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Things Todo Lists+ To do list,Task manager to Plan

Things Todo Lists+ To do list,Task manager to Plan
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Things2Do: Easily manage your daily things to do, it makes organizing complicated to-do lists dead simple.

Things2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what's most important to you.

In a nutshell, Things2Do uses 4 quadrants that in one glance lets you know what you need to work on today.
--- Priority Matrix helps you make sense of what is critical and immediate in a simple, easy to use application that syncs with what you already use today.

Things2Do helps you to..
- Get things done
- Do important things first
- Do urgent things first

- Master List gives you your daily and weekly action items.

- Track progress effort, start dates, due dates, completion date.

- Visualize everything. Use icons, percentage completion, colors to communicate your priority.

- Has been completed & unfinished to-do.

- Remind every important thing.

- Add multiple subtasks (optional).

- Statistics completion status progress.

- Gesture password to protect your personal goals.

Start now & before you know it, you'll be doing your best.
Let's Do it!... read more 

Nozbe Personal

Nozbe Personal
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Nozbe – organize your work and get everything done!

Join over 500,000 professionals using Nozbe and boost your efficiency. Get your projects done on time and stay organized. Use Nozbe's flexibility to create your own productivity system.


• Easily add 'to-do's and tasks on the go – with Siri, through e-mail and more
• Access your tasks from anywhere – install Nozbe on all your devices, including Apple Watch
• Manage your priorities – add deadlines, time needed and categories
• Run your projects efficiently – keep all tasks, comments and files in one place, manage projects, and use labels
• Never miss a thing thanks to reminders and calendar integrations
• Use templates and repeat tasks to automate things and save your time
• Work offline and have your data synchronized once you're back online

NOZBE Subscriptions (monthly or yearly):

• NOZBE FREE – The full version of the app with up to 5 active projects and max. 100MB of data. Available after 30 days of the Nozbe Trial. Exclusively for single-user accounts.
• NOZBE SOLO/DUO - For busy professionals, unlimited projects, shared projects, unlimited storage.
• NOZBE SMALL BUSINESS - For small growing teams, unlimited projects, shared projects, unlimited storage.
• NOZBE BUSINESS - For growing teams and businesses, additional shared projects features, more... read more 

Organize:Me Cloud To-Do's

Organize:Me Cloud To-Do's
Download Organize:Me Cloud To-Do's on the Appstore

taskfabric ltd




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Your personal task manager - if you need to handle more than just a simple list! Use it on all your devices - on all major mobile and desktop platforms, in your web browser and more.

Organize:Me is easy to use for beginners and perfect for personal use. And if you need more, there's a whole family of products to support your business needs as well.

Organize:Me helps you to cut complex situations down to what matters. With the built-in sync feature you can access your tasks with Organize:Me, Organize:Pro and Taskfabric on all major platforms.


Use all features without limitations for up to 6 projects and 250 tasks for free. If you need more projects or tasks, upgrade your license any time by In-App purchase.

Take back Control over your Tasks with a simple 3-Step System to Manage your Tasks:

1. Capture your ideas and tasks – quick and easy, wherever you are!
2. Review and process your tasks – prioritize, delegate or share your tasks
3. Complete your tasks – and keep track of the results

Easily create new tasks
• Quick-Add shortcuts to "just write down" your task list
• Create subtasks by drag and drop
• Manage repeating tasks
• Add Images, Documents and Web Links to your tasks

Organize your tasks
• Create subtasks by drag and drop
• Assign an unlimited number of contexts to each task
• Color code special tasks
• Unlimited number of subtasks

Powerful review features... read more 

Maxdone: Personal efficiency in a single list

Maxdone: Personal efficiency in a single list
Download Maxdone: Personal efficiency in a single list on the Appstore

Idea Port Riga AS




Productivity, Lifestyle





We believe that managing tasks within a single list makes you more productive and balanced. Try adding every “to do” item to maxdone, review your plans weekly and stay focused on your goals. Sharing goals with family, friends, classmates or colleagues allows get things done faster.

We have no ads and offer apps and website for free. Install the app, create an account via the app itself or the website and get access to templates, which will guide you through maxdone.

App allows you to:
- Work with tasks
- Plan tasks using focus of the day/week
- Group tasks with help of goals, categories & contexts
- Pin favorite goal, category or context to menu for easier access
- Search for tasks & goals
- Show widget in notification area
- Work offline or in roaming with local copy of your data
- Reuse own experience by copying goals, tasks and checklists you ever completed
- Access and use templates created by others
- Configure and customise a lot in the app

To get most out of maxdone, try the website to:
- Easier management of larger goals (milestones, sharing)
- Create tasks via email and manage trusted accounts
- Learn more on tips & tricks of maxdone... read more 

Clair GTD Planner Pro

Clair GTD Planner Pro
Download Clair GTD Planner Pro on the Appstore

Real Creations AB




Business, Productivity





Sophisticated simplicity

Clair is a powerful, flexible, yet simple to use, GTD tool that helps you build an organized structure of things you want to do, naturally and almost with no effort, so you can free your mind and let go of thinking about it until it is time to take action.

PLEASE NOTE: Some reviewers are slightly inaccurate. We do offer a 1 month free trial within the app which will give you access to all the features for free during the first month, including the deletion of items.

A word from our customers:

"There are so many productivity apps out there that are practically clones of each other, with the same old boring workflow that just doesn't work for everyone. It's nice for me to finally have found an app that facilitates true productivity through an effective system", Whirlygirlie, USA

”Finally an app that takes into account all of GTD (unlike Omnifocus that does not take into account the energy nor the time required for action)” - FranckyBorsalino, France

"I've been trying this app out for a while and I love it so far! [...] Using Clair has been helping me take action the way other apps haven't been able to do..." - Whirlygirlie, USA


• Clair is designed to minimize context switching, which may be a major tax on your productivity and to maximize feeling of 'flow', which is characterized by a clear sense of goals, and by continuous feedback indicating in how far the last action brought... read more 

GTD Office: Tasks & Calendar

GTD Office: Tasks & Calendar
Download GTD Office: Tasks & Calendar on the Appstore





Productivity, Business





An App implements 5 basic steps of GTD methodology that will help you to make an order from your chaos. You just need to:
• collect all ideas and tasks needed to be done adding them to the Inbox;
• clarify tasks meanings and peculiarities making some notes;
• organize everything putting it where it belongs – Today, Next, Scheduled, Someday;
• review frequently what is next to be done or simply let the program remind you;
• simply do all you have planned and enjoy viewing your results.

In addition, GTD Office offers a powerful visualized calendar:
• focus on what is important in your timeline;
• see your planed To Dos, Appointments, Emails/Calls to get things done in time;
• view calendar by day, week or month;
• add tasks directly to the calendar by Tap&Hold;
• change tasks duration or start and due dates simply by Drag&Drop;
• add repeated tasks, choosing recurrences frequency.

Apple Calendar and iCloud Syncing
• sync your information between your devices.... read more 

Agado: Contacts, Notes & Tasks

Agado: Contacts, Notes & Tasks
Download Agado: Contacts, Notes & Tasks on the Appstore

Agado Apps Pty Limited




Business, Productivity





Agado can link tasks, notes and files to your iPhone contacts.

With Agado, when someone calls you, every note, task or document that's relevant to that person can instantly be pulled up and referred to in your conversation.

As a Project management tool, Agado tells you what to do and when. Even when you’re offline and on an aeroplane, all your project information is fully accessible.


Agado works with the Contacts database on your iPhone. When you add a new contact into your iPhone, it automatically becomes available in Agado

Agado can link tasks, documents, meeting notes, emails and photos to your iPhone contacts. When someone important calls, Agado can bring up key information relating to that person.

No matter where you are in the app, pulling down the screen and letting go brings up Agado ‘QuickSearch’. Typing in a search term will instantly bring up all the information you’re searching for.

‘QuickSearch’ also works when you’re offline and not on the Net.

Agado can link your contacts to the companies they work for. It also brings up all the information linked to that company.

With Agado you can break your Projects down... read more 

Plain Lists

Plain Lists
Download Plain Lists on the Appstore

Shamgar Co









The goal of this app is to remove all the clutter that most todo list apps provide. This is as simple as it gets. Beautiful, easy to use, SIMPLE todo list app.... read more 
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