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Totally Yatzy Classic Dice Fun

Totally Yatzy Classic Dice Fun
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Boy Howdy Technology LLC




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100% FREE! No Timers, Just Relax and Have Fun!
Classic dice rolling fun - thousands of people play every day!

Read our glowing reviews: "This [Yatzy] game beats all the others. Easy on the mind, relaxing and loads of fun. I play it daily seem to never tire of it. Thank you for the great app!" --K Marnie

• Simple to play - Just tap on dice to hold them!
• Easy to see how many points you would score for your current dice in each combo, so you can concentrate on your strategy!

• Beautiful, easy to read dice!
• No timers at all! Just relax and have fun!

• Global high score leaderboards with Game Center
• Your progress is automatically saved, all the time, so go ahead and take that call or jump out to any other apps - you can come back and pick up playing right where you left off!

• Sounds can be disabled if you want a quiet game
• You can even listen to your own music while you play

Thanks for playing!
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Download Infiniball on the Appstore

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd




Games, Entertainment, Action, Casual





Infiniball is a speed and skill based marble rolling game. See how long you can keep the ball on the infinitely expanding path without falling off the edge!... read more 


Download HAMMY on the Appstore

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd




Games, Action, Casual, Entertainment





The ultimate hamster ball game!

Experience the high octane thrill of being a hamster in a ball as you navigate Hammy through an ever-changing course of challenging obstacles and geometry at rapid speed while attempting to pick up as many collectables and powerups as you can!

Challenge yourself to beat your best distances, improve your averages and unlock new Hammies and customise your hamster ball!... read more 

Wood Block Puzzle 2020

Wood Block Puzzle 2020
Download Wood Block Puzzle 2020 on the Appstore

Minghan Lin




Games, Casual, Family





Welcome to Wood Block! It is very relaxed game for everyone and you can enjoy it everywhere.

Wood Block has 4 modes: Classic Mode, Rotate Mode, Drop Mode, Bomb Mode. And we add a undo function. When you make a mistake, you can use it.

In Classic Mode, it is just a classic block puzzle game. In Rotate Mode, you can tap the block to rotate it. And then drag it to the board. In Drop Mode, every elimination will get power of progress bar. When the progress bar is full, all blocks will drop. In Bomb Mode, sometimes, a block will change into bomb, and then the bomb will boom unless you eliminate it.

Relaxed game
4 modes
Needn’t online

Please enjoy Wood Block free! Download now!... read more 

Yatzy Arena: #1 Yahtzee Online

Yatzy Arena: #1 Yahtzee Online
Download Yatzy Arena: #1 Yahtzee Online on the Appstore

LazyLand LTD




Games, Casino, Entertainment, Board





Yatzy Arena is a game of luck, risk and quick decisions multiplayer dice game. Make the highest total score and win the game against 1 or 2 opponents.

You can roll the dice 3 times on your turn, to make the best final combination and get the most points. On each roll you may hold one or more dice results depending on what you guess will come next. Put the dice on the placeholders at the bottom and prepare for your next roll! You may check the panel on the left to see what combinations are left to accomplish, how many points your roll will pay out and decide which combination you’ll try to hit.

Variations appear on the next game modes, with 2 opponents or 6 available placeholders instead of 5. Are you one dice away from the combination you aim? Hit the Golden Dice power-up and get the number you’re missing!

Have you mastered the art of Yatzy Arena? Take part in our Tournaments and claim Bronze, Silver and Golden Trophies! The Hall of Fame is waiting for your name to be written on it!... read more 

Classic Labyrinth Maze - Rolling Magic Tilt Ball

Classic Labyrinth Maze - Rolling Magic Tilt Ball
Download Classic Labyrinth Maze - Rolling Magic Tilt Ball on the Appstore

Muhammad Aslam




Games, Sports, Puzzle, Board





Classic Labyrinth maze - The best mobile tilt maze game with the rolling ball. Enjoy this magic maze labyrinth.It is amazing puzzle game with challenging time maze
You can control the ball by fast tilting the maze and as level increase challenge more tough to your control on balls.
ultimate handmade levels from multiple magic maze, all increasing its difficulty with more balls and holes in short time.. grab your puzzle skills to clear all levels in time.
Navigate and balance the rolling iron ball through the labyrinth and get hole in time.

- Rolling ball physic
- stunning graphics
- efficient ball movement
- puzzle time game
- ultimate challenge with single or more balls
- Realistic game play
- All free... read more 

Froggy Log - Endless Arcade Log Rolling Simulator and Lumberjack Game Stay Dry and Dont Fall In The Water!

Froggy Log - Endless Arcade Log Rolling Simulator and Lumberjack Game Stay Dry and Dont Fall In The Water!
Download Froggy Log - Endless Arcade Log Rolling Simulator and Lumberjack Game Stay Dry and Dont Fall In The Water! on the Appstore

Steve Snyder




Games, Casual, Entertainment, Action





Looking for a fun casual game with a unique gameplay? Download Froggy Log now! The only log rolling game on the App Store. How long can you stay on the log and remain dry?

Simple swipe controls and addictive gameplay. You'll want to challenge your friends on GameCenter for top spot on the Best Time leaderboard.

TONS of great characters to unlock and more to come.

Choose from 5 different log rolling scenes each with their own uniques characters:
• Original Log Roll
• Arctic Log Roll
• China Log Roll
• Africa Log Roll
• Wild West Log Roll... read more 

Rolling Diamond Jewel

Rolling Diamond Jewel
Download Rolling Diamond Jewel on the Appstore

NetSummit Enterprises, Inc.




Games, Action, Racing





Control the rolling diamond and help him avoid obstacles by jumping over them by tapping the screen.

With this simple game play method, enjoy dozens of action packed levels! Through the levels, good timing is a necessity, as well as good decision making on which path to follow to reach the enf of the level.

It is fun to play and easy to enjoy....

Features include:

* Beautiful, fun graphics
* Universal app supports iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
* Multiple levels to play!
* Addictive gaming

Download right now!... read more 

Yahtzy Dice All In Rolling Bonus Games

Yahtzy Dice All In Rolling Bonus Games
Download Yahtzy Dice All In Rolling Bonus Games on the Appstore

AppCapital LLC




Games, Board, Entertainment





YAAAAHTZY! Come join us for a fun addicting dice/poker game that's has been around for decades! Roll the dice against your family and friends until you can yell YAAAHTZY!!!!


Quick, simple and easy, Yahtzy is an addictive game that will challenge you plenty, and encourage you to try just one more game.

The Yahtzy game consists of 13 rounds. In each round, you roll the dice and score the roll in one of 13 categories.

You must score once in every category (towards the end of the game you may have to settle for scoring zero in some categories). The object of the game is to maximize your total score.

Press the roll button to roll the dice, you can roll the dice a total of three times, the initial roll plus two re-rolls for any or all dice.

A straight is a sequence of consecutive die faces - a small straight is 4 consecutive faces, and a large straight is 5 consecutive faces. Small straights score 30 points and a large straight scores 40 points.

For 3 of a Kind, you must have at least three of the same die faces. For 4 of a Kind you must have 4 of the 5 die faces the same.

The game ends once all 13 categories have been scored.... read more 

Watch Calendar

Watch Calendar
Download Watch Calendar on the Appstore

Marcel Mendes Filho




Utilities, Productivity





Integration features:
- full integration with your phone's calendars and events
- select which phone calendars you want to see on your watch
- define calendar priorities for complications when there's conflict between appointments on different calendars
- next event on Siri watch face

- brand new and exclusive DayView graphic rectangular complication: see all your daily appointments together in a timeline on your watch face. Tap it and the app will display your next appointment. Supports up to four simultaneous appointments at a given time. Available for AW4 and later.
- brand new and exclusive DayView circular complication: see all your daily appointments together in a 24-hour clock on your watch face. Recommended for single and sequential appointments. Available for AW4 and later.
- see next event on all complications on Apple Watch Series 0 to 5
- see today's date, event date or 24-hour digital clock on complications

Events list:
- tap the month view to list all your events
- your next event will be displayed by default
- tap an event to see event details

Month scroll:
- scroll through the months with crown or swipe up and down
- force touch on month view to time travel to any month and year, future or past

- all calendar colors (today, next month days, sevent, event today, week day, calendar week, month, year)
- corner, circular and rectangular... read more 

My Block Puzzle

My Block Puzzle
Download My Block Puzzle on the Appstore

zhiwei lin




Entertainment, Casual, Puzzle, Games




my blockudoku: puzzle games is a fun and relaxing puzzle game.
It consists of a 9 * 9 grid, place blocks on a 9x9 board, and fill rows, columns, or squares to clear them from the game, and you can get high scores!
• Simple drag the block into the board.Clear the lines & squares to score。
• Perfect combination of Block puzzle & Sudoku。
• Beat your high score and challenge other players... read more 

Incredible Box - ClassicPuzzle

Incredible Box - ClassicPuzzle
Download Incredible Box - ClassicPuzzle on the Appstore

Oscar Tsang




Games, Strategy, Puzzle, Entertainment





Incredible Box is a very traditional game. Roll the box to the target position, nothing more.

It looks simple, but this game is hard, very hard.

In order to help all of you can finish all of the levels. We have provided the solution of all levels.

P.S. This game will frequency update to provide more and more level for you to challenge. So please don't uninstall it after finished the game.

We provide many levels for you.

Warning: Don't break your phone if you cannot find the solution. We would not responsible for it.... read more 
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