Game of Life and Death

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Game of Life and Death

Michael Huang

Games, Board, Puzzle

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In Game of Life and Death, the popular cellular automaton Conway's Game of Life turns competitive. Two players control the red and blue cells and fight to be the last surviving color. Strategies to win GOLAD can range from as simple as killing the most fertile cell, to as complex as searching through all possible moves and finding the best one. The game comes with a tutorial that is easy to follow for even newcomers to the Game of Life. This game also comes with three levels of AI GOLAD players: dumb, okay, and smart. To be honest, even the smart AI can be beaten relatively easily.

Release notes

GOLAD 1.7 updates (minor)

-Made Game Center the recommended method of online games again, even though HTwins games are still available.

-Fixed a bug where if you were in sandbox mode, went to the menu, and then put in a game string, you would get some nonsensical board where the taps of the game were interpreted as simply taps on the sandbox board. That's fixed now.

-Removed the "auto-refresh" feature that would check to see if your HTwins game had been updated every ten seconds.

GOLAD 1.6 updates

-Implemented HTwins online games, which are faster than GameCenter games, and cross-platform! Unfortunately, you don’t get notifications for your turn in these games, but that’s why you get to choose between HTwins and GameCenter.

-Fixed bug where game strings that result in a game ending right away are now interpreted correctly.

-Previously, when Player 1 initiated a game but hadn’t made the first move yet, Player 2 could sneak into the game and make both players’ first moves. That is no longer the case: Player 2 will be met with a message that says “Player 1 isn’t done creating the game yet!”

-Allowed sandbox-created games to be spread via GameCenter/HTwins online games

-Fixed bug where, going back in history and starting a new “branch” of the tree no longer created “phantom” presses of the “Finish Move Button”.

-you can now go from sandbox mode to the main menu, and return to the same sandbox.

-In an online game, it now says “(you)” under your own username.

-It now shows the version number by the corner of the GOLAD logo.

-Made the undo/redo buttons x1.8 faster when held

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