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***** Message for all Celebrities, public figures, eminent personalities --> "If you have huge fan followings, let them know where you are. Show them when you move and let them follow you" *****

Lokø is the only app which allows you to locate your friends on a map and know when they were last seen at that location. Lokø is a "Social Locator". We strongly believe that "if you are social, so shall you be seen" (yes, on a map)

Lokø enables you to see yourself and your friends on a map with their last seen location and time. If you don't search & find your friends on the app, please invite them to the app, so that you can see each other all the time without having to ask each other, where they are.

Searching a friend on the app is easy, simply type his / her first name or last name and the app will show you the names matching your search. If there are many similar names, the picture may guide you to know which one is your friend.

The app receives name and pictures from the user's authorised Facebook account. The information that the user has chosen to display on his / her Facebook account will be shown in the app. The app has no role to play or modify any information, it is shown "as is" basis in the app.

Celebrities, public figures, eminent personalities have a huge fan followings. If you are one, let them know where you are. Show them when you move and let them follow you.

It is a great tool to locate each other at all times, both good and difficult times, without having to ask "Where are you !" It is that tool where you let the world know where you are and how you can be found, without having to tell people implicitly or explicitly.

In our everyday's life we are forgetting to check on our friends, families and near ones mostly because we do not know where they are. With Lokø, you would instantly know where your friends are, how far they are from you and when were they last seen at that place.

Needless to say, Lokø respects everybody's privacy, including yours. When you log out of the app, your locations are no more updated and your location data is erased from the database, showing you as unreachable. The user again can resume the updates after logging in and become socially located.

The user can also temporarily halt the automatic location updates, by switching off the location updates from the user menu. The app will stop updating the locations when the switch is off. Again the user can start the automatic updates by turning it on, whenever the user wants.

It is extremely handy when you are travelling and your entire community is eager to know where you are. They know that you are safe and reachable at happy & difficult times. With this in your hand, forget the boundaries, challenge the terrains and venture into unseen territories. People following you would know where you are.

Responsible people of our community always let others know their whereabouts because a lot of people look up to him/her and wants to know where he/she is.

It may turn out to be an extremely effective app to locate Amnesia patients and minors whose whereabouts needs to be monitored at periodic intervals.

Release notes

On the start up screen, you can now read how Lokø operates, what information is taken from Facebook and how the app uses the information.

In the settings menu, you have the option to block other users from seeing your location, until you want to turn it on again and make your location visible to other users. You also have the option to log out and wipe out / completely delete your location updates from the app database.

If any user have blocked others to see his / her location, you will find that user as unreachable. Please respect his / her privacy and wait until he / she disables the block. If the user has logged out of the app, you will find the user as logged out. If you have activated visibility block from the settings menu of the app, on your profile, click on yourself from the All Users table to find out how others see you at this moment.

Individual users can also now report against users whose actions are inappropriate or who do not adhere to the EULA or the app's Terms and Conditions.

Now you will be able to invite your friends with the app store link. You will also be able to share the app store link in your Facebook page and let your friends, families & communities know about this app.

Also in the map view, you can click on your friends image to enlarge it. If the user has blocked himself / herself from being visible, you will not be able to view his / her profile picture.

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Always use Found-U to find one-another. You log in anonymously and maintain complete privacy. All your data gets erased soon as you log-out from the app.


Click on "Get OTP" button on the top right corner and generate a one-Time 4-character password on the go. This 4-character password is generated randomly with a unique combination of alphabets and digits.

Share this password with your friend or whoever wants to know where you are.


If you have received an OTP from your friend, put those 4 characters in these 4 boxes and press the "Find" button. The app will show where your friend's precise location. You will clearly see your friend waving at you.


For emergency purpose, one should always use 911, 112 or the emergency numbers of the country one is presently located.


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