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Minboso is a socially responsible social platform which provides crowdsourced curation of the best wellness resources whilst cultivating honest discussion about all wellness topics. Our focus is to ensure the App has a positive impact on the member's wellness. Challenging addictive and negative experiences on other social platforms.

As a member of the community you can read, find and share all types of wellness content. Post articles on mental health that expand the mind , find workouts that challenge your body and share recipes that warm the soul.

Minboso is broken down into three main areas. The Mind, the Body and the Soul. We believe that these are the three main pillars of wellness, and if nurtured correctly, then the possibility of one's success is endless.

What makes Minboso different?
There are so many different types of social media platforms out there that offer a vast amount of information. So, why is Minboso any different?

The entire Minboso community is empowered with the same reach and exposure to their content, thereby giving real experts an opportunity to share their knowledge; and lay people, an opportunity to tell others about their experiences.

Invite Only -
Uninvited members enter moderation period to check their intentions and integrity.

Content is Moderated & Curated -
Posts are moderated to make sure they’re in the best interest of the community. Self serving & profiteering content will be removed.

Follow the Topics, Not the People -
Following topics rather than people means you see the best of the best. This also gives the opportunity for anyone's content to go viral and get rewarded.

Posting Limits -
Content should be thought through not just continually thrown out there. Depending on the user level, members can post between 1 to 4 times a day. Quality before quantity.

We have decided to commit to a public pledge to guide Minboso and ensure that any future enhancements are in the spirit of its inception.

No Native In-Feed Advertising -
We never want to be in a position where the Minboso community have to be addicted to the network in order for us to maximise revenue. We may take on some sponsors, but this will be done with the utmost consideration for the impact on you. Rather than spend valuable resources policing adverts, and developing complex systems for ad delivery, we want to use all of our resources to add value to your experience.

No Personalised Advertising -
Highly targetted adverts can be used to exploit everyone, especially the mentally or socially vulnerable, therefore, this is not something that we want on our platform.

Never Selling Customers Data -
We believe that you deserve a right to privacy and we will never sell data to a third party or data broker.

Discourage Meaningless Engagement -
We think it's very important for the general public to be able to access valuable content. We pledge to focus on the best possible experience, and to that end, actively discourage meaningless engagement.

Release notes

- Unvoting
- UI and UX Updates

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