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Urdu Quran with Translation

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Urdu Quran is an iOS application, which is intended for Urdu speaking people offering an easy to use interface with Urdu Translation, Transliteration and audio (MP3) recitation of all surahs of full Quran kareem. Al Quran in Urdu translation is embedded with several features that are beautifully designed to listen to Quran audio.

Some of the main features of this mobile application are:

• Urdu Translation: Helps in better understanding the concepts and revelations of Quran karim by interpreting the meaning of Arabic language in Urdu

• Audio Recitation: Listen to Quran recitation (Qiraat al Quran) of all Chapters in Quran MP3

• Transliteration: Makes pronunciation of Arabic text easy with its similar reading option in English

• Language: Besides the Quran Urdu translation in other languages (English Spanish, French, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Dutch, and Indonesian) is also included

• Search Bar: Facilitates in choosing the desired Surah of the Holy Book

• Go To: Allows app consumer to jump to any Ayah of the present Surah

• Bookmarks: Allows the user to favorite or save a particular part of the recital process in order to continue from the same place where left in Holy Quran.

• Stop Signs: Various kinds of pauses that repeatedly come in the Sacred Volume of Allah are included which lets one know about their interpretation and action

• Sajdahs: 14 places in the where one has to perform prostration in front of the Almighty are also separately mentioned in Settings.

• Font Size: Allows the user to customize font size as per chosen preferences

• Font Style: 3 unique Print Modes are also added into main Settings for variation in outlook of Quranic text.

Download this free of cost Quran translation application now to benefit from its easy to understand presentation and other attributes especially Urdu Translation option to eventually identify with the Quran Kareem effectively.

Release notes

Minor Bug Fixes

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Step By Step Salat
Step By Step Salat

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Step by Step Salah is an Islamic iOS application meant for instructing Muslims all over the world about how to effectively offer prayers (Namaz) along with all the essential information. It is a comprehensive guide for believers to get themselves familiar with every aspect of daily prayers, non-obligatory Salat and others.

some of the unique features of this Muslim Prayer time App includes:
• In depth illustration (clear poses) of each step taken during every Salat Prayer along with Audios
• Clear steps with detailed descriptions.
• Easy on the eye user interface.
• Covering each and every facet of performing Salah.
• Different Settings options depending upon gender and sect.
• Share option for benefiting others with this useful Prayer App is also provided.

The learning outcomes of this application are divided into five major classes with real Salaah time and step-by-step method:

1. Daily Prayers:
This section tells about the nature of Rakaat (Fard or Mandatory, Sunnah Emphasized or Mu`akkadah, Sunnah Gher Mu`akkadah, Nafl Mustahab and Witr Wajib) that come in each Daily Prayer for all 5 five obligatory Namaz, i.e. Fajar, Duhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

2. Occasional Salah
Number and kinds of Rakaat and different supplications that come in Jumma Prayer, Funeral (Namaz e Janazah), Tasbeeh (Salatul Tasbeeh), Salat al Istikhara and Eid are covered in this category.

3. Preparation
In this segment, the believers will come to know about necessary characteristics associated with learning Salah rules which spread over maintaining complete cleanliness, how to perform Wudu, covering all body parts and keeping importance of Salah timings in mind.

4. Making up
This category is all about making Muslims aware of the significance of carrying out Missed Salah, how to offer Qaza Namaz and performance of omitted Salat under different circumstances. It also lets user know about common Mistakes that occur during routine Muslim prayer times.

5. Timings
This part is all about making app consumers identify with the correct Salah timing for all five compulsory Salat. It tells about the actual occasion of Namaz based on different information sources of current Location, Juristic (Hanfi, Shafi), Calculation methods (WML, Makkad, Karachi, ISNA, Tahran, Egypt) and Latitude (Angle Based, Mid Night, One Seventh). It also informs about the upcoming Namaz instance in three different time Azan and sounds.

If you are looking for a complete guide on how to pray Namaz and accurate Salah time then download this Islamic application now in order to know about adequate information about performance of Salah.

What’s New:
• Benefits and Blessings of each salah
• Enhanced user experience...
Last Ten Surahs of Quran
Last Ten Surahs of Quran

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Last Ten Surahs of Quran is a religious app which is being developed to give people the awareness about last ten short Surah of divine Book. Some essential features of this useful app are as follows.

Unique Features of this App:
Last ten Surah provides the basic information of short Surah of Holy Quran and this information includes:
• Basic knowledge about the time of revelation
• Total number of Ayat of each and every surah

English Transliteration of short Surah’s of Quran facilitate the users and allow them to understand the meaning of Holy Quran

Translation of Short Surah’s in multiple languages is another distinctive feature which allows those user to understand the meaning of Quran where Arabic is not serves as a native language.

Audio Recitation of all last ten surah’s of divine book in soulful voices of multiple reciters makes this app more fruitful and allows the user to correct their pronunciation.

Other Features:
Other than these primary features some other some other features like daily notification makes this app more worthy....
Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Duas
Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Duas

GBP : Free

Muslim Dua Now is an Islamic Smartphone application consisting of almost all the major Islamic Duas which are divided into 18 major Dua & Azkar Categories. It serves as a purpose of letting the Muslim community all over the world know about highly useful supplications which one can benefit from in various daily life instances.

Some of the exclusive characteristics of this mobile phone app are:

i) Translation: Changes meaning of Arabic text into English for proper interpretation.

ii) Transliteration: Shows the actual way of pronunciation of Islamic Duas by displaying Arabic transcript in English as it is.

iii) Audio Recitation: One can also listen to these Duas through this option.

iv) Dua Categories: The entreaties are split into 18 major Duas Categories which are discussed in brief below:

a) Morning/Evening: It consists of prayers regarding matters like Before Sleeping, Dua during Restless Sleep, Dua for Morning and Evening etc.

b) Restroom: Supplications for entering and leaving the restroom are given.

c) Prayer: Tells about Duas related to ablution, mosque, after prayer etc.

d) Eat/Drink: Informs about issues concerned with meal and drink like invocation for hose, before starting and after finishing meal etc.

e) Dressing: Contains Duas connected to 3 manners of dressing like new clothes, getting dressed and undressed.

f) Travellling: Encloses supplications regarding 11 issues attributed to journey.

g) Family: Lets one know on the subject of 8 different family matters such as for newly wed, true belief of family etc.

h) Home: Notifies about Duas on searching for new house and going away from home for special task.

i) Blessings: Covers 15 special Duas for attaining Blessings of Allah SWT like visiting sick, praising other Muslims etc.

j) Protection: Comprises of supplications for gaining God`s shield from blowing wind and disturbance from Satan.

k) Forgiveness: Enlightens in relation to seeking the Almighty`s pardon on 13 different occasions, e.g. waking up at night, during gathering etc.

l) Fasting: Envelops 4 of the fasting matters like forgetting fast dua, breaking it, for family inviting and declining a food offer.

m) Hajj/Umrah: Tells about 5 Pilgrimage issues for example Dua at black stone and Jamarat etc.

n) Funeral/Grave: Matters like encouraging dying person to say Kalmah, closing eyes of dead etc.

o) 40 Rabbanas: This sub section includes 40 most effective Duas from the Holy Quran starting from Rabbana.

p) Animal: 5 supplications related to animal problems are given here like barking dog at night and hearing a rooster crow etc.

q) Rain: It incorporates three Duas like during, after and withholding of rain.

r) Random: 10 arbitrary Duas issues like against an enemy, when angry, after sneezing etc. are also available.

v) Play and Pause: Recitation of a particular request can be started and paused through these options.

vi) Counter: This attribute is concerned with counting a number of times one has recited a specific supplication like Set Counting Limit, Set Counting Behavior (Enable Auto-Repeat and Enable Manual Counter).

vii) Favorites: User can bookmark any particular Dua of its choice.

viii) Font Size can be adjusted on a scale of small, medium and large.

ix) Font Style: 2 kinds of unique print modes are also available.

x) Share choice lets one distribute the app over various sharing platforms.

Download this free and easily comprehensible Islamic application for now to benefit from reciting and memorizing useful Duas of daily life.

Beautiful Al-Duas for Muslim Kids (Supplications and Remembrances)

Available in English, Arabic....
Last 20 Surahs of Quran
Last 20 Surahs of Quran

GBP : Free

Last 20 Surahs of Quran is an iOS Islamic application for Muslims featuring the final twenty chapters of Quran. All Surahs listed in the App features their respective translation, transliteration, and soulful mp3 recitation to assist users eventually towards learning of Quran Al Kareem.

Final 20 Surahs of Quran include the followings:

• At-Tin
• Al-`Alaq
• Al-Qadr
• Al-Bayyinah
• Az-Zalzalah
• Al-`Adiyat
• Al-Qari`ah
• At-Takathur
• Al-Asr
• Al-Humazah
• Al-Fil
• Quraysh
• Al-Ma`un
• Al-Kawthar
• Al-Kafirun
• An-Nasr
• Al-Masad
• Al-'Ikhlas
• Al-Falaq
• An-Nas

Other distinctive features include:

1. Audio Recitation: You can listen to the audio recitation of all Surahs in heart touching voice of popular Reciters including Ahmed Saud, Abdul Rahman Al Sudais and Shuraim
* Mishray Rashid Al-Afsay added
2. Transliteration: This feature enables user to pronounce the correct Tajweed of aforementioned Surahs authentically.
3. Translation: Translation of each Surahs in 17 plus Languages including including (Bahasa Melayu, Hindi, English, Bengali (Bangla), Japanese, Urdu, Español, Simplified Chinese, Persian, Italiano, Netherlands and Bahasa Indonesia)
4. Book Mark your favorite Ayah for quick access
5. Customize settings for change of font style and size for ease of visibility
6. Play, pause, and repeat Ayah option for the convenience of users
Download this App with new interface and start earning blessings within no time by reciting the last 20 short Surahs of Holy Quran....
Surah Yasin - Mp3 Translation
Surah Yasin - Mp3 Translation

GBP : Free

Surah Yasin is an iOS App designed with the purpose to enlighten the Muslims all across the world with the imperativeness of this Holy chapter of Quran. App features the entire Surah with mp3 translation in user desirable languages and English transliteration to assist the new converted Muslims and learners with the easy pronunciation of Quranic verses.

Other features include:
• Translation of entire verses of Surah in almost all languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Spanish, Persian, Dutch, Chinese and Malay
• Change of Application language, which can be English, Malay and Indonesian as per user understandings
• Audio recitation in the soulful voices of renowned Recitors of Mishray Al Afasy and Abdul Rahman Al Sudais
• Change of theme by changing the font size and style for convenient visibility of Quran Alphabets and verses
• GoTo option for quick access to the divine verses of Surah Yaseen
• Book Mark option for starting the recitation where lastly being left in the App
• Save customized settings to avoid the inconvenience later

Benefits & Blessings:
Benefits and blessings section is included in this App to impart the significance and reason being calling Heart of Quran e Kareem. Learn the benefits and blessings of reciting, memorizing, and understanding Surah Yasin.

Download this imperative App and benefit at maximum as each word of Quran has virtues for the one who recites it! [Tirmidhi]...

GBP : Free

Dua-e-Qunoot, an easy to use application is being provided to you to get the blessings of Allah Almighty by reciting on your devices and learning by heart. This is a beautifully designed application with full verse by verse audio recitation of the Dua-e-Qunoot.
• Full audio recitation of the Dua-e-Qunoot with pause and stop options
• English translation as well as transliteration
• Customize the color scheme for text
• Three text size options, normal, large ,extra large
• Share option with friends and relatives through facebook, twitter and email

App Instructions
You will see a list of six items appearing after splash screen.

Tapping on the Dua-e-Qunoot button, takes you to the page, where you can view and listen to the audio recitation of the whole Dua.
On the Surah page, from top right corner, tap on the Settings icon to set the text size, font color, background color, Translation and Transliteration.
• Tap on the Show Translation and Show Transliteration radio option to enable or disable.
• After all the changes, tap on the Save button to save the settings. Tap on the Reset button to reset the changes to default.

Tapping on the Introduction button, takes you to the page, which provides you the introduction to Dua-e-Qunoot.

Tapping on the Share tab, opens a window where you can select the medium of sharing this application with your friends or relatives.

More Apps
Tapping on the More Apps, shows you the other applications developed by us.

App Instructions
Tapping on the App Instructions button, opens page where you can view the important instructions on how to use this application.

About Us
The About Us button provides application version and company information.

Witr prayer

This application is being provided to you to share and increase your Islam knowledge. We have developed this application through our best efforts collecting the best accurate data through the most authentic sources. However, human errors are possible. If you find any discrepancies or authenticity of the Dua, please report to us on [email protected]
Support us with your valuable feedback and good ratings, so that we can bring to you more of quality Islamic applications. Thanks in advance....
Ayat ul Kursi MP3
Ayat ul Kursi MP3

GBP : Free

Ayatul Kursi is an Islamic application that brings Muslims all over the world an opportunity to listen to the soulful recitation of divine Verses of Kursi present in the second Chapter of Al Quran. Besides Translation and Transliteration, it also provides user with Arabic Tajweed, translation and transliteration with audios.

Other Features include:
• Verse by verse audio recitation of the whole Ayatul Kursi with pause and stop options
• 17 Languages are included to assist the Muslims in order to learn the Surah in desirable languages (Bahasa Melayu, Hindi, English, Bengali (Bangla) , Japanese,Urdu , Español, Simplified Chinese, Persian, Italiano, Netherlands and Bahasa Indonesia)
• Select from different Reciters (As-Shuraim, Al-Afsay) for soulful recitations
• Change of Font style and font size for user visibility
• Bookmark option to start from where the verse has being left
• Play and pause option for convenient recitation and learning
• GoTo Option to jump on the desirable verse
• Share option assists the user in letting others know about this highly useful Islamic app

Benefits & Blessings:
Verse of the throne (Ayat ul Kursi) contains multiple virtues and blessings. Download, recite, and memorize with beautiful features of this App....
Learn Ayatul Kursi
Learn Ayatul Kursi

GBP : Free

Learn Ayatul Kursi is a word by word interactive Islamic learning application for kids developed by Quranreading.com. This is an app with word by word Ayatul Kursi recitation, translation and transliteration to help kids in learning to read Ayatul Kursi and memorize it.
Ayatul Kursi has countless benefits which are evident from Ahadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Whoever recites this ayat, Allah will protect them from every problem, which is the reason why Ayatul Kursi is one of the first Duas taught to Muslim Kids.
The main features of “Learn Ayatul Kursi” are:
Recitation of each word separately by highlighting the Arabic word from Ayatul Kursi in a box with translation of the Arabic word in English along with its transliteration.
Word by Word recitation of Ayatul Kursi is given to show the kids which sound is produced for each Arabic word.
User can tap on the next or previous button to see the new word or use the play button on bottom to listen to the recitation of same word again and as many times they want.
When kids have learned to recite word by word Ayatul Kursi, they can then use the full Ayatul Kursi tab to read full surah in one flow.
This app also gives complete recitation of Ayatul Kursi with its translation and transliteration.
English Translation provides help to kids in understanding the meaning of Ayatul Kursi.
In the setting, User Is presented with multiple app themes, text sizes and colors

Rate us to let us know what you think about Learn Ayatul Kursi and help us bring more quality Islamic applications for your kids....
10 Surahs for Kids Word by Word Translation
10 Surahs for Kids Word by Word Translation

GBP : Free

10 Surah for Kids is an Islamic iOS application, which is solely designed for kids. The purpose of this application is to learn Word By Word recitation of 10 divine Surahs of Quran.

Last Ten Surah of Quran Majeed include:
1. Surah Al-Fil
2. Surah Quraysh
3. Surah Al-Ma`un
4. Surah Al-Kawthar
5. Surah Al-Kafirun
6. Surah An-Nasr
7. Surah Al-Masad
8. Surah Al-'Ikhlas
9. Surah Al-Falak
10. Surah An-Nas

This App offers audio recitation with beautiful and attractive interface for kids. Word by word translation, transliteration and audios are provided to help kids in easy learning and pronunciation of short Surahs of Al-Quran.

Other Features include:
• Highly interactive features to keep the kids amused
• Audio mp3 recitation with play and pause options
• 10+ Translations including English, Urdu, Malaysian, Bengali, Indonesian, Farsi, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and Zhongshan
• Transliteration is included for each Surah for the Muslim kids
• Change of font style and font size
• Lessons learned to teach the kid about the significant information about each Surah
• Rewards earned from each Surah is mentioned in different section

Download this App and let the kid learn and memorize the last 10 short Surahs of Quran Al Hakeem....
4 Qul for Kids
4 Qul for Kids

GBP : Free

4 Qul for Kids is an interactive mobile application for kids to help them in learning the last 4 Surahs of Quran word by word. The Four Surahs from last chapter of Quran are known as “Qul” as they start with Arabic word “Qul”. These four surahs serve the purpose of protecting us from all kinds of harms and calamities around us. These surahs include:
• Surah Al-Ikhlas
• Surah Al-Kafiroon
• Surah Al-Falaq
• Surah An-Nas

4 Qul for Kids is a very useful application for children who are beginning to understand and wish
to recite Quran with correct pronunciation and meaning. Each word is given with its transliteration so that the kids can memorize 4 Qul easily with translation and enhance their Quran recitation proficiency.

• Word by Word Recitation of 4 Qul is provided in the app to help kids listen and follow the reciter to read each word correctly.
• Every word from Surah is selected and displayed separately with its translation in English and transliteration.
• User can tap on “next” or “previous” buttons to move along each word of the Surah and complete recitation.
• Word by word transliteration of 4 Qul will help the kids to learn tajweed and make recitation of the surah easy for kids who can’t read Arabic.
• A complete version of each surah of 4 Qul is also given Recitation translation and transliteration.
• The has playback audio with pause and stop options allowing user to hear the exact wording that helps in pronouncing correctly.
• User can customize The setting to Read Without Translation, and translatration of Complete 4 Qul’s. user can also change font color, and select from multiple app themes.

Feel free to share your valuable feedback to help us improve our applications. Support us with good rating so that we can bring to you more of quality Islamic applications....
Surah Al-fatiha Mp3
Surah Al-fatiha Mp3

GBP : Free

Short surah of Quran is an iOS Quran reading application which includes fifteen short Surah of Quran with their translation, Word by word transliteration and mp3 recitation. It acts like Quran tutor which teaches Muslim Kids the basics of Quran with easy learning features.

What’s New?
• New user interface for new look and feel
• Five newly added Short Surah
• Premium version of word by Word will be open for Surah Fatiha only

Newly added surah:
Already included Surah of Quran includes:
• Surah Al-Fatiha
• Surah Ash-Sharh
• Surah At-Tin
• Surah Al-Qadr
• Surah Al-Takathur
• Surah Al-Kawthur
• Surah Al-Asr
• Surah Al-Ikhlas
• Surah Al-Falaq
• Surah An-Nas

Newly added Surah in this version apart from Al Fatihah includes:
• Surah Al Masad
• Surah Al Kafirun
• Surah Al ma’un
• Surah Al Fil
• Surah Al Quraish

App Features include:
• Surah translation available in 17 + languages including English (Sahih), Urdu (Junagarhi), Malaysian, Bengali, Indonesian, Persian, Spanish, French, Netherlands/Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai.
• Transliteration in English language only
• Change of Font size
• Customizes settings for change of theme

Download this free and easy to use application of Surah Fatiha and Other Surahs in order to better instruct and Learn Quran by memorizing short Chapters of the Quran Kareem....
5 Surahs -Mostly read 5 Surah
5 Surahs -Mostly read 5 Surah

GBP : Free

5 Surah (Five Surah) is an iOS App containing 5 most read Surahs of Holy Quran including Surah Yasin, Surah Mulk, Surah Al Waqiah, Surah Ar Rahman, Surah Al Kahf.

The purpose behind designing this App is to provide a platform to the users to recite these all at once pertaining to the importance of their frequent recitation.

Other features include:
• Translation of each Suarh for better understandings in English in almost all languages including (Bahasa Melayu, Hindi, English, Bengali (Bangla), Japanese, Urdu, Español, Simplified Chinese, Persian, Italiano, Netherlands and Bahasa Indonesia)
• Verse by verse transliteration to pronounce the Surahs with proper Tajweed of these Surahs
• Recitation in the voice of two prominent reciters Mishary Rashid Al Afsay
• Customize Settings for Text, Font and Language Settings
• Share these divine Surahs on social platform with friends and others

Rate and download 5 Surahs to revive your faith and improve understandings towards Islam and Al Quran....
Noorani Qaida – Learn Quran
Noorani Qaida – Learn Quran

GBP : Free

Noorani Qaida is an Arabic Learning Utility, designed to assist Muslim Kids and all those who are naïve to Quranic Alphabets. This App will facilitate the beginners in learning Arabic Alphabets in intuitive way that are the basics towards understanding Tajweed (rules) of Quran.

Noorani Qaida App contains chapters and the sequence of the chapters is in accordance to the level of learning from easy to complex.

Chapter no. 1: Chapter 1 contains all thirty Arabic Alphabets in alluring way.

Chapter no. 2: Chapter 2 contains the widely used words of Quran and Arabic language in distinctive texture.

Chapter no. 3: Third chapter contains Huroof-e-Muqqataat which are the secret words mentioned in the start of 29 Chapter of Quran and the meaning is known to none, but Allah Almighty.

Chapter no. 4 - 12: These chapters have covered all about Arabic Phonics i.e. how to pronounce the Arabic Alphabets and Arabic words with Sounds. This practice will make the beginners and kids perfect in learning the pronunciation of Arabic Alphabets and Words.

Instruction section has included in order to guide users further towards learning the precise pronunciation of Arabic Alphabets.

It will serve as Quran Teaching Application for all the kids and the beginners who are keen to learn Quran because Arabic Alphabets are the backbone towards learning the language of Quran. Download and rate – Jazak’Allah...
Tajweed Quran-Recitation Rules
Tajweed Quran-Recitation Rules

GBP : Free

Tajweed Quran is an iOS application which is designed with the aim to facilitate Muslims around the world to enlighten with the correct pronunciation of Holy Quran.Tajweed or the rules for the recitation of Quran is the core part to understand the Holy book of Quran in the way in which Allah Almighty has asked us to act upon.

What’s New?
New user interface with amazing features to make App more useful.

The main screen consists:
What tajweed is and why correct pronunciation of divine verses is important.

Makhuraj ul Huroof:
This section teaches the way in which the Arabic alphabets should be pronounce whilst recitation of Quran Al Hakeem.

Stopping Signs:
In any language punctuation signs matters and same is for Quran in which to understand the Arabic language stopping signs are the gateway. All the stopping signs and their description are included in this section.

Components of Tajweed:
All Arabic letters are covered in this section for Muslim users understanding.

Rules of Tajweed:
Premium section for the further understanding of users.

Other features include user friendly interface, collection of useful content and share option to spread the info.

Download this app and be blessed with the accurate recitation of the divine book sent on the last messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)....
Learn Arabic – Complete Arabic Language Guide
Learn Arabic – Complete Arabic Language Guide

GBP : Free

Learn Arabic is the best App if you want to learn Arabic for educational, traveling or job purpose. It is free of cost, easy to use and provides daily use words and conversation to learn Arabic language fluently from English within months.

This app is very useful for those people who are traveling to Middle East for the first time and want to learn Arabic. Learn Arabic Language App will allow you to speak basic Arabic language and serve as a guide for non-Arabs. Tap on each word to hear the narrator speak the Arabic words. The voice recording of Arabic to English translation benefits the users in learning Arabic.

Main section include:

Alphabets: Arabic Alphabets with example and voice over.

Numbers: Learn Arabic numbers with translation, transliteration, and Voice over.

Vocabulary: The section includes Basic Arabic words of daily use with English translation and Audio pronunciation.
Daily conversation: Learn to speak daily Arabic sentences fluently with mp3 voices

Common Sentences & Arabic Words: The category includes words and common sentences of daily use in Arabic

Prepositions: Learn how prepositions are used in Arabic.

Download and Rate Learn Arabic Free now.

Newly Added:
• Arabic Dictionary with 50,000 plus words to get to know
unique and daily use Arabic words with audios.
• Entire new User friendly Layout...
Quran Reading® – Quran MP3
Quran Reading® – Quran MP3

GBP : Free

Quran Reading is a Smartphone app made for Muslim iPhone/iPad users to read, recite, and listen the complete Holy Quran (قرآن) on the go. It has uniqueness in terms of its matchless audio recitation and rephrasing the Arabic wording of Al- Quran in English. It also presents the users with translation of the Sacred Ayahs in various languages.


Some of the most distinctive features of this application are:

• Heart touching and soulful mp3 recitation/Tilawat of the verses of Quran e Pak in the beautiful voice of world renowned Qari known as Mishari Rashid al-Afasy is the touchstone of this app.

• Translation of all the 114 Surahs of Quran Kareem () in English makes it easy to comprehend the actual gist of the instructions included in them.

• Transliteration option helps individuals in knowing the accurate method of articulating the Sacred Verses in Arabic. In this way, this attribute gives great value to the consumers of this app by making them aware of how to properly read Quran e Majeed in Arabic.

• For those who want to look for a specific Surah, Ayah or any other text, a significantly developed Search bar assists them in finding any specific word put in it.

• Daily Notification is highly useful and distinguishing characteristic of this mobile application that daily tells the user about a new “Ayah of the Day”. This day by day notice about Quranic Verses helps people knowing about different subject matter each day.

• Go To choice functions for moving straight to a particular Ayah in a Surah at whatever time. So, if due to any reason, users want to read a specific section of a Chapter, this option serves them in the best way.

• Bookmarks selection lets the users to save any fraction of recitation to assist in continuing from same part of Surah for later recital.

• Stop Signs are separately given in Settings to make the readers of Quran Kareem know about their true sense of usage during recitation.

• 14 Sajdahs are also individually stated to let the users be acquainted with their places of occurrence at some stage in Quran Recitation.

• Font Size and Font Styles options give users freedom to set their desired size and pattern of the characters visible on screen. Thus, user interface is not limited and it could be made interesting as per individual`s choice.

• Save and Reset options could be used to keep and alter any changes made to the settings of the app.

Download this free of cost and user-friendly Quran application now to be able to read, listen and understand the true essence of the Holy Quran in the best manner....
Learn English Language in Urdu
Learn English Language in Urdu

GBP : Free

Learn English is an Educational App solely designed to facilitate those users who consider themselves weak in English. This App entails all the core features deem right for the natives to make them fluent and proficient in speaking English.

Home page enlists all the requisites comprising words till vocabulary, Grammar to English Phrases and tenses till conversation to guide the user in best of his capacity. For convenient comprehension and leaning audio voices, Roman transliteration, Urdu translations, and proper examples are given along every sentence and phrase.

Features include:

• Vocabulary: Categorically vocabulary contains important daily use words along their meanings and audio voices. Words related to body parts, emotions, occupations, food, health, weather, economics and much more are present in this section.
• Alphabetic wise category contains English Alphabets and appropriate words along their meanings.
• Phrases: Useful phrases are included which can be useful for speaking at different events.
• Grammar: This section contains verb, noun, adjective, pronoun, adverb, conjunction, and interjection along examples to make learning English easy in Urdu.
• Conversation: Conversational phrases are the frequently used speech in the learning of any language. Greetings, help sentences, public and formal sentences are included with Urdu translation and audios.
• Tenses: This section is the best answer of how to make English sentences that are grammatically correct. Learn tips and be the master yourself in no time.

Those native speakers who want to learn English but in Urdu for clear understanding, then this App is the best to have. Download, learn English, and do not forget to rate!...
Urdu Quran with Translation
Urdu Quran with Translation

GBP : Free

Urdu Quran is an iOS application, which is intended for Urdu speaking people offering an easy to use interface with Urdu Translation, Transliteration and audio (MP3) recitation of all surahs of full Quran kareem. Al Quran in Urdu translation is embedded with several features that are beautifully designed to listen to Quran audio.

Some of the main features of this mobile application are:

• Urdu Translation: Helps in better understanding the concepts and revelations of Quran karim by interpreting the meaning of Arabic language in Urdu

• Audio Recitation: Listen to Quran recitation (Qiraat al Quran) of all Chapters in Quran MP3

• Transliteration: Makes pronunciation of Arabic text easy with its similar reading option in English

• Language: Besides the Quran Urdu translation in other languages (English Spanish, French, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Dutch, and Indonesian) is also included

• Search Bar: Facilitates in choosing the desired Surah of the Holy Book

• Go To: Allows app consumer to jump to any Ayah of the present Surah

• Bookmarks: Allows the user to favorite or save a particular part of the recital process in order to continue from the same place where left in Holy Quran.

• Stop Signs: Various kinds of pauses that repeatedly come in the Sacred Volume of Allah are included which lets one know about their interpretation and action

• Sajdahs: 14 places in the where one has to perform prostration in front of the Almighty are also separately mentioned in Settings.

• Font Size: Allows the user to customize font size as per chosen preferences

• Font Style: 3 unique Print Modes are also added into main Settings for variation in outlook of Quranic text.

Download this free of cost Quran translation application now to benefit from its easy to understand presentation and other attributes especially Urdu Translation option to eventually identify with the Quran Kareem effectively....
English Urdu -Dictionary
English Urdu -Dictionary

GBP : Free

Urdu to English Dictionary is learning iOS Application, designed to facilitate the Urdu speaking users who are keen to learn the meanings of English words in easy and interactive way.

Modes of Use:
Urdu English dictionary can be used in two modes, one is English to Urdu, and another is Urdu to English that can be switched through easy tapping via arrow present on main home screen.

Further Categories entail:
Home: which allows the users to opt from their desirable language to translate and search its English to Urdu meanings, be in Urdu to English.
Thesaurus: This option is included for the ease of user to select any particular Urdu or English alphabet and search all the related Urdu and English words

Users can listen to the audios of words, helping them to learn the pronunciation of English word along meanings.

Auto Search Option: This option in English Urdu dictionary enlists all the related words in dictionary Urdu to English which user is looking for i.e. quick access to words assisting users to search their desirable words in no time.

Other Features include:
• To mark any word favorite in Urdu dictionary that can be later
find in favorite folder.
• Recent words option included in English to Urdu dictionary.

Download this free of cost learning Utility and get your hands on the smartest Dictionary towards learning English with interactive features and easy to use modes....
Learn Pashto
Learn Pashto

GBP : Free

Learn Pashto is an educational App, which is designed to facilitate the non-Pakhtoon users with the connotations of Pashto literature. This smart phone App is for the convenient facilitation of those users who are keen seekers to learn Pashto language in easy way.

This Pashto learning app for Urdu & English speakers is feature-rich with its user friendly and light weighted frames covering almost every aspect towards learning Pashto. It will serve as a guide for those who are novice in this field and for those who are foreign to the Pakhtoon belt still yearn to learn its syntax and literature.

Main preliminary screen contains options for the users to opt from their desirable features. The best thing lies in its sequence of options starting from Pashto Alphabets to vocabulary and from Pashto phrases to conversation just like a teacher who starts from basics and helps in mastering the beginners.

Others features include:
• Alphabets: Alphabets are the backbone of any language to learn. Pashto alphabets with English comparison are added for easy comprehension along voice over. These features make it a worthy app which even don’t require Pashto keyboard.
• Numbers: Learn Pashto numbers & counting with transliteration, transliteration, and voice over in English & Urdu.
• Vocabulary: Vocabulary contains the significant parts of Pashto literature, which further is divided into other sections to familiarize the user with the daily use of words.
• Phrases: Phrases contain precise and short sentences of daily life along translation and audio voice to eliminate the hurdle of quick learning.
• Conversation: No one can master a language until be able to converse in it. The conversation part covers Pashto greetings, helping sentences, public and restaurant conversation along introduction and small talks.

Nothing is better than a sleek App, which acts as a Pashto English dictionary to guide the beginners in appropriate way. The aforementioned features has made it a worth downloading App for the seekers who want to learn Pashto in no time. Download, rate, and share, manan’na!...
Cargo Car Parking Game 3D Simulator
Cargo Car Parking Game 3D Simulator

GBP : Free

Cargo 3D Car Parking is an amazing game simulator which tests your car driving and parking skills simultaneously. It is designed with amazing features which stands it out from other competition games Apps.

Features include:
• Selection from multiple cars available
• Change of camera view (Outside and driver’s mode)
• Unique Day and night mode
• Brake and reverse options for skillful and convenient car driving
• An overall view of car in 3D with Dynamic view

How to play:
• Select your desirable car
• Park the car skillfully without collision and unlock next level
• Use Reverse option on right to reverse the car in case of need

• Avoid collision and in case of four collisions your game will end
• Take help from the directions provided and park your car on right spot
• Keep track of the time otherwise the level will end

Download this amazing Car parking iOS App and kill your time by polishing your parking skills! Happy gaming ahead!...
Kids Nursery Rhymes & Learning Fun Activities
Kids Nursery Rhymes & Learning Fun Activities

GBP : Free

Nursery Rhymes for Kids is a smartphone application that helps to listen and learn famous playgroup Christmas songs and cute stories for kids with appealing backgrounds and animations. This enticing app includes 15 Famous Poems, Mini Games for Kids, Learning Activities and Top Preschool Nursery Songs for Kids along animations.
The Cutest Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers to Sing-along! With lots of interactive things and sounds.

It includes following Kids Songs & Poems:
1. I`m a Little Teapot
2. Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
3. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
4. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
5. Rain Rain Go Away
6. Baba Black Sheep
7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
8. Itsy Bitsy Spider
9. Row Row Your Boat
10. Clap Your Hands
11. Old McDonald Had a Form
12. Hickory Dickory Dock
13. Wheels on the Bus
14. One Two Buckle My Shoe
15. Jack & Jill, Went Up the Hill

Kids Learning Activities & Games are also included in this application.

Why the parents should love this App?
• It has real time depiction of two little kids who visit various places as described in kids’ songs and rhymes.
• Easy to use yet extremely interactive user interface make kids remain busy in learning as well as enjoying the preschool poems.

Features include:
• High quality graphics covering all the major aspects of every nursery verse
• Rhythmic melodies keep toddlers involved and never let them get bored
• Performance of characters present in each kids song according to the rhymes
• Upon launching, two little kids invite children to unfold an exceedingly influencing world of nursery school rhymes by saying: “Hey kids! Let’s go on a space ride to enjoy your favorite rhymes. Hurry! The rocket is waiting for you.”
• It is an interactive Nursery Rhymes and songs with no multiple tapping.
• On tapping Play, kids aboard the flying saucer that takes two jubilant toddlers on an emphatic journey of outer space where five planets having five special English.

What kids will learn?
Recognition of colors, features, animals, vehicles and shapes.

What you are waiting for?
Hurry up and download this must having App on Christmas. So your kids enjoy and learn through this mobile tool, which will activate their imaginations to the next level.

More MP3 Nursery Rhymes coming Soon. Stay Updated....
Safari Jungle Run Adventure 3D - Last Hero
Safari Jungle Run Adventure 3D - Last Hero

GBP : Free

Safari Jungle Run Adventure 3D - Last Hero is an adventurous jungle hunting game. Alex the smart runner escaped from Zulu tribe and is out there in jungle to save his life. During his escape journey he has to be aware of all the deadly tribesmen and animals on his way. The smart man will get to his destination only if he knows his moves how timely he needs to jump and avoid hurdles.

In his journey he has to collect coins to get power and collect alphabets in order to complete the words to get exclusive power. Avoid the beasts, swing, slide and jump to run for life.

Game play:
• Select any character other than Alex from App store and see
how they dab once you choose them. *Wink*
• Instructions are available to guide when to jump, swipe and
get down for the beginners.
• Collect the alphabets displayed to complete a word.
• Double tap on the monsters, baboons and deadly Zulu
hunting men to save your life.


• Amazing 3D game play with catchy and interactive graphics.
• Perfect scenarios depiction, layout and Jinga-Lalaa-ho-ho
voices which give you the real feel of you being
among the tribe.

Download the best 2017 adventurous 3D game of endless runner and see how good you are in escaping the threats and hurdles of most daring chase. Rate and share to challenge your friends to see how far they can go to beat you score....
Kids Urdu Qaida Learning 2017 - Bachon ka Qaida
Kids Urdu Qaida Learning 2017 - Bachon ka Qaida

GBP : Free

Bachon ka Urdu Qaida/Kids Urdu Qaida Learning 2017 is an app for kids to learn urdu poems, urdu songs and urdu nazmain. Pre school urdu learning in fun interactive way. Talking Pets feature is amazing. Parents: Mother & Father must teach this Urdu Qaida to their kids as this is a whole new Urdu world and Dunya for lil kids

App includes:
Kids Urdu Qaida
Bachon Ka Qaida
Bachon ki Duniya
Haroof e Tehaji for kids
Best urdu nazmain and poems with animations
Urdu Cartoon Songs
Urdu Alphabet Tracing
Urdu Phonics Song
Urdu Phonics Learning

Download Bachon ka Urdu Qaida 2017/Kids Qaida app for free and do not forget to rate us 5 stars if you really like the app....

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