Ghost Detector Haunted Radar

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Ghost Detector Haunted Radar

Talgame LLC

Entertainment, Utilities

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Find ghosts and places of other paranormal activities with EM4,
The most accurate sensor for iOS devices.

New algorithm - EM4 is finally stable, it's much more accurate and sensitive than any of its counterparts and additionally enables us to measure nature of paranormal entity, whether it's state and impact on surroundings is positive or negative at a given time.

App can be used to observe haunted places and find where paranormal entities are present, experienced hunters can even follow their movement.

Search for ghosts yourself or just scare your friends!

* As no one can have full understanding of nature of paranormal beings and activities, this app provides no guarantee that it's accuracy will be exact or will not change by the time. App is for fun and entertainment purposes only!

* Sensitivity may vary from device to device.

Release notes

Updates and fixes for ghost radar detectors

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