorption boosters and manufacturing processes. So believe us when we say, our products are of the highest quality! We have no gimmicks and no fancy advertising budget, this is because we would rather spend our money on the finest raw ingredients for our products to help you achieve your training goals. Anyone can plaster an advert in every health & fitness magazine published, however we want you, our valued customers to spread the word about Love Muscle Nutrition and recommend us to your clients and friends. Our shakes are some what of a rarity in the world of sports supplements…..why is this? This is because are shakes taste amazing! We have worked tirelessly to produce shakes that are of the highest quality and taste great. Before we manufacture any flavour we run sample-tasting sessions in gyms and ask the members for their feedback, we then use... read more 

Motivation and Success Quotes

Motivation and Success Quotes
Download Motivation and Success Quotes on the Appstore

Alija Sirbic




Lifestyle, Health & Fitness





This Motivation and Success Quotes app contains a set of inspirational quotes and sayings that will urge you to take daily action, or if you just need a little doze of pick-me-ups throughout the day.

These quotes will guide and inspire you for every occasion.

This beautiful app contains hand-selected motivational quotes from famous and not so famous people from all walks of life no matter their background and career.

Whether you are dealing with depression, need an extra push to go to the gym or simply like to be motivated, this app has you covered.

Share quotes with your friends and family to boost their motivation.

Challenge yourself with the "Quiz-section" to see how many quotes you have remembered and who quoted them.

Save your favorite quotes with a "heart-tap "and access them always in the favorites section.

Create your own quotes or simply copy a famous speech from a well known person. Choose an image as a background and your created quote will always be visible on the main page as a motivation reminder boost.... read more 

7 Minutes Workouts PRO

7 Minutes Workouts PRO
Download 7 Minutes Workouts PRO on the Appstore

Diamond App Group LLC


Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness





Get fit with 7 Minute Workouts, no equipment required!

7 Minute Workouts will keep your body fit and in shape! In just seven minutes a day you can get the dream tone for your muscles. The app is equipped with workouts for every fitness level. You can even create your own workout routines! 7 Minute Workouts also has custom nutrition plans, built to help transform your body in as little as two weeks!

7 Minute Workouts offers many different workout types (BBG, HIIT, high intensity, beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.) each of which displays the intensity level of the workout.

To reduce the risk of injury and promote optimal training, the workouts contain stretching and warm up movements.

Our exercise library contains more than 150 exercises and will continue to grow! High quality videos and animations help you execute the proper movements for each exercise. Every exercise contains a muscle group image which explains which muscles are used while performing the exercise.

7 Minute Workouts also contains advanced training and workout plans which guide you through the process of becoming a stronger version of yourself.

The app has many features which will help keep you motivated and train on time!

Feature list:

- Record your workout and training plan history

- Upload transformation images

- Track your calories burned

- Track your weight

- Sync your data to other devices

- Choose from 18... read more 
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