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Color Blindness Correction



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• What causes color blindness?

If you are color blind, you may have asked yourself the question…”What caused me to become colorblind?”

Color blindness, also known as a color vision problem, is the inability to see red, green, blue, or any mix of these colors. The majority of people who are colorblind inherited this condition from their parents, and is present at birth.

The human eye has three types of cone cells, with each one sensing red, green, or blue light. These cones are found in the macula, which is connected to the main part of the retina.

For those who inherit color blindness, typically, either one of these cone cells are not working properly, or simply ceases to exist. A person will either not see one of the three basic colors (red, blue, or green), or, may see a different shade of that specific color.

However, color blindness is not always inherited. Other causes of color blindness can also be caused from a variety of vision problems, including:
- Macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, or cataracts
- Injury to the eye
- Aging

• The application captures video from the camera in real time and corrects the color pixel by pixel, then displays the corrected image on the screen. All common colorblindness types are supported:
- Protanopia (red deficient: L cone absent)
- Deuteranopia (green deficient: M cone absent)
- Tritanopia (blue deficient: S cone absent)

• How it works:
- The colors that you cannot see are shifted into your visible spectrum.
- Color blindness can be corrected limitedly, but it's impossible to get normal vision for the colorblind.
- If you are not color blind, it is useless for you, but you can still try it for fun.

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Release notes

• Use GPU to improve performance by 8 times

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