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With ARION Run you will significantly improve your running through real-time feedback on your running technique. Set target zones and receive audio feedback to correct your form in real-time while you run. Result: reduced injury risk and increased performance.

Unlock full functionality with the ARION wearable (sold separately). Connect the app to the ARION smart insoles and training pods to keep track and get real-time feedback on the following running metrics:

• Footstrike: Understand which part of your foot makes initial contact with the ground - your heel, midfoot or forefoot.
• Power: Monitor how much power you generate to see how different terrain, surfaces and environments effects your running economy.
• Heart rate: Connect with your heart rate monitor and track how hard you are working as you develop your training and running technique.
• Pronation: Pronation is the inward movement of your foot as it rolls to distribute the force of striking the ground.
• Cadence: Monitor how many steps you take per minute. Research has shown that changes can significantly affect your efficiency and biomechanical loading.
• Step length: Gain insight into how big the steps you take are, and understand how changes affect your cadence and pace.
• Balance: See which foot you use the most. Very few people are perfectly balanced, but being imbalanced can be an indication of injury, pain or poor function.
• Stability: Stability provides an indication of how stable the foot is when it's in contact with the ground. Stability can be correlated with injury risk.
• Contact time: Contact time refers to the time your foot remains in contact with the ground during each step.
• Flight time: Flight time refers to the time your feet remains in the air in between steps.
• Vertical oscillation: The measure of your vertical motion while running, which is a factor commonly associated with running economy and injury risk.
• And many more

Release notes

Speed Update:
Our recent ARION app update substantially improves the speed accuracy and user experience for speed related functions.
We updated the way we calculate speed during you run. This adjustment gives you a more reliable picture of how you are performing and makes live feedback much smoother and easy to respond to.
We also improved on the way we calculate your speed data after a session is finished. In that way you can get a much more accurate and detailed view about your performance.

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