Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

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Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

stefano frasi

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Ice Cream parlor for kids is a free educational cooking game for kids and girls.Make your favorite iceCream, juice making and cone making.This is the perfect iceCream factory truck for your babies favorite flavors.There is a chef in this game that will ask customers about their choice in ice Cream and juices.

In between the different fruits, you can choose your own flavor like vanilla, strawberry, mango,orange and many more. The chef is very funny and will dance with the customers at the end of the game.There are delicious toppings also included in this game to enhance the interest of customers with this truck factory ice Cream.

Customers will have table to sit on and eat ice Cream or drink their juice with a beautiful view of garden. The game is very easy to play and smooth with lot of 3D effects of customers and chef as well.

**** Features ****

- Choose Different ice Cream flavors.
- Choose makeover of ice cream different toppings.
- Different ice cream variety to make with juices and Cone.
- Smooth and easy to play.
- Real ice Cream factory experience for users.
- Eating and drinking of ice Cream and juices.

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Wedding Day Ice Princess
Wedding Day Ice Princess

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If you like the beautiful royal princess games then this Wedding day Ice Princess will give you the real fantasy of wedding ceremony of this castle Prince and Princess. The Ice Princess is very excited and wants to do all the best for her wedding preparations. This is the perfect Ice wedding Princess game for girls. As every girl can become a princess after playing this FREE game.

How to Play the Wedding Day Ice Princess?

* Prince and Ice Princess are dancing on the castle floor
* You should get ready for the royal wedding to see some celebrations
* There will be a Bride Dress Up for the cute Ice princess to look gorgeous
* In Groom Dress Up, you can choose between many outfits for the prince
* Dress Design is the important part of this game
* Princess wants to design dresses with her own expectations
* Finally, It will be a wedding day when bride and groom will come in castle
* After Cake making and cake decoration, Couple will cut the cake and will do Kiss
* Choose some accessories for designing of Princess’s dress to look more fashionable

- High quality game for Kids,girls and high school teens
- Easy to touch and control
- Fun for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens
- Play with your child or let them play alone
- Different gorgeous dresses to choose from Princess showcase
- Dozens of dress accessories
- Lot of beautiful clothes colors
- Fun accessories to complete the makeover are ready for endless combinations
- Share your creations easily by Save in your images gallery

This game will give you the realistic Ice Princess wedding ceremony experience. You can show your fashion designers skills to your friends and family.It can be the best educational game. You can wait for our upcoming cooking, dress up,makeup and makeover games. Remember, It is the FREE Game to have some real Fun.

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Fitness Gym Workout for Girls
Fitness Gym Workout for Girls

GBP : Free

Fitness Gym Workout for Girls is fitness Gym game for girls. This fitness girl has opened her fitness gym with professional trainers, She is very determined and will help her students that how they can keep themselves fit and active.

Fitness Gym girl will give the fitness tips to keep your body more beautiful and more shining. Fitness Girl believes that proper dress Up , proper makeup and hygienic food is very important while you are in the gym. These things will give confidence to girls and they will do all the gym activities in more fun and hardworking way.

If you are doing good in fitness gym, you can go in parties and can have some real fun with out any shy. Dress up and makeover in a cute clothes so you can post your selfies when you will doing the workout in gym. Eggs and juices are very important for health food while you are doing gym activities.

Fitness Gym girl can compete in the contest by doing some following activities…!!!

- Spinning
- Push Ups
- Weight lifting
- Jumping Rope
- Cardio Exercise
- Fitness Class
- Soft balls

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Dance School Hip Hop Classes
Dance School Hip Hop Classes

GBP : Free

Do you LOVE dancing? Are you getting nervous in your first dancing class? If yes, then this dancing game is for you to show your hip hop dancing skills to world and to build your confidence for dancing. It will help you to improve your street style dances moves. You have usually seen the hip hop dancers who have fast and interesting moves. You need to improve your timing, creativity and movement of dancing to become like a professional and stylish hip hop dancer.

When you are performing this tough job of dancing, you need to take hygienic and healthy food. You need to dressUp in cool outfits. You have to decorate the room, street or stage where you are going to perform in front of many audience. In this dancing game, you will find different steps of dancing. You can get the confidence that how to perform in audition. Express your unique dancing styles with 3D dancing effects in this game.


-> Choreograph your moves and steps on stage
-> Impress the judges in audition to win competition
-> Get your dancing shoes, outfits and dance from heart
-> Boost your confidence for first dancing class
-> Easy to play and smooth game with 3D effects

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Fun Pool Party - Sun & Tanning
Fun Pool Party - Sun & Tanning

GBP : Free

Fun Pool Party Sun & Tanning is a free mobile game for girls and kids. Do you want to play in swimming pool with your friends and family? You can teach your kids that how to swim? then this is the right educational game for your kids. Everyone wants to go for crazy fun pool party. There are lot of fun activities for pool party sunshine. High school girls and boys are very crazy to have some real & amazing joy with friends in this pool game.

There are many different levels in this pool party game:

* Choose from the many levels of this swimming pool party game
* Apply some sun protect skin creams before swimming in the pool
* DressUp with different bikini, swim suits, hairstyles and skin care creams
* Prepare your swimming dressUp bag with many necessary items
* Prepare some yummy fruit salads and juices for good health
* Play with different balls and swimming tubes
* Clean the garbage from swimming pool and kill the germs
* DressUp your swimming pool with chairs, umbrella and flowers
* Help your hands and foots with manicure and pedicure

It is the free entertaining pool party educational game for toddlers and girls. You can wear the sunglasses, shoes , hats and swimming suits in this pool game. Help your kids to enjoy in this funny pool party crazy game. Enjoy this summer holidays with your family and friends in this seaside pool party game. Show your swimming skills and help your kids to learn the swimming and enjoy cool water in these summer vacations.

Make your kids summer holidays more memorable and enjoyable by visit this seaside swimming pool. You can makeover your kids with beach outfits before pool party activities. You can wait for our upcoming cooking, dress up, makeup and makeover games. Remember, It is the FREE pool party Sun & Tanning game to have some real Fun.

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Fashion Blogger Diva - Shoe Brand Opening
Fashion Blogger Diva - Shoe Brand Opening

GBP : Free

Fashion Blogger Diva Shoe Brand Opening is a top trending free mobile game for social media publicity and advertisement girls. It will help to open a new brand for your company and run campaigns on different social media network. Diva is a famous social blogger who write blogs and let’s publish her brand new opening. She also help many companies to advertise their new brand opening articles through social media campaign. Now she is advertising a shoe brand in a fashion show as well.

Diva knows how to run a successful fashion blog for any new brand. First of all you need to develop a theme. Now you need to define your fashion angle like fashion for mid to late teens or fashion on the catwalks or fashion for winter vacations or fashion for babies or young or fashion for budget. Now your need to choose a great name for your blog. Start publishing some fashion post, by adding posts regularly. Use plenty of images and some nice selfies but sensible usage. Now be regular with the new posts. Look at your audience, then have lot of updates.

******* Fashion Blogger Diva Shoe brand opening tips *******

-> Evaluate the competition in your area
-> Give some discount in first days of your brand opening
-> Draw up a business plan for your newly open brand
-> Design your brand opening shop and furnish it
-> Decide your budget for social media blogs etc
-> Decide your suppliers and designs for your brand
-> Advertise your fashion blogs online, in magazine, papers and flyers
-> colour scheme and dressUp for your new brand

Fashion Blogger Diva Shoe brand opening Game features :

- High quality game for Kids, girls and high school teens
- Easy to touch and control
- Fun for children of school teens
- Different gorgeous dresses to choose for girls
- Dozens of dress accessories fashion blogger
- Lot of beautiful clothes colors
- Fun accessories to complete the makeover are ready for endless combinations
- Share your creations easily by Save in your images gallery
- Give a perfect hairstyling in hairdresser salon
- Post your favourite designs and take selfies

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Skateboard Skating Girl
Skateboard Skating Girl

GBP : Free

Skateboard skating dance star girl is a free skater game for girls. Roller skating and roller blading is a fun activity and a great form of exercise. You need to learn the fundamentals of roller blading or inline skating tips to take your skills of roller skater on next level. First of all, put on your skating equipment, most important equipment is roller skate, you can buy pair from a sports shop. A helmet, knee pads and wrist guard is also important for safety reasons. Now you need to walk like a duck, assume the right posture, with your heals together.

Get a board which suits your interest, like longboards, skateboard and custom boards as well. Make sure your skate board is setup properly specially for the beginners. Get a pair of good skate shoes as well. Always wear a protective gear and helmet and find a good place for skate. First of all try standing on the board with out falling.There are different techniques like regular foot, goofy foot and mongo foot. Now shift on to the riding position and learn to turn. You can skate with the other skaters and can watch the lot of skating videos.

**** Features ****

* Get ready for the skateboard girls competition in this girls game
* There is photo booth for skateboard girl to show the performance
* Let’s give an amazing makeup to the skater girl
* Skater girl is curious for the perfect dress up for the skating competition
* Easy to play and smooth touch with high quality designs
* It is the free skateboard skating dance game for girls
* Play the skateboard skating game with your friends and family

For the skateboard beginners and learners there are some best practice tricks like shove-it , ollie, grinding and kick flip. Give yourself another push when you think is slow down. beginner skateboard riders need to flex the ankles and shift weight to turn. If you want to stop, put your foot down. Even the skaters need to learn that how to fall properly. Roll out anytime when you fall. If you see something bad then bail out. This is the free skateboard learning game for school kids, girls and teen boys as well. You can try the skateboard at some safe place.

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Street Food Truck Festival
Street Food Truck Festival

GBP : Free

Do you have what it takes to be the master of all chefs out there? If yes! Then prove your skills this food festival. There is going to be a crazy food fever in the food streets of your city. May it be the art of juice making or the expertise of a burger maker, pizza maker or a cake maker, show your customers that you are the top restaurant chef. “Street Food Truck Festival” is going to provide you the platform to show your talent to the world through various activities, which may include handling the payments and bills at the cash counter, tossing out yummy treats and adding them to the wide range of ice cream flavors you have at the chef counter, mixing ingredients in the baking utensils and quickly putting it into the ovens, dicing salads on the cutting board and tossing it into the mixing bowls and preparing hot beverages on the stove. With no kitchen helpers or separate grill-room you have to put life in the food street with your delicious lunch boxes. Being a virtual cook, take some time out from your food truck and visit the chef spa and try all the chef outfits. Occasionally you would have to provide a home delivery facility of the fast food to the neighboring areas. Use your cooking tool efficiently and try to attract the customers from the nearby cafeteria, bakery and coffee shop through the aroma of your yummy treats. These mini cooking games will make you a star of the “Street Food Truck Festival”.

Being a virtual cook, playing cooking games brings out the best in you. You have been to a number of cafeteria, grill-room, coffee shop and bakery but you always managed to find something lagging behind so you have started a food truck of your own to openly challenge all the pizza maker, cake maker, burger maker and restaurant chef to compete with you in the “Street Food Truck Festival”. There is a crazy food fever going on in the food festival being held at the food street of your city. You will have many missions to complete in this festival to prove your identity as the Master Chef. You will be provided with the necessary mixing ingredients, cooking tool, baking utensils, cutting boards, mixing bowls, stoves and ovens but no kitchen helpers for your aid. Your tasks would include juice making, scooping out ice cream flavors, preparing and packing fast food and salad into the lunch box, pouring beverages and placing them on the chef counter. You would have to hand out bills and take payments at the cash counter and then get back to the next order. You may also have to manage home delivery in given time. You can also visit the chef spa and get a spa treatment done and try all those beautiful chef outfits designed especially for you.

Astounding features of Street Food Truck Festival

• Visit the chef spa and get treatments done
• Dress up appropriately in the chef outfits specially
designed for the restaurant chef
• Learn the skills or pizza maker, cake maker, burger maker
• Being a virtual cook, run your own food truck in the food
festival held at the food street
• Compete with the neighboring coffee shop, bakery, grill
room and cafeteria
• Give out bills, collect payments on the cash counter
• Learn the art of juice making, digging out ice-cream
flavors and mixing ingredients at the chef counter
• Study how to make yummy treats and beverages in the
stoves and ovens
• Do home delivery of the fast food filled lunch boxes to the
• Work with all cooking tool including salad dicer, cutting
boards, mixing bowls and baking utensils

Street Food Truck Festival enables you to satisfy your food fever by playing these mini cooking games without any kitchen helpers.

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Trip to the Zoo & Wild Animals
Trip to the Zoo & Wild Animals

GBP : Free

Hey kids, “Trip to the Zoo & Wild Animals” brings to you an amazing experience, get your picnic packing done, and we are going on an adventure trip. Trip to zoo. Control your monkey jumps and dress up in your newest outfits. This is going to be the most amazing school trips of all times. We will be learning related to animal’s discovery through educational games. Imagine seeing all the animals we love, stylish giraffe, wild bear, naughty monkey and dangerous snakes. There are various levels including elephant care, dolphin show, cleaning zoo and feeding animals. We will visit the crocodile spa as well. We are going to have loads and loads of fun and joy playing kids fun games, learning games. It would be such a great idea to go fishing as well and getting some happy baby pets to bring home. The kindergarten will have so much fun while sightseeing, talking to the pet’s helper and zoo keeper. For the deer’s love and lion’s love you have in your heart this is must that you have this crazy day out at the safari park. In the zoo show you will be able to experience the sight of tycoon animals as well as the fury of wildlife and crazy jungle. It’s a great way to develop memory about the animal’s home. You will remember feeding animals food in the animal’s cages. So get ready for the zoo visit and let’s buy your zoo tickets. In case of any dangerous situation, don’t forget to call the rescue emergency.

What will the kindergarten students do at the “Trip to the Zoo & Wild Animals”?

•Dress up with their best outfits
•Preparation for the zoo visit including picnic packing, purchasing the zoo tickets from the zoo keeper
•Attending the zoo show and enjoying the stylish giraffe, crocodile spa, and dolphin show
•Feeding animals with the animals food by throwing it in the animals cages on the Trip to the Zoo & Wild Animals
•Making adventure trip by doing animals discovery, sightseeing in the crazy jungle and the safari park
•Exploring love for wildlife, lions love, deer love, wild bear, naughty monkey
•Fun school trips by playing educational games, kids fun games, learning games about tycoon animals
•By trip to zoo, develop memory of elephant care, fishing, monkey jumps and much more
•Crazy day out of cleaning zoo and animal’s home with the pet’s helper
•In case of emergency the availability of rescue emergency
•Fun time with the happy baby pets

So are you ready now for the most adventurous and amazing Trip to the Zoo & Wild Animals where you will enjoy and develop memory of naughty monkey, deer love, lions love, wild bear, elephant care, stylish giraffe, dolphin show, crocodile spa, monkey jumps, Happy baby pets, and tycoon animals. Just imagine the fun of Sightseeing the crazy jungle and wildlife. The zoo visit is going to be one crazy day out filled with animals discovery, educational games, adventure trip, kids fun games and learning games related to feeding animals, fishing, rescue emergency, cleaning zoo and animals food. We have a busy day ahead at the animal’s home, picnic packing has to be done according to the trip to zoo, and we have to dress up appropriately with the best outfit. The school trips is going for the kindergarten class only. Upon n reaching ask the zoo keeper to introduce you kids to the pet’s helper, take you to the detailed visit of safari park around the animal’s cages and take you to the zoo show. A rescue emergency is always available at the zoo gate for the safety of kids. Hope you enjoy this memorable Trip to the Zoo & Wild Animals.

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Unicorn Food - Drink & Outfits
Unicorn Food - Drink & Outfits

GBP : Free

Unicorn food drinks & outfits is a free unicorn food and drinks games for unicorn life. You have to just love your unicorn pony horse and can eat and drink with unicorn food. This playful unicorn can act and behave like a real life. Unicorn is a mythical creature that is featured in many legends. You need to become familiar with many legends that feature unicorns. It is a free unicorn pony horse game for girls and teens to play with family and friends.


- Unicorns are depicted highly intelligent and show Loyalty
- unicorns are Quick to anger at disloyalty and show Selflessness
- Do makeup and dressUp to your cute unicorns like human
- Let’s celebrate the birthday party with your beloved unicorns
- Get ready for the smoothie shake party with unicorns life
- Ice-cream making with delicious flavours for your unicorn
- Perfect fashion hairstyling with your cute unicorns

Girls are making the delicious unicorn food in kitchen. Show your chef skills and make your unicorn more happy and charming. There are lot of unicorn food recipes. Unicorn has to go for workout, so give the energy food to your unicorn. DressUp the unicorn in magical outfits and clothes. There are horns, glasses , clothes, wings and hairstyles for your lovely unicorn horse.It is the free to play unicorn game for school and college girls. It is time to love the unicorn life and let them to be a part of your daily routines. Unicorn can help you in your daily routine works as well.

You can call your unicorn with following terms as well:

- Narwhal & mythical one-horned creature
- symbol of grace & Monoceros
- Horned animals & horned horse
- Symbol of purity and fabled horse
- White horse animal & beast with one horn
- Fable beast & rhinoceros
- Rhino & horse with one horn
- Creature with one horn & Magical enchantment
- Fable & fascination with conjuration
- Sorcery & spell with witching
- Fancy with dreams and wizardry
- Ferocity & fiction with illusion
- Imagination rainbow and story tale
- Wildness creativity and vision
- Daydream with cart and howitzer

You can Download and play this game for free NOW…!!! You can also wait for our upcoming cooking, dress up, makeup, love story romance crush game, kissing games, school teacher classroom, pets care, fashion designers, gymnastic girls, fashion blogger and makeover games. Remember, It is the FREE Game to have some real Fun.

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