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SkyTest Pan-Asian Prep App

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SkyTest® Preparation App for Pan-Asian Pilot Screenings (for iPad)

– Comprises all features of SkyTest® desktop suite –

The world's most vibrant aviation market provides excellent opportunities for pilots at all career levels. With its 53 dedicated aptitude training modules SkyTest® Preparation App for Pan-Asian Pilot Screenings is your targeted prep tool for pre-hiring or flight school admission screenings at major Asian airlines and other airlines affiliated with the region.


SkyTest® Preparation App for Pan-Asian Pilot Screenings includes the following training modules:

• Aircraft Counting
• Bourdon Test
• Dials Perception Test
• Friend or Foe
• Grid Scanning
• Matching Letters
• Matrix Test
• Monitoring Ability Test
• Reaction Rate
• Shape Recognition Test
• Stroop Test

• Dot Matching Test
• Flight Data Memory
• Letters Read Back
• Locations on Map
• Matching Shapes

• Cube Comparison Test
• Cube Folding Test
• Cube Rotation Test
• Grid Orientation Test
• Gyro and RBI Test
• Jumbled Pipes Test
• Mirrored Shapes
• Stack Test

• Ball Game
• Multi-Flight Simulator
• Runway Multitasking
• Sonic Multitasking
• Tube Flight

• Adaptive Matrices Test
• Analogies Test
• Computer Checking
• Diagrammatic Series
• Jigsaw Questions
• Logic Gates
• Shape Comparison Test
• Spot the Difference

• Math Word Problems
• Mental Arithmetic
• Number Series
• Numerical Estimation

• Electricity
• Magnetism
• Mechanics
• Optics
• Thermodynamics
• Waves

Technical Comprehension
• Electricity
• General knowledge
• Mechanics
• Optics
• Reasoning
• Thermodynamics

Scope of Software

SkyTest® Preparation App for Pan-Asian Pilot Screenings accommodates several features to support training experience and outcome.

Training Modules
• Comprehensive test explanations and interactive First Steps demos to get a quick feeling for the test
• Several default difficulty levels for each training module
• Randomly generated tasks to avert recurring tasks
• Extensive custom settings options for each training module

Performance Statement
• Comprehensive performance analysis after each training session
• Feedback on individual aspects of tests
• Performance graphs to illustrate performance developments in tasks

• Stat tool with graphs to illustrate long-term performance development
• Avg. performance graphs to benchmark your performance against
• Save test results, settings and performance graphs for each test sessions to compare them later

SkyTest® Training Assistant
• Guides you through the training modules to support an efficient time resourcing and maximize training outcome
• Takes your current performance level into consideration when suggesting the next training step for a sustained advancement of your performance
• Applies difficulty settings that reflect upon your current performance and outlines the next steps
• Puts emphasize on tests that returned a below-average performance
• Recognizes task aspects that caused you problems and puts more focus on these

SkyTest® Cloud
• Save your performance data on a SkyTest® server to restore your last training level in case of a re-installation of the app or change of training device
• Auto-sync your training levels if you use the software on several devices
• Benchmark your performance against anonymized pool performance stats from the SkyTest® community
• Embedded boards to exchange information with other software users
• Embedded support messaging client to approach the SkyTest® support staff


Training modules of SkyTest® software products are similar to the original tasks but not meant to simulate or reproduce actual tests. As this is a prep product all modules were designed under the premises to deliver gradual performance enhancements in those ability domains identified crucial for a successful airline screening participation.

Release notes

Minor bug fixes

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