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Greece, Crete - Offline Map & GPS Navigator

Greece, Crete - Offline Map & GPS Navigator
Download Greece, Crete - Offline Map & GPS Navigator on the Appstore

Vasilijs Nikitins




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Download the complete map of Greece (inc. Crete) for offline use with NO INTERNET CONNECTION or NO CELL NETWORK.

SAVE ROAMING FEES while abroad! SAVE TIME while checking your location! SAVE LIFE if you are lost in the wild without network!

- TRIP COMPUTER: speed, altitude, GPS coordinate, heading and tracking
- Advanced SEARCH
- PINS for favourite places
- Support portrait and landscape orientation
- Full support for iPhone (with retina display)
- Full support for iPad (with retina display)

The max zoom level for offline mode for Greece is 3000ft/100pt (900m/100pt) and more detailed zoom for major cities as you can see on the second screenshot. If you need even more detailed map of some particular area you can zoom in and browse the map when online and the app will cache more detailed areas for you to use later in offline mode.... read more 

Crete (Greece) charts GPS offline maps Navigator

Crete (Greece) charts GPS offline maps Navigator
Download Crete (Greece) charts GPS offline maps Navigator on the Appstore





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Flytomap is a valid and interesting alternative, Benetti Yachts
Top Ten 2011,2012,2013,2014 & 2015
Featured in : On the Deck
▶ Crete coverage resident in the app. It works WITHOUT mobile coverage!
▶ Worldwide Marine and Outdoor Maps available when connected, thanks to
▶ Worldwide Satellite images overlay on charts
▶ Worldwide Terrain features overlay on charts, thanks to Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map, Bing,Earth,GMap
▶ Worldwide Marine Weather forecast
▶ Use to Explore:
√ Latitudes and Longitudes to go to your favorite places
√ Search your Favorite points directly
√ Zoom, Rotate and Pan fast just by a finger touch
√ Quick Object information just tapping, thanks to vector technology
√ GPS Heading Vector Towards the direction movement
√ Distance Measurement Tool to easily calculate the distance from one location to another
√ Route planning, Waypoints - Insert the target/destination and see in real time your speed, distance and bearing
√ Magnified Lens for all info
√ Unlimited Tracks, Markers, Geo-tagged photos, records and share via email, visible on Google, Flytomap Viewer, KMZ format - Store your track without the need of cellular data or mobile signal
√ Select Depth Contours
√ a la carte menu
√ iOS background mode - Flytomap works in background as well, you can swap with another app and receive/make calls send sms while... read more 

Crete 2020 — offline map

Crete 2020 — offline map
Download Crete 2020 — offline map on the Appstore

Andrey Solovyev




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Crete 2020 — an offline map featuring most interesting places!

This offline map of Crete includes all the most interesting locations.

All the application's functions work without the Internet.

Install this app before your trip to Crete and you will be able to see your position at any moment, as well as any interesting places nearby.

You will also be able to add your own locations to the app (for example, your hotel, the place you parked your bike or car, or a store you want to return to tomorrow) and then you will be able to easily find these places using the app's navigation.

If you wish to have information about your company added to the map, write to [email protected]... read more 
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